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  1. I'm Cancer. :)
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  3. Hehe, thanks. I'm still calling you Maiden though. :)
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  5. *walks in, carrying a bucket of butterscotch*

    *drops the bucket, staring intensely at Cancer*

    *walks out.*
  6. That was a little weird...but I like it.
  7. *pokes head in again, stares at Cancer*


    *tosses a sponge into the bucket form the doorway, turns, and leaves.*
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    You too, Khang.
  9. [Insert welcome, with some drivel about the cbox and warnings and playful jabs at other members.]

    You want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

    Welcome to Iwaku! *grandiose gate opening with inspiring music to CGI visuals.*
  10. Thank you, hope to see you around.
  11. Do eet!

    Also, when you post five times, er, seven times, uhm, fourteen, or maybe now(the spirits are fickle *fingershake*) scroll to the bottom of the index. Cbox madness shalt ensue!
  12. Otto White
    Interaction: Tyler, Adam and Maine

    The debriefing had been simple, get to Cal and Nicolas and kill them both easier said then done. He had spent the preparation time in silence interaction with no one not even his team and the same was said as he loaded onto the VTOLs with the rest, he stared ahead only blinking. The warnings to jump sounded through his head as the ok was given to jump and out the back he went with the others, air rushed to greet him well that and gunfire and shrapnel. A spirit of war was at home here but was that Otto anymore? Those questions would have to wait as he found himself with the others, under fire.
    He took cover as Adam and Maine acted with the assistance of Nyx. "I'm going to give everyone an opening, take the chance to get on them when I give the go." Otto spoke with a calm demeanor to everyone there as he started to build up his power, the fire welling up to him but unlike most times it did not appear all over his body like normal but instead started to form just above his hands. He slammed them into the ground causing flames to travel towards the three directions they were being flanked from. Three large walls of flame shot up in front of the Korean and clone shooters breaking their line of sight towards Otto and the rest so that they could move. "GO NOW, I CAN'T HOLD THIS FOR LONG." He yelled to Tyler, Adam and Maine over the flames. This was an opening but it was up to the others to exploit it.
  13. Well welcome to Iwaku! As you can tell we have a variety of people here! As such the Cbox can become rather insane so enter at your own risk! Enjoy! :DD
  14. Wilcommen du Iwaku, new person!

    Oh, look, I just happen to have a radiation-emitting-device in my hands, Cancer. :|
  15. GM Post

    The wall of flames came at a slight surprise to both North Korean forces and Alkura, who was already posted waiting with her bow. The grenade that was lobbed was incinerated and melted before it had the chance to explode, and fell harmlessly to the ground in a harmless pile of slag. The E.I. troops were no fools though, and the North Koreans manning the gun grabbed their nearby rifles, ready to face the enemy. Alkura was laughing hysterically at this point, particularly once she realized who it was.

    Her voice seemed to echo across the battlefield to everyone on the other side as she giggled and spoke.

    "Hey guys! It's been a couple days since I last saw all of you!"

    Without further ado, Alkura dropped the bow and drew her sword, the crimson from the Guardian base appearing to grow from her hand and then onto the blade, which was thrust into the ground, confusing and shocking the troops around her for a moment, before they recognized the attack from one of several training sessions the girl had with Christian and had used her power in. At that point rather then become nervous, they become confident and cheered. Meanwhile, the crimson spread rapidly, covering the ground and coating it with the about two inches of the viscous and sticky fluid. Out of this the same monsters from before rose, the mockery of life that they represented taking shapes of people that all the members of E.I. would recognize, before they began shambling towards the enemies that had presented themselves, their tortured screams echoing through the night. Meanwhile, the other members of the attack party took this opportunity that Otto had provided to swarm in, half taking up positions behind debris and other cover spots before laying down coordinated and precise fire that put down any of the creatures in no time flat, while the other half formed a shield wall in the gaps of cover, providing places for the other men with rifles to take cover behind. Deanta and the other mages swarmed in, taking up positions behind the cover points of the shields and beginning to cast magic of their own, targeting enemy positions quickly and precisely, devastating the crimson beasts and leaving an opening for the rest of the E.I. to openly perform their attacks.

    It was of course strange that Lucien didn't seem to be present in the battle, but perhaps he had been separated?
  16. ...You...We meet again...Bout time you got here from rpg.
  17. *follows cor in*


    *downs bucket of butterscotch*

    Needs more scotch.
  18. Amen to that. lol.

    Its nice to see you here. :)
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