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  1. Howdy everyone! Glad to be here! A little about me....I have been writing since 2007, a lot of it role plays. I love medieval and medieval fantasy rp with all elements tied in. I can write all genres, but medieval is my forte. I don't write below a NC17 rating content wise. Love me my amazing stories with violence, blood, guts, darker themes and I am not shy of doing sexual events. I do not ever include them without a purpose. I play females, males are always a sub character to me. My ability to write replies content wise reflects my character, their situation, if I'm leading or being led. I can and do write a good amount of content however. I love developing stories fresh with a partner, or mashing existing ideas with more! I really hope to discover some amazing people!
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here! I'm always happy to see a fellow medieval lover come and join us.
  3. Thanks, it looks like I shall!
  4. You will love it here! There are many quite fantastic people here! And Elemental Magic... is what you made me think of. I may have to work with elemental powers soon in an RP. *wink*

  5. Howdy Arca! :3 Welcome to the community!