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  1. Hai der lovelies, Im new to this site and I have rp-ed in the past but Im not sure what things are like on this website. Im just getting the hang of it and if there's messaging on the site hit me up? Give a little advice to a newbie :3 Owlrighty Bye, have a wonderful day :D
  2. -Sinderi would glare at the new girl from behind a bush, a bunny mask hanging around her shoulder. After a few more seconds of lurking she pounced out from the lush green leaves, shouting- "FIRST~!" -And giving a silly look while rubbing the back of her head.-

    Welcome to the site Sunny, if I can call you that hehe. An advice.... Beware of Asmo, he might bite... >_>
    Oh and have lots of fun! That's important.
    Cya around~!
  3. /Grumbles at not being first and shakes her fist, "Next time!!!"

    Also, welcome to Iwaku Sunny! The land of dragon slaying and bunny harvest--I mean, loving. /cough

    Right now you're newly registered so you can't PM until you make a few more posts and your name color/status changes. I think about six posts should do it, and you should check out an RP or post in the General Forums or check out our Creative Challenges forum which are both great places to get your feet wet with non stressful talk as well as sharpening your skills as a writer. Whichever floats your boat!

    Stick around and I hope you enjoy your time on Iwaku, I'm sure you'll do great here. :)
  4. Hey there! Big big big welcome to Iwaku! How are things in Iwaku, you ask? Well, the community is great and the place is teeming with Roleplays, so just let loose and let your creative juices flow. Also, beware the plot bunnies. There are rampaging tribes in the Iwaku countryside and they thirst for RPer flesh to sacrifice to the RolePlay gods! just kidding, of course

    If you need help getting started, visit the Roleplay Academy, or if you need a good simple RP to start off with that doesn't require too much effort, visit the Jump-In Roleplays section. Finally, if you need a place to hang out and be chill and weird with everyone else, visit the chatbox!

    Also, if you ever need a detailed high-fantasy RP to participate in, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you! I hope you have a wonderful day yourself! And I hope you enjoy being here on Iwaku.