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  1. So, I'm really in the mood for some HTTYD stuff right now and I was wondering if anyone else is interested...? We can both plot it out if you have any ideas you would like to RP or we could go along with the School of Dragons theme (that's not what I was thinking; more of an example really) Also, I was hoping we could have some OC's that we would RP with instead of using the characters from the movie/show ^-^

    Here are some things I kinda want in this RP:
    ~If you ever get bored or want to change the subject of the RP please tell me....I hate waiting for a message that will never come..
    ~Try not to write a one line or at least post a paragraph. I'll try and do the same (though I'll understand if you're busy, but at least tell me if you want)

    That's pretty much it...If you want to ask something just PM! Thanks in advance :3

    PS: I'm also up for multiple RPs if you want to join
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  2. Yes, yes, yes and did I say yes for httyd!
  3. Awesome! Does this mean you want to join? If so do you have any ideas or would you like to hear mine first?
  4. Yup tell me yours.
  5. ~The dragons are disappearing slowly (what happens to them could be up to us)
    ~Another Viking village finds out about Berk and tries to raid it, thus starting a war. (A major character could be murdered)
    ~Two young people try to become the best dragon trainers despite not having dragons of their own. All the while a storm is brewing in the uncharted lands...

    These are the best I have so far...though I will contact you if I think of some more!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.