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Hey all, new to the site. I used to write short stories and poetry when I was a teen, but between juggling sports, music and university courses I unfortunately stopped writing. I'm here to get the creative juices flowing again, and while I'm somewhat inexperienced with roleplaying, I'm willing to learn.
As someone currently attempting to juggle university along with a bunch of mates who's answer to boredom is "LET'S GO DRINK WOOOOO", I know what you mean by uni life being a real dampener on creativity.

We were all new to roleplaying once, so don't worry to much about it; the staffies here have been enslaved by Diana to help you when you need them.

So yeah, welcome to Iwaku. It's mad here; you'll love it.
Well well well, if it isnt the Rope, Patron of assassins.

Welcome to iwaku mate.
Welcome to the site.
*Drives up in a Land Raider Achilles and Tosses the new guy a beer* Cheers Mate.
Welcome to Iwaku Feaster of Muses. XD Perhaps you will find your muse here, or it will be eaten... One of the two!
Well well well, if it isnt the Rope, Patron of assassins.

Welcome to iwaku mate.

Damn, you're on to me :P I can't wait for book 10 to come out as I've been following the series since Deadhouse Gates.

And thanks everybody!
its a great series! im only up to house of chains, only started reading them earlier this year.

Gotta say though, The Chain of dogs is the best bit i've read so far. fething Pormqual.
*crawls out from under the land raider*

Sometimes I think he runs me over on purpose....

I'm Vay, muse-eater and moderater. Any questions are welcome, best of luck to you, steer clear of the asylum, its chaos in there and hes hungry.
Well hello and welcome to Iwaku!
I'm Kitti, and I look forward to seeing you about.
Please take a look around and hopefully you'll find a roleplay that piques your interest! We're very gentle with our newbies so have no fear.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Welcome to Iwaku~ I'm your friendly Global Mod and Morning Musume guru, ZYPHER~ TA DAAAAAAAAA~ If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM~

Oh hey there, welcome aboard.