Howdy I Guess

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  1. Well, my name is a little long so y'all are free to shorten it if ya like. Echo, Song, whatever floats your boat really. I'm female, 18, and a freshman in college with English as my major. I love to write stories, fiction or non-fiction, and would love to be a Journalist one of these days haha. Well, I'm a little bit of a country gal, so my writing sometimes mimics my speaking when out of character. When in character I tend to stick to the persona of the charrie I'm playing.

    My favorite genre varies because it's not so much the genre as it is the story. If the story is interesting, and has a good back story or even just a half of one, I tend to lean toward them. I play mostly male characters, finding it easier for some reason to work with males. I can play a variety however, from the simple school boy to an assassin. I can even make a character conform or rebel. I prefer Action over romance, but an action-romance would actually be an interesting combination.

    Well, that's all I got so that's all I'm gonna say. Nice meetin' y'all!
  2. Just Swingin' by to welcome you to Iwaku! Great to have you here! Hope you will enjoy it, everyone here is pretty awesome and from my experience easy to get along with! Hope you find some amazing RPs!