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  1. Dialga had no clue how he had gotten to this lab, some trainer and their Pokemon rotten to their core captured him. He gave an angry roar as he was chained to the platform below him with special binds that kept him in place. He gave a deep roar of anger and rage thrashing around angrily trying to get out.

    then that's when a. Flash of bright blue light slammed into him his eyes turned pure green and shrieking before the light made him pass out. He collapsed on the ground in pain and agony unable to see what had happend to him. He slowly awoke to someone's voice an hissed in pain and roared once more but eyes flew open hearing his voice was that of....a person. He rasped gently confused.
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    Lauren Campbelle
    Lauren was going to feed the pokémon in the forest after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend, something about getting back together, which she of course refused after being cheated on. The blond girl sighed, "Pokémon are so much nicer to be around..." Then dropping the bucket of pod fins she was carrying after finding a guy with blue hair, collapsed on the road. After he roared in pain, she quickly ran over to him, "Hey, guy, are you okay?!" She questioned, thinking for moment before saying, "Nevermind, ignore that..." And asking instead, "Where does it hurt?"
  3. The elegy are Pokemon eyes looked at her deep red color pupil small "who are you? " he demanded not really wanting to get friendly till he knew who this person was and what she wanted. He grunted "my body hurts I was just zapped with something from those goons that dare capture legendary Pokemon" he grunted in agony
  4. Lauren blinked, then shook her head, "U-Ummm, I'm Lauren Campbelle..." She finally answered. She was honestly really confused as to what he said after the question, 'Who is this guy?!' She thought, 'Is he crazy?!' She thought of many possibilities as to why he would say that but then stopped herself almost immediately, "Take my hand, I'll take you to a hospital." She said, "You can lean on me if you feel you can't walk."​
  5. "Ugh what is a hospital ? Why am I not home in my own demtion ? Ugh I must get back home" he said in pain and tries to get up but falls so taking her hand he got to his feet. But when his hand touched her she would see the face of dialga the legendary Pokemon of time. Was this man a Pokemon?
  6. "W-Wha?" She muttered to herself, 'I-It can't be.' She thought. Lauren then answered his question, "A hospital is where people go to get their injuries checked." Trying her best to explain, "And you obviously need to get checked, so come on." Lightly pulling his hand. While this was happening, the bucket of food she dropped earlier seemed to have gathered some pokémon. She decided she'd get the bucket later after getting the stranger to see a professional doctor.​
  7. He blinked and nodded a bit unknowing hot to walk but learned quickly as he walked with him stumbled slightly from the pain in his body. "Names Dialga "
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