Human Genetic Manipulation

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  1. Hello everyone out there!

    So this is a slight fandom, or at least the setting is however. One of my favourtie book series is 'The Paladin Prophecy' by Mark Frost. For anyone that knows the series skip the writing in blue as it will just be giving an overview of the books.

    !!!!!!!Warning possible spoilers!!!!!!!!

    So far in the books we have learned that there is an very powerful organization that has in the past experimented with manipulation of the human genome in secret. However we do not know their intent but the books give the feeling that is sinister in nature. The books take place in university type setting called the Center. The Center is a place for above average intelligence children to thrive in. The center has everything a student could need on campus from living courtiers to a shopping center complete with movie theater and bowling alley and hair dresser to a full Olympic sports facilities. It has all of the state of the art technology complete with full science and medical labs. However the Center has a shady past of being involved with the Organization and their genetic manipulation. Also on the outer edge of the land is a castle owned by a private investor. The story follows a boy named Will and the adventure him and his friends go on trying to uncover the secrets of the Center and the Organization.

    There is more I could go in to however I want to avoid any mistaken spoilers. If you want more information I would be happy to provide it.

    Now what i'm not looking for anything extremely specific in perms of plot line. We could be students attending the center, teachers working at the center or people involved with the organization. The roles we play and the plot line we follow will be up for discussion.

    What I'm looking for in a partner.
    -be able to post a reasonable length. If my post doesn't give you a lot to go on i'm not going to expect a 4 paragraph answer.
    -either male or female. although my character will be male
    -this is meant to be more of an adventure/action/mystery rp. I'm okay with adding a bit of sub-genera as long as the main theme doesn't change.

    if this has any interest to you please pm me and we can discus role and plot line! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.