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  1. Hey all

    I'm advertising a new forum I've been working on. I of course am looking for more community members including staff and dedicated writers :)

    The Roleplay Manor is a play-by-post roleplay forum that has multi-genre forums for a user to decided where to play according to their own preference. It has a mix of everything so most of you just need to register, read through the rules and you're practically set.

    The link can be found here :

    Please do take some time to take a look around, I'm looking for a mix of everything from regular posters, to dedicated and experienced writers so that members will be able to improve and learn from others besides make new friends in the forum.

    Alternatively, it also has an area for people to be able to post regular discussions and daily things besides just offering roleplay.

    Thanks for taking time to actually read this and I hope to see you there as well :)