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    Twenty Five Years have Passed & A New Generation has Begun..

    The children of the students of Hogwarts during the war are now Hogwarts students themselves. Grown and blossoming but yet... None the wiser in their years. Let's be honest, they are simply teenagers. In their First Year , the children of Good entered Hogwarts to all but encounter the children of Deatheaters. Aberforth Dumbledore, current Headmaster of Hogwarts assisted by that of Minerva Mcgonagall and the fellow professors.Years have now come to pass and they are now older in age. New romances have blossomed , enemies gained , hatred and love. All of these are found abundant in Hogwarts in this present year and new evil arising. In the shadowed halls of Hogwarts , a new darkness is growing. The former Deatheaters children are angered by the disloyalty of the oldest Malfoy and his unwillingness to follow in the steps of the Old Dark Art's... For that alone among much more.. They are willing to at any cost bring forth an Ancient Dark Evil to once and for all wipe out the light of Hogwarts.

    Now it all begins at a peculiar Train Station as the families come to see of the now older children of the new generation. Another year back to Hogwarts it is but to unravel an entirely new time and change.


    Now , All aboard the Hogwarts Express!
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    || Location: Platform 9 3/4 | Mood: Excited | #7dc3e3 | Interactions: Davina @Pasi | Mentions: Scorpius @Shayla ||​

    "Did you remember your cauldron? I thought I saw it on the kitchen table yesterday."

    "Yes, Mum."

    "And your broomstick?"

    "Yes, Dad."

    "Did you pack your copy of Hogwarts, A History?"

    "YES, Mum! I've got everything, okay, can I get on the train now?"

    "Oh, Rosie!" Rose was immediately smothered in hugs from both parents.

    "I love you, too," she mumbled, voice muffled by the shoulders she was being pressed into. When they finally released her, she gave a cheerful wave and dragged her trunk up onto the train. She hadn't seen Davina or any of her cousins yet, so she claimed an empty compartment and stowed her trunk there. As usual, she was one of the first to arrive. Both Mum and Rose hated tardiness, so it was to be expected. Besides, who wanted to be all sweaty running after a train? Better to get there early and have first choice of compartments.

    A fiery redheaded boy poked his head in the door with a grin that spelled trouble. "NO!" said Rose, before Hugo could open his mouth. She pointed down the hallway. "Find your own compartment!" Her little brother gave a melodramatic sigh, and trudged off to find his friends. He had probably had some horrid prank planned for her, so Rose did not feel the least bit of pity for his little show of sadness. Instead, she looked out the window onto the platform, searching for her own friends.

    A pack of small first-years surged through the barrier, glancing around nervously at the train and the other witches and wizards on the platform. Rose grinned, remembering her first time boarding the train to Hogwarts. She had been a bit nervous, mostly about the Sorting Ceremony. Of course she had read all her textbooks over the summer and asked her mother billions of questions, so she really hadn't been anxious about the schoolwork. She knew her capabilities, and knew she would be brilliant at it. And she had so many cousins at Hogwarts that she hadn't been terribly worried about making friends or anything. Her parents, well her Dad, mostly, had hoped she would be a Gryffindor, like them, and like all the Weasleys. Well, the Sorting Hat had considered it. Indeed, it had seemed to find it most difficult NOT to sort a Weasley into Gryffindor. But in the end it had called out "Ravenclaw," and Rose was perfectly happy with that result. No matter what Dad said, she had always thought it was probably the best House - after all, they only picked the smartest, cleverest people. How could it not be the best?

    "Did you hear about Scorpius?" came a loud whisper from just outside Rose's compartment. She couldn't help but perk up and listen. She knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but... it was too interesting not to.

    "I heard his grandfather disowned him!"

    "I heard they got in a huge fight."

    The voices faded as they wandered further down the corridor. Rose leaned back in her seat, twirling a lock of red hair absently. She, too, had overheard Scorpius fighting with his grandfather on the platform a few months back. Well, it had been hard to miss. She rather doubted Lucius had really disowned his own grandson, but it was possible. The argument had been quite heated. Rose had felt a strange emotion when she had heard Scorpius publicly disavow his grandfather's archaic, bigoted beliefs. It was almost like pride. But how could she be proud of someone she had competed with and disliked for so long? Even from their first day at Hogwarts they had been rivals. But something had changed when she heard him stand up to Mr. Malfoy. It had been plaguing her all summer, like an itch she couldn't scratch. She felt like she needed to see him again, to talk to him, to figure out who he really was and how she really felt about him.

    She was distracted from these thoughts by the sight of a familiar dark head out on the platform. Rose leapt up from her seat with a grin, and banged on the window before opening it and leaning out to shout, "Davinaaaaaa!!" She waved her friend over to the compartment she had saved for them.
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  3. Teddy Lupin

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    First day of the new year, a bunch of new students coming to the halls of Hogwarts, ready to embrace their magic. And of course, Teddy was already running late. He hurried his way onto platform 9 and 3/4 with a coffee cup in one hand and one of his various bags clutched under the other, the rest hanging from shoulder straps. Of course, his teal hair hung messily around his tired face as he continued to nurse the coffee, with only 3 extra shots of caffeine, just to help spruce up his energy. Unfortunately, even that didn't seem to be helping as he made his way towards the train. What an example he set for the students, one of the teachers being the most unprepared for the new year. It probably didn't help he had overslept this morning, and was only woken up by a message from Victorie.

    Speaking of which, he didn't even look around the platform for any of the potter or weasley clans, simply making his way to the train. Then, at the first opportunity, he flopped down into an empty compartment, dropping his bags and stuff onto the floor by his feet, continuing to drink. He knew that Victorie, or anyone else who needed him, would know where he is. It was his typical, morning self, in reality. His determined, aware personality didn't kick in until at least 10am, mainly because by that time he had at least a few cups of super strong coffee.
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    Davina Zabini

    Location||Home~ Platform 9 3/4||Mood~Annoyed/Excited||Interactions~ Rose Weasly @Kythera
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    Davaina let out huffs, as usual she was running late. IT always seemed to happen the day she was suppose to leave for Hogwarts. Dia had a feeling that her parents had something to do with it. Unlike most of her other class mates, their parents were there smothering them, and making sure that everything was settled and they had everything. Her parents since her freshman year, had never gone back to the platform. Ever since hersorting, and ending up in Raven Claw, the joke of Hogwarts, and not Slytherin like her parents. It had been up to her to get all her books, and to pack and everything in between. So her first day she was always in a bit of a sour mood. Turq chirped in his cage as she made her way down Diagon alley. Yes, yes, I know. I am hearing." she said to her Owl. She had to make a quick stop at Madam Primpernelle's Beautifying Potions. She always seemed to get warts at the worst of times in the most horrifying places. But moving in quickly she bought her yearly supply and then made her way to the platform. It was still odd to her, even after all these years, that muggles were clueless, picking up her speed, she want through the column, and onto the busy platform.

    Davaina was lucky enough to have caught someone to load her things onto the train, Turq flipped his wings as he was loaded into one of the compartments with the rest of the pets. Tossing her long hair over her shoulder, she tugged at her scarf. She really did hate this thing. But honestly, it wasn't as bad as when she was a freshman. It fit her perfectly now, and didn't smother her. Crying, shouts, laughter, and running people. Nothing like the freshman. That was always the most nerve racking, because where you were sorted, determined your reputation for the remainder of your time at Hogwarts. She always wasn't a skirt person either, and the fact she had to wear one, well that didn't go over to well. She got pushed by a boy that was quickly hurrying past, and she cocked a brow, Hmm, That is Teddy. He seems to be in a good and ever mood, mostly like my self. Dia shook her head, and sighed heavily. It was then that she heard her name shouted. Wincing a bit, but then gave a smirk, as she knew that screech, and voice. Chucking a bit as she saw Rose hanging out the window like a made woman. Grinning as she waved back in the same manner, "RRRROOOSSSEEE!!"

    Davaina finally found her best friend, it wasn't that hard as she was hanging now out the door of the compartment to make sure that she cold be found. "Woman, I swear, you would think your a freshman." she said as the door came to a shut. "I see you got us a compartment alone again this year." Flopping down on the seat next to her. Tossing her carry on bag on the seat next to her. The train whistle blew and the sound of the train starting to leave the station, as it jerked. "See told you I would arrive fashionably late." Grinning at Rose, "I so hope the candy cart come, I am in dire need of some Sugared Butterfly Wings. " Leaning her head back against the side of the seat, as she tossed her hazel eyes at her friend, "So how is your dork of a brother?" she chuckled.

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    Regulus McGonagal
    Regulus had boarded the train earlier than the students had and let his cat out of her cage. Minnie the Savannah cat hated being in the cage that she was suppose to be on. Once out the Savannah cat rubbed herself against her master's legs. Regulus shook his head and reached down petting the cat gingerly on her head hearing a loud purr come from the rather large cat. His morning before coming to the train was relatively normal breakfast with his mom in Texas, USA; he then apparated onto platform 9 3/4. He brushed his suit jacket off and looked down at Minnie, "Well lets go greet the students Minnie." He said with a smile and headed out from his cabin onto the platform. He straightened his tie in Slytherin colors of course.

    Victoire Weasley
    Victoire had woken up early as usual per her morning routine. She popped her neck before padding her way to the shower. She hummed as she washed and prepped for her day. Her chinese fox Joli was still sleeping at the foot of Victoire's bed. She smiled as she opened her bathroom door looking at her familiar still sleeping on her bed. Victoire was and still is a proud Ravenclaw. She was beyond thrilled when her cousin, Rose, was sorted into Ravenclaw. Now that Victoire had graduated she had decided that she wanted to be a professor at her home away from home. She changed into a light pink long flowey dress and pulled on her professor robes over it. A shape whistle came from her.
    Joli bolted up from the bed and looked up at Victoire with her curious look. "Let's go girl time for us to great all the new little ones." She smiled and levitated her trunk out of her room. She smiled and walked out of her place dropping her levitation spell and used its wheels. Her Chinese Fox yipped excitedly and Victoire reached down and picked the excited fox up letting her drape across her shoulders leisurely. She made her way to the platform handing her things off to many of the guys working there. She smiled lightly taking in all the children waiting to get to Hogwarts. She seen a flash of blue not long after she arrived dashing into the train. With a small smile she followed him to his empty cabin, "Well Teddy late as usual." She said with a teasing voice as she leaned against the door.
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    || Location: Platform 9 3/4 | Mood: Irritated, uppity | #3d8c2d | Interactions: Scorpius @Shayla Regulus @Princess Poisoned Rose | Mentions: ||
    Ursa winced and pulled her arm in as a troop of first-years brushed eagerly past. "Yech!" she cried, rubbing the first-year cooties off her elbow. "Honestly, must they be so bumbling?" She whipped her trolley out of the way of another horde of eager younglings just in time. Gemini, who had been seated majestically atop her trunk, yowled at the sudden jostling of her throne. "Sorry, Gem," Ursa said, stroking the cat affectionately. "It's those stupid first-years, running all over like mad chickens." Gemini licked a paw in silent agreement. "Really, it's like they get dumber every year," she muttered to her brother.

    Once the inept firsties had passed through the barrier, Ursa followed much more sedately in their wake. The platform was a chaos of trunks, owls, weeping parents, and students waving and screaming above the smoke of the train. "Ah, back to the zoo," she commented, glancing over the crowds to see if she could spot anyone she knew. It was mostly first and second years so far, none of her friends that she could see. With a shrug, she looked over her shoulder to check if Scorpius had followed her through the barrier, then led the way toward a train door.

    "Hello, Professor," she greeted the head of Slytherin House as she passed, pausing to give him a little smirk. "I hope none of these new crop end up with us. They all look totally hopeless." Shooing Gemini into the train, Ursa bent down to heave her trunk into the open door. "Well, at least we're sure to win the Quidditch cup this year, right Professor? Best team in ages!" She flashed a grin back at Scorpius. "Gryffindor won't stand a chance this year."

    Her trunk inside, she turned back to kiss her mother and father goodbye. "No tricks this year, Ursa!" her mother scolded, wiping a speck of dust off Ursa's sweater.

    Ursa rolled her eyes. "Muuuum! It's bad enough you've got Scorpius spying on me and nagging me all year!" Her mother gave her a look and kissed her forehead once more. "Bye Dad!" Ursa called, waving at him before hopping up the steps to the train. She dragged her trunk down the hallway, peeping in each compartment as she went. Finally she found Gemini perched atop a seat, looking out the window, for all as if she were a student herself. Ursa shrugged, deciding it was as good a compartment as any, and stowed her trunk above the seats. Then she leaned out the compartment door and shouted, "Scorpy-pooooo! You packed your underpants in my trunk!" and flung a pair of ludicrously pink briefs down the hallway toward her brother, cackling with laughter all the time.​
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    Albus Potter
    "Are you sure you have to go to Sweden? That's really far Albus. I'm gonna miss you" Her blonde hair in a tight bun at the top of her head. This was Anna, she was a muggle, one of the many Albus had befriended while school was out, while he lived in the wizard world, he had travelled to to the muggle world for their items. Non flying cars and the simple fact that frustration seemed to be what they revolved around. He hadn't talked to his wizard friends all year except for a few times, it wasn't often that he saw his siblings either. He travelled to America and stayed there for the longest time, that's where he met Anna. Her real name was Angelica Henderson and he met her at a beach party in southern California. They became close and for a while they were dating, she claimed his name was weird and he told her he was named after a famous half bit philosopher in Britain and that she was a basic American white girl. She had moved back with him to the muggle world where she had met his mother, Ginny, but because of work and other things, she couldn't meet his father. They lived alone until Anna's mother was diagnosed with cancer and it was time that when Albus went to school, it was another thing he had to lie to her about, they were going to mutually break up so she could move back to be with her mom and he could go back to Hogwarts. Her blue eyes watched him carefully, the muggles were chatting as they walked by, it was a heavy dull in his ears. He kissed her forehead and wished her luck with her mother, to send his blessings, then he was off to Platform 10 where they would take him to the closest city to the edge and he would have to take a ship to his destination.

    He stopped halfway between Platform 9 3/4 and entered, the aura changed, the smell of burning coal filled the air and he breathed in deeply and headed to the bathroom, he still had time before the train would leave. He was able to use magic here, everything was filled for him, his luggage waited for him outside while his clothes were manually switched to something more comfortable. A loose white button up shirt, rolled up sleeves and some black pants and converse. It was gonna be a hard train ride but he was glad to have his wand and the magic filling his spirits once again.

    He seemed to miss his parents and siblings when he boarded the train, he found himself a seat quickly and waited while the whole train quickly filled up, no one wanting to take his booth with him, he stretched out and opened one of his student books and began to read, his glasses shining against the booths seemingly dull light. It was bright enough for him to see the pages but not bright enough to see the whole book clearly. The faster he could study the more he could be prepared to pass.

    The booth was getting a bit stuffy for Albus, the train itself was getting much more noisy and the students came by his booth in packs. He leaned over and opened the window, the heated air hit him hard but he leaned his head out and whistled loudly for his owl. He knew she liked the station. Often she could find the quiet places for her to stay while he was in America, but however, she never wanted to go with him to America. She had a mind of her own. Cordelia flew through the open window and perched herself on his leg, she had gotten a smudge of dirt on her forehead which Albus carefully licked his thumb and wiped it off for her. Closing the window so her feathers wouldn't get ruffled when they started moving.

    "Scorpy-pooo! You packed your underpants in my trunk!" Albus lifted his head once more, he thought that voice was familiar. Standing up to poke his head out of his box he smiled widely at a pair of pink underpants flying in the face of Scorpius Malfoy, a friend of his who he had forgotten to keep in contact with, with no owl it was hard to write letters to people who seemingly didn't exist in the muggle realm. Ursa was cackling loudly and Albus chuckled to himself, still being mean to her brother of course. He took notice to how different she looked, maybe he just hadn't seen her in a while. It was a long time ago it seemed, she had an air of elegance around her, the same air all Malfoy children had. This time it was a bit more appealing. Albus couldn't deny good pranks either. He got that from his uncle.

    He shoved his head back into his booth and fixed his glasses to begin reading again. He was glad to be going back. Glad to be learning things that interested him, magic was natural.
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