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  1. Well as the title says, I want to start up a Pokemon/How to train your dragon roleplay. Basically only dragonic or dragon-ish pokemon would be accepted in. Not sure on a real plot yet, still deciding between some kind of war or the whole academy idea, so would love to discuss that if anybody is interested ^^
  2. ^^ ehy you
  3. I'm interested! As a plot idea, maybe it could kinda be like a large group of people are snatching or doing something evil with dragon-type Pokemon and a small group of trainers have to defeat them. It's a little like HTTYD with the 'dragon capturing' people, and it's also a bit like Pokemon with the evil group that you have to defeat (like Team Rocket and Team Magma, for example). I don't know, just throwing that out there. Feel free to completely ignore my idea though, I know I'm not good at creating plots. :P
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  4. Having a dragon addiction lately?
    Actually its not a bad idea. You could go with the dragon type Pokémon academy element with a secret group(like team snatch'em or Rocket) slowly planning their time to steal many a powerful, and valuable Pokémon right from under the academy's feet. Hell to even make the story last longer you can start off with a new year element with every fitting in getting use to the academy, and then throw in a tournament element that ends with the bad guy element starting.
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  5. Loving those ideas a lot c: sounds good, I think I'll set up a ooc for it later this week :)

    And I always have a dragon addiction xD
  6. Okay so it's taking a little longer than expected, but I will have an ooc up asap >< I promise
  7. Not to bug you, but... have you made it yet? :P
  8. I cant figure out where to post it ^^" I'm sorry, haven't quite figured the site out yet, certainly not on my phone
  9. I don't quite know where to post it either... It should probably be somewhere under 'group roleplaying' and then in 'fandom'. Just make an extra note on the post saying that if it's not in the correct place then the admin is free to move it. :) If you really can't post it on mobile, then you can PM me what you've written and I'll post it with credit to you, I guess if you want to.
  10. I think I gound the right spot c: perhaps a little help with the name? xD
    The only thing I can think of right now is Rise of the Dragon Pokemon xD
  11. That sounds like a cool title! I don't have any other name in mind, so it would be fine if you went with that. You can change it later if you think of anything else.
  12. Hm okay then xD it sounds so corny though

    And any idea how to call the island? XD
  13. I'm not good at naming stuff... xD Maybe it could be some kind of mix between the Isle of Berk and a Pokemon island? Like 'The Isle of Kanto' or 'Isle of Hoenn? or Unova? Idk I really have no clue xD
  14. Neither am I xD
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