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  1. [​IMG]
    Howls, you hear them. Once every moon cycle. They echo off the rocks,
    and trees, almost like a haunting call. To some, it's just the consequence of living in rural Canada.
    To others, its a warning.

    For those who aren't familiar with the countryside or animals, wolves are inherritly
    pack animals. Each pack has an Alpha, and usually it's a pair. Alpha males often take over the packs,
    but in other cases Alpha Females will run the pack instead of their male counterparts.

    In this case, we go to the territory of the North Winds. North Wind is the pack that has dominated
    the town so far. However their pack is no more than an alpha at the moment, and a few strays
    who she has told to keep their mouths shut. The worst part? They are still trying to hide themselves
    from danger. For these wolves aren't any old wolves. Werewolves.

    Like any other teenager in these parts, they try to blend in. But blending in is harder when
    anything that evokes negative emotions makes you go wolf.
    How will these teens survive new members to the pack, and a rival wild pack invading their territory.

    • [​IMG]
      Wolfbloods, or Werewolves as most people think of them, are a special species.
      Unlike what is believed, werewolves don't pass their issue through bites. You can become a wolf
      blood through inheriting it. Parents to cubs. Or you can get it through a ceremony which is not
      often presented to outsiders. One must win the trust of the pack before they can proceed.
      The last is just by random selection. Quite rare and doesn't often occur, these are often
      thought of to be myths, or fakes, simply wild wolf cubs that got picked up
      and put into families through adoption.

    • [​IMG]
      Wolfbloods are like typical wolves. They fight for power. Alpha is established by ferocity, and poeple
      who challenge the alpha and do not submit, and loose can be exiled from the pack. The alpha
      will often take a beta to keep in control in case they leave. However some are a complete
      rule, and chose not to have a pair or a beta. A alpha pair can also be two of the
      same gender with a strong bond.

      Wolfbloods follow a moon cycle. Close to the full moon they show jubilance, and often go out
      for runs and adventures as a pack. But it is also easier for the wolf to come out. On the full
      moon, all wolfbloods turn into their natural form of the wolf. It is the point where their blood
      is all wolf.
      The typical signs of the wolf coming out are growls, sharpening canines, black and bulged veins.
      As natural half wolves, Wolfbloods have a keen sense of smell, and can connect to nature.
      They have a force called Eolas, which is their connection to nature. Wolf's often use
      Eolas as a way of guidance, and avoid civilization through it. They are called
      Wild Wolfbloods. They act, and live as wolves, letting their natural
      instincts take over. But that's not so easy for a group of kids.
      As wolves also follow a moon cycle, on new moons, or no moon days, they often
      become sleepy, weary, and have a hard time focusing. And much like on full
      moons, their blood is all human. They lack much energy for anything, and often times
      just stay home. It's risky to stay home or people will start getting suspicious.

      Wild Wolf bloods however have never had to deal with these problems. Their wolf decides
      what they do. They often despise humans, since they often fear wolves, and will shame
      any wolves who let cowskins know their secret, or even hang around in their society.
      Tame and Wild wolf bloods have been at each other's throats for years.

      Wild Wolfbloods are not a common sight, in fact most people don't know they
      exist. Being a wild wolf blood allows you to know more about the forest, nature, its
      present and past. They have medicines for courage, and healing that
      are only known to the clan healers. However on the rare
      occasion one wolf does decide to join humanity they
      may be exiled, pursued, or even killed
      for their actions.​

    • North Wind
      Alpha Female-Anari Silverwood- @IceQueen

      Pack Members
      Will Crow- @CrystalTears
      Vincent McClain- @Takumi

      South Wind
      Alpha-Nikolai Bellamy- @Shattered♦Secrets™

      Pack Members
      Yuhei- @Poe Dameron

    • 1. Be nice in the ooc, we don't want fights happening.
      2. Make your characters realistic. No one is going to fall in love at first sight, no one is going to be perfect. Everyone has something wrong with them.
      3. Make sure that you are being respectful to all walks of life. Like LGBT+ people, gender non binary, and people of different sexualities though it's mostly not a problem.
      4. Be open to GM suggestions, and wait to make sure they know you want a change before you start it.
      5. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Confusion leads to stress, which leads to people not having fun.
      6. Be responsible enough to have decent length posts. A minimum of two small paragraphs. More preferred.
      7. Your post should have something identifying your character that isn't a picture in the IC. Fancy div boxes are nice but sometimes they draw away from the intended content of the reply. It is also harder on mobile users.
      8. Make sure to keep in your age group if things get a little smexy, as part of the rules of Iwaku.
      9. This roleplay deal with topics such as violence and territorial feuds. It may also include topics of self harm, cheating, coming out, betrayal, and other such triggering events. If you do not wish to participate because of this at any time, please notify me at the earliest possible moment.
      10. Tag those who you have interacted with so we can all stay sane and keep track of posts.
      11. Keep yourself in check. A slow moving RP is never fun. Try and be able to post once if not more a week. If I have to remind you more than once, I will let someone else take the spot.
      12. Respect the GM's. This is my roleplay, and my idea. What I say goes. I have the right to reject or accept any character.
      13. No more than one character a person for now. Based on the amount of interest I will tweak this rule accordingly.

    • Pack House-Anari's Home
      Anari's Bedroom
      Ajoining Small Rooms/Houses
      Cougar Hill Hotsprings
      The Howling Hill- also known as the Perching Peak, Barking Boulder
      The central meeting place for North Wind, for if cover is blown, emergency meetings, far enough
      away from civilization. A large flat rock stretches out over a clearing with part of the river
      behind them. A thick fog always seems to cover the ground around the area. Only the
      alphas and betas are allowed on the rock
      Cougar Lake
      Full Moon Den
      The Cellar is filled with everything a wolf needs on the full moon. Meat, chew toys, beanbags, couches,
      and lots of cushions to rip. Though things are beaten up most of the stuff is new.​


      South Wind Manor
      Home to lower ranked South Wind Wolfbloods and new pack members. Has multiple rooms and small houses connected together. When Nikolai isn't around, on a hunt or something, it's looked after by another Pack Member that The Alpha trusts enough.

      South Wind Estate
      The living space for higher level ranks (ones who have been in the pack longer and have earned the rights to not be stuck with the newbs XD). Also can be looked after by Nikolai's Right-Hand Man if @T E R R O R wants to do it, or another member can ask to take it if Buggy doesn't want it^^.

      Home of The Alpha
      Where every Alpha of South Wind has always lived and where Nikolai calls home now. In the center of the other living spaces and other areas that South Wind has claims theirs. Can only enter if permitted by Nikolai... otherwise, fear death upon you if he finds trespassers.

      Home of The Beta
      Similar to the Alpha, The Beta of South Wind has his own area to sleep in separate
      from the rest of the pack

      South Wind Watchtower
      Where Nikolai or other Pack Members keep an eye out for any unfortunate idiots and tamed wolfbloods. Covered by a lot of trees, ones that are a part of Canada forest. Has three secret passages that connect to the Manor, Estate and one out towards the river.


      Fight Cave
      Where new pack members and other pack members go to practice fighting and battle for a higher rank and standing in South Wind. Also where Nikolai finds out if his members are keeping themselves together and not becoming little bitches XD.

      Moonlight River
      Named by a former Alpha many years ago when they found said river while fighting back another Pack. Own and Protected by South Wind, a place to relax and take a dip once in awhile.

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  2. I guess the OOC is all set now
  3. I might be slow or something XD but Ice is there a character sheet or...
  4. This is the OOC dummy, you have to read through everything

    EDIT- Also on that note you should know my rp's aren't like they used to be. No massive character count, none of that, nothing super uber fancy. It's all about the content
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  5. And that's what I get for reading things after work and feeling sleepy XD.

    Well I rather it be content over pretty, you know I would rather have a good rp than some pretty one XD lol, shocker but yes I love content and good story over pretty posts and small details XD.

    *Goes to read clearer* XD.
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  6. Hmm, it has been... Ages, well, ages as in around two years since I've caught wind of something like this >.< and I guess I can try something like this again... So uh, count me in! o.o
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  7. This sounds amazing! Count me in! I was a huge fan of Wolfblood back in the day (literally only 3 years ago) so consider me in.
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  8. Sweet

    Any requests for positions atm?
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  9. Can I get Alpha Male for South Wind?
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  10. Do you already want to have a second alpha?
  11. I would be down for a Second Alpha, depending on if anybody wants to be Alpha from the start^^.
  12. I'm cool with just being a pack member, no preference to which pack!
  13. I like wolves. So you have my interest. I know I shouldn't join another rp but it's too tempting. I'd like a pack member for North Wind if you don't mind. :3

    Also, heyo @york @Shattered♦Secrets™ <3
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  14. Is there an age range? I was thinking of making a male who was 30? It says teens in the information but there's not a range on the cs!
  15. If you are in the south wind pack then yes but north wind is for teenagers
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  16. See I was smart, I knew South Wind was the older crowd XD.

    My Alpha will be up in a few hours, after some ic replies^^
  17. Ok, so as far as north wind goes I am thinking of extending the age range up to college, thoughts?
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  18. Do that, I think that works, still keeps them young adults and stuff.
  19. Ah! I've been craving werewolves lately! I'm interested in being a pack member! Really for whichever pack needs more people :)
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