How y'all doing?

What's up man. Welcome to the site. Glad you joined.
Hehe, thanks. I'm still calling you Maiden though. :)
Alright man, that works!
*walks in, carrying a bucket of butterscotch*

*drops the bucket, staring intensely at Cancer*

*walks out.*
*pokes head in again, stares at Cancer*


*tosses a sponge into the bucket form the doorway, turns, and leaves.*
[Insert welcome, with some drivel about the cbox and warnings and playful jabs at other members.]

You want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

Welcome to Iwaku! *grandiose gate opening with inspiring music to CGI visuals.*
Do eet!

Also, when you post five times, er, seven times, uhm, fourteen, or maybe now(the spirits are fickle *fingershake*) scroll to the bottom of the index. Cbox madness shalt ensue!
I was wondering where that might be, haha.

Thanks. ;)
Well welcome to Iwaku! As you can tell we have a variety of people here! As such the Cbox can become rather insane so enter at your own risk! Enjoy! :DD
Wilcommen du Iwaku, new person!

Oh, look, I just happen to have a radiation-emitting-device in my hands, Cancer. :|
Thanks Tuxedo and Reiz. :) I need one of those devices? o.o
...You...We meet again...Bout time you got here from rpg.
*follows cor in*


*downs bucket of butterscotch*

Needs more scotch.
Don't kill me!

Welcome to Iwaku. Don't end up like a cbox-bum and join our awesome RPs.