Howling at the Moon (PinkPixieDust & MoonStar♥ RP)

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  1. Madelyn hummed to herself as she walked down the street with her earphones in, her music surrounding her as she walked to a nearby cafe for breakfast. Madelyn always went to the cafe for her breakfast since the cafe was right by her shop. After graduating from the local college, Madelyn had started working in the local bookstore while she tried to get herself started in the publishing industry. She had written a variety of different books but each one had been rejected by the companies she had offered them too. She was told that they all needed improvement. She was bummed with each rejection letter but that only spurred her desire to get something published and prove that she was a good writer.

    As she walked down the street of the college town, she ran a hand through her hair to loosen up her curls. Her recently-ombred hair shimmered in the sunlight, turning from blonde at the top into a rich sapphire blue at the ends. Today she had chosen a pretty simple outfit since she knew that she would be doing a lot of stocking at the bookstore. She was dressed in dark jeans, a pink tank top under a sheer white blouse, and black flats. When she reached the cafe, she pulled open the door and headed inside for her breakfast. She always told herself to try something new but every time she went, she ended up getting the same thing. Her favorite was a coffee with cream and a cherry tart. She put in her order and stepped to the side to wait for her coffee to be made. For some reason, Madelyn felt really antsy. Maybe something important was going to happen today...
  2. Nate went up to the counter and waited so he could order some food. He was out with the pack, and they decided to go out and eat before they went to see a movie. He ordered one of nearly everything on the menu, even then they would probably still be hungry. The pack were big eaters. The waitress who took his order seemed surprised and then amused, she thought it was some kind of joke but it clearly wasn't.

    "Okay sir, we are just getting your orders. If you'd like to wait on the side please" She said, chirpy.

    He nodded and stepped to the side, but then bumped into someone, he steadied himself and then looked up at who he bumped into. It was a girl, but not just any old girl. He didn't even know her but he knew that she was the one. His mate. He didn't even know her name but he wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold he close. He fight urge and grinned at her.

    "Sorry, I should really look at where I'm going"
  3. Madelyn was looking down at her phone, checking some of her emails before she went into work. She had just finished a response to one when she felt someone bump into her. Gasping, she quickly caught her phone before it fell and reached out to put her hand on a table nearby to steady herself. She looked up at the man that had bumped into her, stunned by how handsome he was. He apologized for bumping into her. "That's alright. It's a little busy here so it's understandable to bump into someone. I should have probably moved to a table." She reached up to run a hand through her hair so that it wasn't messed up.

    Standing up straight, she looked to the man in front of her. She had never seen him before. Was he new to town? Perhaps was student at the college? She reached out to offer her hand to him. "I'm Madelyn. It's nice to meet you."
  4. Nate grinned and shook her hand, his big hand was warm and friendly whilst he shook it. "I'm Nate. Nice to meet you" He pulled his hand away and then wished for a couple of minutes until the waitress came over to them, her hands were full of food. He left his money in the counter, "Thanks" He said and the waitress blushed a little bit, smiling. "You're welcome. Have a nice day", "You too" He replied with a friendly grin. He looked back at Madelyn. "See you around, sorry for bumping into you again. If you ever want to hang out you can sometimes catch me and the guys at the beach" He said and then left to go over to a table where he and the pack were eating.
  5. Madelyn smiled at the handsome man before her. She was about to ask him a question when the waitress walked over with his complete order. She was stunned by the amount of food on the platter. When he told her that he could usually be found at the beach with his friends, she nodded and watched him walk over to the table with a few different guys. So the food was for all of them... That was still a lot of food for the group but she knew that some guys had pretty monstrous appetites. When her food was ready, she walked over to the counter and thanked the waitress.

    Madelyn took a sip of her coffee and savored the mixture of sweet cream and bitter coffee. With her cherry tart in hand, she walked towards the door of the cafe. She needed to get to work. As she walked out, she passed the table where Nate was sitting with his friends. Madelyn met his eyes and nodded to him with a sweet smile. "Have a good day. Bye." She waved before heading out of the shop and down the street to the bookstore.
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