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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Arcadia, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. I'm sure nearly everyone has heard of this guy on youtube. He's got a very interesting...style when it comes to his videos, that's for sure. Below are some of his videos, and be sure to post any more you guys find! :D


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  2. This was the only channel on YouTube I unsubscribed from because it gets really redundant and obnoxious after a few videos. It didn't help my opinion of the guy when I started noticing him commenting on other channels I follow, likely to try to fish for more subscribers who are curious as to who the other users are reacting to.
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  3. I agree about the videos being obnoxious, but I think you're reading far too much into him posting comments on other videos. Most of the comments I've seen him post are completely innocuous. Are well known youtubers not allowed to comment on other videos or something... ?
  4. I love these videos, but like Dervish said, I'm not subbed because it gets old pretty fast
  5. Please, I watch Alantutorial,

    Get on my level scrub

  6. Normally I'd agree, and I often do see a lot of YouTubers leaving comments on other videos from time to time, but when the comment has nothing to do with the content of the video itself (as often is the case of HowToBasic, whose modus operandi is pretty much 'lul I'm so random!'), it just reeks of fishing for a wider audience using other people's success to springboard their own channel. I'm far from the only person to express those views, so it's not like some weird fringe opinion.
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  7. Need a little spice in your life, Dervy?

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  8. Judging from those thumbnails, I'd say whatever they were having is a bit too spicy for my pallet.
  9. I've gotten too used to his style so now it's really weird.

    Though I do enjoy the collabs between maxmoefox and H2B
  10. They are really funny, at least in my opinion. I guess the style gets redundant, but I don't think the screams do XD
  11. I would totally watch a video of him cleaning all that shit up though.
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