How would you respond to the riddle?


Tuxedo Mask

Yes Ric we get ya, but the thing is it's a riddle :P Not something logical like that.

For instance you have a mirror and a table in a room with no way out, so how do you get out?


Dragoon Ex Machina
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Neutral (Scene-aggressive, plot-passive. I do not make a good GM.)
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Space Opera, High Fantasy, and Post-Apocalypse; Action
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Vampires, yaoi
Sometimes the answer is to sidestep the problem entirely.

And as for the room with no way out, there's two obvious answers - one, you don't, or two, you die.

Tuxedo Mask

If only it were that easy :P

1.Look in the mirror.
2.See what you 'saw'.
3.Take out the 'saw'
4.Use the 'saw' to make a baseball bat from the wooden table.
5.Now, swing your bat aimlessly thrice
6.Three strikes and you are OUT!

It isn't logical but a play on words!

Quiet One

I'd just smash the table into the walls until I MADE an opening.