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  1. I'm looking for a human, male or female, for a rather smut filled role play. Master and pet would be preferred. Why am I doing this? Because I'm in pain and I need distraction. So would you be my mercy angel? I am willing to develop a world for this... already have one made to an extent. All I need is a taker.

    The anthro girl: (Warning bewbs...)
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  2. I can be that human. I haven't done a master pet rp in quite a while and I've been lacking a bit of smut lately on this site.
  3. Huzzah! Alrighty!
  4. Awesome. Should I make a cs or would just something simple be okay?
  5. We can just do simple unless you prefer character sheets. I am rather lenient, specifically on this play as it is very "fast and loose".
  6. Either is fine by me. Just figured I'd ask just in case
  7. We can just do all that in our intros.

    So, any time frame you'd prefer? I'm always a fan of medieval but am open to modern.
  8. I'd be a bit more comfortable with modern since I can never get a full grasp of the medieval time frame
  9. Is fine. Lastly, shall we do master/mistress and pet? If so, shall I start us at the pet store?
  10. Yes we shall and yes you may
  11. um, I would be interested in trying a master/pet rp. I've never done one before so I'm willing to try it.

    Oh and the pic in the spoiler isn't showing :/
  12. would this be a human/furry rp or furry/furry rp?
  13. Human/furry as the title said.
  14. ah ok. which would you prefer to be?
  15. The anthro pet.
  16. ah ok. did you have a plot in mind?
  17. Well, it is a smut based role play so no true plot beyond letting it roll and seeing where it goes.
  18. ah ok. just wondering, I'm guessing this will be m/f and I'll be the male?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.