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  1. First week back:

    Prior to first day: pull an all-nighter finishing a lab report given before Christmas. Finish it in ten hours, having procrastinated until midnight to even start.
    Monday: Struggle through lectures. Take nothing in. Go to first ever Computational Physics lab for three hours. Take nothing in. Go back to halls and sleep through the evening. Get up, do nothing, go back to sleep.
    Tuesday: Having barely slept the previous night due to sleeping during the day, barely make it through 3-hour Computational Physics lab at 9am. Nothing for the rest of the day; go back to halls and sleep through the day. Once again, don't sleep that night.
    Wednesday: Finally fall asleep at 8.30am, sleep through the first lectures of two brand new courses. Wake up at 5pm, go to a friend's, walk back home for 40 minutes in the rain at 5am. Fall asleep.
    Thursday: Sleep through first tutorial of the term, in which exams were marked, therefore throwing into question how your exam is even going to get marked. Sleep through lectures. Wake up late, go to a friend's for dinner, chill out until 2am. Realise your topical review is due for 4pm the next day. Drink half a bottle of wine, grab another bottle and some cigarettes, and settle down to pull your second all nighter of the term within the first week. Procrastinate by posting on Iwaku.

    I make such good life decisions.
  2. <__<


    Not sure what to do here...
  3. Stage an intervention over the internet. Come on, it'll be hilarious.

    Think of the lulz. Won't somebody think of the lulz?
  4. I'm doing pretty well this term.

  5. [​IMG]

    this is not boobsRACKS

    But seriously, you involved in any sports societies at all? Exercise is a good way to keep your sleeping pattern regulated.

    Also, sports societies throw the best parties. It is known.
  7. Also my Fridays are completely empty for the next three months.

    Three day weekend, weu.

    I'm not, but that's mainly from a lack of time than of motivation. You only have time for 1-2 societies at my uni; the workload is famously high, unfortunately. I'd rather put the limited time I have into intellectual pursuits and passions that are unsatisfied by my course. Still, I'm actually planning to give it a shot; I've grabbed a friend to be my gym buddy, so hopefully once I start going this weekend I'll be able to sort it out.

    Swine. ;-;
  9. So uh, you asking for help?

    Send me moneys. I'll do it for you. :D
  10. Huuuwhah?
  11. No, just procrastinating. It won't be that hard once I can be arsed. Working all-nighters are a beast I am well-used to taming, at this point. :P

  13. My method of dealing with college:

    Do absolutely nothing for the entire semester aside from the tasks that need to be completed in order to finish the course, and then cry bloody tears when the finals come. Ace the finals through pulling all-nighters and talking to the professors in such long, convoluted sentences they don't really understand you, but decide to give you a good grade anyways because a) you look confident, b) you're using a lot of complicated words and therefore you surely know what you're talking about. Promise to yourself the next semester will be different because you don't want to experience such stress ever again. Promptly start ignoring the school the moment the next semester begins and spend your time roleplaying on the internet/roleplaying in the real life/reading anything BUT books related to school/goofing with your friends.
  14. 1) Study
    2) Ace all tests
    3) Get accepted to post-graduate profession
    4) Enter a lucrative and fulfilling career
    5) YAY!
  15. Yeah, that was my strategy in high-school. Worked like a charm. And if I'd gone to a different uni, probably would have been the same. Unfortunately I just can't pull that off with the workload here. Which is why every week since the beginning of term has looked like the OP.

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