How would you respond to the riddle?

Yes Ric we get ya, but the thing is it's a riddle :P Not something logical like that.

For instance you have a mirror and a table in a room with no way out, so how do you get out?
Sometimes the answer is to sidestep the problem entirely.

And as for the room with no way out, there's two obvious answers - one, you don't, or two, you die.
If only it were that easy :P

1.Look in the mirror.
2.See what you 'saw'.
3.Take out the 'saw'
4.Use the 'saw' to make a baseball bat from the wooden table.
5.Now, swing your bat aimlessly thrice
6.Three strikes and you are OUT!

It isn't logical but a play on words!
I'd just smash the table into the walls until I MADE an opening.