How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

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  1. Ok, so I found this quiz that maps speech patterns of the U.S. and what part of the country the phrases etc. we use come from, and thought I'd share :)

    How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

    It pegged me pretty much exactly where I grew up and put my mom smack-dab in the middle of the places that influenced her speech patterns.

    So what do you all think? is it close? way off? or just interesting to see?
  2. Well, the test is tailored to show where you are similar to the USA, which I've actually never been. So its not entirely accurate, but still fun to see.

    Apparently my speech patterns are a good mix of Jacksonville, Pembroke Pines, and New Orleans.
  3. This put me in either one city in Kansas (Wichita) or two cities in West Texas (Lubbock or Amarillo), whereas I live in East Texas.

    How I speak is kinda not well encompassed in any American English dialect, since it's heavily influenced by Texas English Dialect and Philippine English Dialect (which is a real dialect). =P

    Fascinating, nonetheless.
  4. This was surprisingly almost accurate, painting a picture of being somewhere around Illinois/Indiana and such. Ironically, my written language is MUCH more improved than my spoken, which likes to switch itself on and off depending on who I'm speaking to: Family? I use a lot more typical country slang. Around friends? I'm a lot more polite, reserved, and "civilized."
  5. My top three cities were:

    Grand Rapids, MI
    Gilbert, AZ
    Reno, NV

    As a Detroit native, I'm not surprised. Though, observers might be, since I grew up (and, sadly, still live) in Atlanta.
  6. So mine is basically;
    New Hampshire
    and Baltimore, Maryland.

    Well I live in Maryland (not Baltimore), so close enough! :D And my Aunt and Uncle live in PA.
  7. New York
    Washington D.C.

    I live in Texas but close enough, right?
  8. I got Baton Rouge, Orlando, and Tallahassee. ... I grew up in Eastern Tennessee but I've lived in Phoenix for the last eight years. So I have no idea how I got those three cities. @@ I'm a reader though, so that might be part of it?
  9. I got put in Tacoma, Seattle, and Spokane (All in Washington; Tacoma and Seattle in the west and Spokane in the east), which fits, as I grew up in Yakima, which is in central Washington. I've done this quiz before, and one of my cities was Boise at the time, which also fits, as my entire dad's side of the family is mostly from that area.

    The main reason I got cities in Washington, though, was that I call the "large, wild cat native to the Americas" a cougar.
  10. My three cities were Tallahassee, Columbus (GA), and Birmingham. Pretty spot on seeing as how I've lived in South Georgia for most if my life. I have a relatively mild Southern accent compared to most people I know, but I still have a lot of the same terms for things.
  11. It nailed me pretty much dead on. I am paranoid and suspicious of this website.
  12. I live in Northern BC, but I wanted to see how it would place me

    Apparently I talk like a Texan 0.o
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  13. I'm closest to either Richmond or Baltimore.

    I guess thats what I get for loving The Wire so much.
  14. Grand Rapids

    Pretty accurate. I grew up in ohio/michigan region (and most of my family is from michgan region). I'm least like Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Houston which amuses me since my brother lives in Texas and I was in Pittsburgh for almost 2 years :p (still in PA/MD area though so maybe it'll change with time)

    so glad i'm not a yinzer X_x
  15. They put me in:

    Grand Rapids

    Who knew? Never been there.
  16. My results were New York, Boston, Providence. Interesting, because I've never ever been to these places. I can see how my speech has some things in common with the people of these places, though. Quite a few movies I love take place in these areas.

    Also, most of my vocabulary is from reading. More than likely, the way I pronounce a word is the way I've always pronounced it since I've never heard it spoken to me before.
  17. I gots Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Aurora, Illinois.
    Makes sense, I guess. Mebbe. Sure.
    Just cuz I call Devil's Night what it is, and think 'cot' and 'caught' are def not pronounced the same.
    I mean, DUH, everyone. DUH.
  18. I got...

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Mobile, Alabama

    WELP. I do live in Louisiana, and have for all my life, soo...... Pretty much right on the dot for me!
  19. I did this on tumblr and now I see it here. I live in Texas and I want to live in SoCal. I have a good start about that, because my speech patterns actually indicate that I live in SoCal.