Howl's Moving Castle (Ocs)

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  1. Kieara had lived in Kingsbury all her life. She felt plain, but she was far from it. With a family that cared nothing for her, and was always gone leaving her to do nothing but tend to the shop, all off to their own glorious adventures, one tended to feel very plain. She thought there was nothing about her special. No spark. No anything....Just plain old Kieara who lived her life in routine, whose job it was to be routine, and whose life was planned out as one big routine.

    She had been walking in the market today to get some things for the shop her family owned, but they lacked the things she needed. There was a parade going on. Why would anyone celebrate that buffoon of a king? He'd done nothing but start another war. There was nothing to celebrate. And definitely no need to celebrate a man who was responsible for more killing and death.

    The young woman wore an emerald dress much like the stone around Damien's neck. She also wore a white bonnet over her hair. Out the back fell a pony tail that had long bright red ringlet curls coming from it. She had extravagant red hair. And to come with the red hair was a set of bright aquamarine eyes and a line of freckles coating her pale skin over her nose and cheeks. She was petite, but had curves and only stood at 5'1.

    She decided to take the alley ways home. It seemed like the best way to avoid the crowd and loudness of the parade going on out in the streets. The parade she wanted no part of. She sighed as she walked, but was stopped by two large soldiers. "Why hello there." she frowned backing up. "Aww look you scared her." He glared at his friend. "Maybe I like a little lady when she's scared."
  2. Michio, a wizard that had ran away from training, had his castle in the hills of the waste. He had been in the wast since he was a young man but he had to travel not all liked wizards. He smiled seeing the party going on in Kingsbury. He decided that he would go to enjoy it with them. He opened the door to the castle calling out that he was leaving before exiting and shutting the door behind him.

    Michio's blonde hair was waving in the slight breeze as he enjoyed the party kingsbury was having. He walked down a back path, having heard a little bakery this way sold great scones. He glanced around noticing two guards talking to a petite girl. His blonde hair stood out in his dark brown jacket and a blue shirt under it. He had on black slacks that were a bit tight, the outfit all together made his hair and golden eyes stand out.

    He walked up to the guards putting an arm around the girl, "Honey! There you are," he says sweetly smiling at the guards. "Why don't we head to the bakery?"
  3. Kieara tensed and gasped as the man's arm went around her. She looked up at him not recognizing him at all. She frowned and looked to the guards. HE must have been trying to help her, but at least one man was better than two. She spoke. "That sounds rather nice." She told him.

    The two guards frowned and grumbled stalking off. She walked a bit with him before speaking. "Thank you. I don't know what they might've done to me." She told him looking up at him again.
  4. Michio watched the guards leave before starting to walk off, being a tall, 5'10, and broad man, he was a bit intimidating at first glance but he had a warm personality. He smiled down at her, "Do you know where the bakery is? I heard they had great scones." He tells her, voice soft and gentle, almost like he was talking to a child.
  5. Kieara looked back up at him. She smiled back to him liking his voice. "I know where it's at." She said to him. "Would you like me to show you there?" She asked him as she walked with him. He still hadn't removed his arm. she blushed at that. She'd never been touched quite like that by a man. It was nice. She continued to walk with him completely unaware that he was a wizard.
  6. "Ah that would be splendid!" He answers her, cheerfully. "It is so kind of you to offer to help this poor fool out," he mutters before chuckling. He was is a happy mood. It wasn't everyday that he meets a pretty girl... Actually it was everyday but this one seemed different. "Do you live in Kingsbury?"
  7. Kieara smiled and she walked with him. "You're not a fool." She said giggling. She continued to lead him along. "yes I do actually. I own the hat shop down the road." She answered.
  8. He nods smiling, "That's unique. A hat shop huh? I'll have to visit some time," he tells her. He didn't like hats they tended to be more trouble than they were worth. He let her lead the way to the Bakery not knowing for sure where it was but he would have made it with a small spell.
  9. Kieara smiled. "Well, I don't really like it....My family owns it, but they make me work there." she explained and she walked with him. She spoke. "Here we are. I've never been here myself." she admitted as she walked him to the door.
  10. He looked up at the bakery then down at the girl, "Well, how about I buy you a scone for the help?" He asks speaking in that soft tone again. He was a hard person to get mad, and even if he was mad he wouldn't show it.
  11. Kieara smiled. "Aww, you're too sweet." she spoke to him. "I might just have to take you up on that." She told him and led him inside. The new bakery had a few customers, but was relatively empty.
  12. Michio smiles kindly and follows her in, "It'll be a 'may all your dreams come true' scone." He tells her a bit teasingly, if all wishes came true it would horrible. No one would work or anything. Wizards wouldn't have been needed.
  13. Kieara smiled and spoke. "I don't have many wishes." She told him as she walked with him to the counter. "At least, mine aren't really important....I'm just some girl." she said to him.

    ((care to be the witch of the waste?))
  14. ((Yeah I can play her))

    "Every dream is important," he tells her smiling sweetly again. He ordered to scones not noticing a young raven-haired lady in the corner of the bakery. The witch of the waste sat in the bakery knowing that Michio had a tooth for sweets and pretty girls. She seathed with anger as she watched a plain girl talk to her Michio. Michio handed the girl a scone, still having that smile. "Be safe on your way home. They say that the Witch of the Waste has been lurking about as well as that wizard Michio." He warns her not wanting her to get hurt.
  15. She smiled as she gently took it. "Thank you very much. I will be careful." She told him and gently tasted it. "Oh wow! I don't expect this place to be deserted for long, these are great." she told him happily. "Thanks again." she said. "Oh! You never told me your name." She told him softly.

    ((okay then. I just don't know how they're gonna wind up together after she gets cursed lol))
  16. (We'll make it work. Maybe he can find her or something)

    He smiles and takes a bite, nodding in agreement that they were good scones after finishing his bite, he spoke. "Don't worry, you won't need it. You'll find me if you need me," he tells her taking another bite of the scone. He had just told her to watch out for him, he couldn't tell her he was Michio.
  17. (ok)

    She smiled. "alright mystery man. I better get going home. It's closing time for the shop. Thanks for everything. Bye!" She told him and waved before leaving snacking on her scone along the way. She started the trek home her mind still on the handsome man she'd met today.
  18. Michio left soon after heading home, snacking on his scone. The witch of the waste left following after the young girl that was with the man she loved. Having not thought the witch would be in the town, Michio never thought he might but the young, pretty girl in trouble. Nor did he think about what might come from his actions with her.
  19. Kieara finished her food and she went to the shop and inside. She closed and locked the door behind her. She then set to work cleaning up and closing up the shop.
  20. The witch turns the nob to the shop opening the door. She smiles kindly, like she wasn't an evil witch that hated this girl for being with Michio.
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