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  1. Leon stops for a moment at the edge of village as life moves around him. People give him the occasional wave and smile as they pass, dragons at their feet following them like pets as the lug wood and buckets of fish to somewhere. He breathes comes out in watery pants as the sweat soaks into his shirt soaking his skin. Skin itching and prickling as the sun beams down on him, he licks his lips tasting the faint trace of trout from lunch. A Deadly Nadder passes by him, it's eyes flashing forward and around like a bird as it gazes past him. It blinks for a moment and stands still, tail sweeping the ground, before it takes off again in a cloud dust and dirt. Leon glares after it as it gleams in the sunlight and vanishes behind a house. He coughs into his arm and glances down at the bucket of fish at his feet.

    The smell greets him like a wave and he wrinkles his nose in distastes and resigns himself to picking it up again.
  2. Lilith sat down in the forest up in a large tall tree her, she looked up at the sky seeing multiple dragons fly above it was amazing the colors the sizes the shapes. Her crystal blue eyes were locked on the sky. Young Lilith with her long brown hair platted. Sighing she jumped down knowing she had jobs to do in the village. Being the one who helped running the blacksmith workshop. Dragging her feet along the ground she hoped today would be the day that she found her dragon. All the ones in the village were not the one for her.

    Taking the long way back to the village she heard a high pitch whistling noise . IT sounded like the noise Toothless made. Being a brave viking and a bit to fasinated for her own good she went to investigate. Seeing a Nightfury in a large clearing. Was it Toothless? she was not to sure .
  3. Leon groans and throws his head back to the skies as he swallows back the bitterness in his throat as he waits in line. He taps his foot, making small clouds of dust, and glances back at the forest. The trees line the edge of the sky like mountains and the dragons that fly overhead seem not to notice the burning rays of the sun. He envies the sight of people upon their back and rolls his eyes, turning his attention back towards the large women-Mrs. Vale- in front of him. She stinks of sweat and a little bit like dirt...he assumes she's been training her small dragon for gods know what task. He resists the urge to yell at the person in front of the ine to move it, that he;s not getting any younger and bites it back with a curl of his finger.

    He smiles to himself as he looks left and right slowly. Eyes trailing past the hurried frenzy of people as they work for the feast tonight and slowly sets down his pail. He pushes it the side with his foot and slowly moves backwards toward the forest. He whistles a tune and turns around just in time to see the blur of green and foliage as he races into the woods.
  4. Arriving at the clearing she couldn't believe her eye's. It was a nightfury. But not Toothless. This nightfury looked lost, confused. Tightening her platted hair she jumped down. Her father Hiccup the leader of their village rode a nightfury. She always dreamed of finding another. Taking careful steps and carrying no weapons just a satchel with fresh fish inside Lilith climbed down to the dragon. As she lightly walked along the grass the dragon whipped around wildly pouncing right ontop of her.

    Eyes wide the young Viking tried her best to stay calm. The dragon had next to no weight on her. It was as if it was figuring out who she was. "Uh.... hi nightfury I'm Lilith" she said happily smiling lightly as the dragon kept staring at her. It's green cat like eyes locked on her's. Moving her left hand she reached into her satchel and pulled out a fish. "Here this was for the baby dragon's but I'm sure they have had lots of food today" she said softly holding the slimy yet stinky fish up.
  5. There's a special kind of warmth the forest gives him as he races into the heart of it. He can hear the crunch of leaves and the little huffs from the tiny terrors as he passes them by and the wave of musky scent hits him in the face. As his legs fly off to gods knows where he takes the time watch his surrounds with as much attention as he feels necessary. After all not every dragon is tame on Berk. He knows this with a certain chill that runs through him, but he brushes it off. Besides he can hear the distant roars of dragons and the loud cheers of his people fade slowly as he travels deeper and deeper in the forest.

    By the time he stops he can tell where he's at. He can tell by the familiar tree stump that has his name carved upon it and the regular hunting traps for wild game that his father set up just a few nights before. It's a small clearing that's only covered barely with the few bushes spread here and there. He He pauses to take a look behind him just in case someone followed him-then again he is the fastest in the village- and smirks when nothing comes into his vision. He stretches and yawns as he nears the stump and sits down. His bottom brushing against the roughness of it and sighs as the sun hits his face.

    He doesn't notice it as it comes from behind him until it's too late.
  6. Taking the fish then the satchel the Nightfury wasted no time in eating every morsel of food in her bag, fish and non fish alike. Jumping off her it sat down on top of her satchel a meter or two away watching her eyes full with fascination and curiosity. Slowly raising herself off the ground the young viking stumbled over sighing "you could at least give my bag back..." she mumbled annoyedly. Running a hand through her hair she wondered how on earth she could get her satchel back. the dragon seemed far to happy resting on it like a mini pillow.

    After a long deep breath she took a step forward, seeing the strap of her leather satchel sticking out from beneath the Nightfury. Inching her way forward keeping her eyes locked on the cat like eyes. She brought her hand out in front of her. "please don't bite my hand off I need it for working and training" she mumbled lowly. She could feel sweat rolling down her skin as her nerves became worsened. It was not that she was afraid she had never once had much good luck finding a dragon which accepted her, maybe she smelt bad? or the special bond with dragons eluded her.

    Trying to not let the negative thoughts take control of her over active mind she was now right in front of it and the Nightfury was staring straight at her with it's head tilted on it's side as if asking 'what are you doing?'
  7. More leaves, more leaves; crunching under his paws as he slides forward, scales glittering dimly in the dotted light of the forest. His wings are tucked under his side carefully and twitch as the wind passes over him. His eyes narrow as he licks his jaws, tongue wet as the saliva builds in his mouth. His breathe comes out in slow, even pants as he tries to control himself. The young hatchlings scent is tantalizing even this far away. He can hear the faint pound of his heart and the beating of his blood that soon is about to spill. He curls his lips in a mock grin fashion and pauses as the air passes over him. A sense of satisfaction runs through him as the hatchling doesn't even notice. He can feel a faint chuckle come from his throat, but he swallows it along with the excess saliva that's running freely from his mouth. Checking behind him he flattens himself to the ground as the muscles in his legs tighten as he prepares to spring. His stomach rumbles softly and he thanks the goddess for her forgiveness in the meal he's about to partake in. He almost feels sorry for the scaleless hatchling, but shakes his head with the thought that his flesh will give him an easy reminder of the harshness of this world.

    Though the pit in his stomach tightens with sorrow even as he pounces.
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