Howard J. Blunten Home for the Criminally Insane

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  1. He heard the giggling of children as he ran through the parking lot, seeing their faces poking out from the backseats of the cars as he dashed past them, running from the baying hounds. Snow crunched softly underfoot as he ran, in a vain attempt to get away, from the Warden, from the Guards, the little faces in the trees, the tiny voices asking him why, why did he do it? The hounds were close now, he could hear their paws crushing the delicate flakes falling from the heavens. He stopped when he met the edge of the towering island, nothing past this but sharp rocks, worn to points by the raging ocean below. He could see the glint of the flashlights, the voices of the guards, the baying of their dogs. "With my death, I achieve immortality!" he screamed into the howling wind. The guards tried to stop him. "No, don't! We can help you!" they cried, to no avail. The man jumped backwards, into the roaring seas. With heavy hearts and bowing heads, the guards returned to their posts.

    Welcome to the Howard J. Blunten Home for the Criminally insane, an island off the shores of New York, on what used to be Alcatraz. Here, criminals from the world over have gathered, deemed too mentally unstable to go to regular prisons. Here they receive treatment from Dr. Howard J. Blunten, a renowned psychiatrist, and his staff. The "guests" are well taken care of, and often allowed to live their fantasies, in an attempt for Dr. Blunten to understand the root of their insanity, so he can better treat them.

    Characters can have committed any kind of crime that would drive them to insanity, or have any form of insanity that would drive them to commit a crime. Like hallucinations. Please, no explicit details that would get this booted to the Matures. Otherwise, Patients (characters) can interact freely, so long as they stay in character with their chosen 'case of the crazies'. If you want any further information, please do not hesitate to PM me. Enjoy!
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  2. A giggle came from the window, a patient in Howard J. Blunten's Home had witnessed the daring escape and it seemed to amuse him greatly. "Oh my little mermaid man. I told you, escaping, noone can. You should've stayed safely in your room, 'cause now you've met with certain doom." After the rhyme, the man began to giggle, but his giggle turned into laughter. Maniacal laughter with seemingly no end.
  3. A slap came from the other window. The hand revealed it's owner, with eyes twitching and hair tingling. "Y'know, never trai excaping. Dey hurt ya down." His voice was like a drunk man's voice.
  4. isadora isadora isadora isadora isadora no one not name isadora idaora not my name" isadora said. isadora pated her head. her hair was gone becuse she would rip it out of her head so the shaved it off. her eyes darker then normale. she crazy isadora is crazy. "Im crazy you crazy im crazy you crazy leave me alone" she was alone in a room full of nothing but there was a window. She sees everything. "Im crazy you crazy isadora crazy me not crazy isadora kills people i dont kill people i eat people not kill people" iasdora a zombie hunter i am a zombie. (ps this is all isadoras thoughs and sayings)
  5. The maniacal laughter seizes when the man heard a voice. "Is that you, my shōjō friend? Did you witness that gruesome end? Dear goodness, it was such a mess. And now again, there's one man less. They lock us up and say we're bad. But stuck on this island, who wouldn't go mad?"
  6. "Quiet down in there!" a voice booms. It belongs to none other than Gregory Krom, the warden. A tall man, strong in his decisions, firm in his standpoints, pitiless, cold-hearted, and built like a brick shithouse. He was the top disciplinary force on the island, taking orders only from Dr. Blunten. It is rumored that when he spoke, even the wind stopped to listen. "I'm tired of hearing your ishkabibble psychobabble. Shaddap! Before I make you!"
  7. isadora no listen to you me listen. but we no paychobabble what dose that word mean isadora you dont know me too" iasdora and i laughed. "Isadora good girl me bad girl isadra have prity hair and lollios me have no hair and blood" isadora was insane me insane too "me and isadora is insane" good girls bad girls isadora and me laugh again
  8. The warden walked swiftly up to Isadora's cell, and banged his nightstick against the iron bars. "Quiet!" he yelled at her, "Before I put you in solitary." Just then, a man walked into the room. "That's quite enough, Gregory. Go back to your office. Playtime!" he said, pulling the lever that opened all the cells, releasing the inmates into the courtyard. the man was Dr. Howard J. Blunten, the man incharge of the institute.

    Warden Gregory Krom.jpg <==== Warden Gregory Krom​
    Dr. Howard J. Blunten.jpg <=== Dr. Howard J. Blunten​
  9. "If it isn't our golem, strong as can be. It saddens to see you can't share in this glee. Might I ask you to open my door? I've seen the events and only wish more." Just as he said so, the door opened before him and he happily skipped out. "Do you still hide your true face from me? Well, go ahead, soon I will see." He said as he looked Dr. Howard J. Blunten directly in the eyes.

    As he made his way out of his cell, the man passed Isadora and looked terrified. "They haven't disposed of this one yet? Can't they see she's only a threat? A zombie held back by its still living part. Letting that roam is not very smart." He sighed and shook his head. "Ah well, I shall trust him, be nice and play. Sooner or later, they will all pay."
  10. "Ye! Plaetime!" He said before jumping out of his cell and running around.
  11. Isadora no zombie i zombie me no play time isadora no play time play time is hungey time eat brains and bones with meet." isadora plays with my head pats haed. "see isadora good girl me bad girl me eat brain me and isadora diffrinet" isadora amd me walk out of cell with evils smiles. but we sit down on floor aone "Iadora fun isadora mean isadora eats eats eats i am evil i am hungery eat eat eat isadora" I bit isadora
    (just hoping everyone know she not real a zombie im going to get a pic of her tomorrow)
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  12. ((I know she's not. But that's what my guy sees.))
    "Of course, sweetheart, you're not. And I'm not scheming a plot." He says and laughs as loud as he can, enjoying the thought of the staff members dying, watching their bodies fall off the cliff, like the man he saw jump down today.
  13. "Ah, ah, ah!" the doctor calls. "No, Isadora, I'm afraid you must stay inside. Can't have you playing rough with the other inmates now can we?" he says as he ushers her back to her cell.
  14. Isadora was going to sit on floor and me too" Isadora smiled and so did i but we both went back in cells we like doc he kind. "Isadora good girl me bad girl right we play games tommorow right." doc games are fun "more doc games isadora and i love doc games"
  15. "Yes, yes, maybe tomorrow, Isadora. For now, I need a nap." the Doctor said, shutting her cell door behind him as he walked off. "Gregory, don't get to feisty, and only contact me in case of emergency. I am retiring to my quarters." he spoke to the warden, before heading up a long, winding staircase.
  16. (i must be insane to be this good)
    "Gregy Isadora wants to speek to you wait no never mind" Isadora nodded her head when i said eat "Gregy I want to speak with you Isadora told me tpo she the good girl me the bad girl yes Gregy i want to talk with you please grogy me need to speak with you Isadora said so" I was geten hungery Isadora too she eats lollipops but I eat someone

    (looks like[​IMG] )
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  17. *Come on Mary it's time to play let's get out and see whats happening you know i hate being stuck in here with you all you do is cry you bore me so, i want to see what fun i can have today* Bu...t Jessica No i don't want no more blood on my hands you said once i killed Mummy and Daddy you would leave me alone *poor poor Mary please come play with me*.
    Mary sit's in her room trying to forget but she knows Jessica will get her to go out and play she always does.

    Mary take a step towards her door and see's that some are out already she takes a slow step out in to the hall * That it Mary you can do it one step after the other*
  18. Gunter watched Mary as she carefully made her way into the hall. She seemed afraid and unsure, but something was driving her forward, or better yet, someone. "Mary, they say, had a little lamb. But that's not the case here, is it, ma'am? A faerie is there, stuck on your back. She won't go away, even if you attack." He laughed again, enjoying the thought of poor Mary suffering under that voice in her head. "Oh, it's good they took us away. The world isn't ready for our fey. I see nobody here is a mere human. Not even our good Mr. Blunten."
  19. Once Mary entered the hall she had a look around,Some of her fellow inmates were already out and about.*That's my girl see i told you it wouldn't be so bad just keep walking and i'll do the rest hahahaha*
    NO not again Jessica please i implore you don't hurt anyone here.
    Mr Krom scares me. Mary said out loud,

    As she got closer she could see Gunter was watching her, and talking and laughing to himself he scared her too. * Tut tut Mary everyone scares you non scare me* Jessica laughed i her head. Mary really didn't want to go any closer and stopped with one foot slightly raised.....
    *THAT'S ENOUGH MARY lets see what we can see and then it may be my turn to stay and you can hide inside*
    Mary gingerly walked closer to the others and noticed some hadn't been let out today. That sent a cold shiver down her spine just the thought of what may have happened going through her head.
  20. "Say, Mary, may I ask, if that is alright. What did you do to be brought to this site? I know that she is behind it all. But did you murder or steal or get in a brawl?" He asked her curiously, staring at her eyes with his own. Those burning red eyes devoid of sanity, reason or compassion. This man had murdered, his eyes just gave it away, and he enjoyed it so very much. Nothing would hit him, nothing could touch him, only pain and death and suffering of other people could make him smile. Not just smile, there was a lust for it, he longed for it.

    Or so they said. They called him a crazed lunatic, a murderer, a psychopath that doesn't know what he's doing. He's always been a weird kid, seeing things, accusing people of things they did, but wouldn't tell anyone, or things they haven't yet done. He'd been in treatment for all his life, but it all seemed very harmless up until that day.
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