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  1. Uhm, hello.. This is my uhm, first time trying to rp outside of facebook. I do semi-para to para. English also isn't my first language so there's bound to be some mistakes here and there.

    I'm fond of roleplaying two-faced people (for some reason) and dolls.. Haunted dolls.

    I've mostly roleplayed horror/mystery types.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Miute~! Feel free to ask anything either to me or head to the Help desk~!
  3. Welcome aboard, Miute! Want a cookie?
  4. Thank you very much~

    Thank you~ and sure~ I mean... It's free, right?
  5. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here!
  6. Thank you~
  7. Hello ^^ welcome to the page! I'm sure you'll find some great people to rp with :heart: :cookie:
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  8. Thank you to you too~ And I hope so > u<
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  9. Am I too late for this? Anyywayy, welcome aboard to Iwaku.Well, enjoy your stay and have fun.Need a cookie or something?
  10. It's never too late~ ... Thank you and hi~ And cookie please!
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