How would you react if the above person confessed to you?

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  2. tbh I'm not into girls but BB I LOVE U ANYWAY <3
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  3. donald glover in the eyes.gif
    my wide eyes.gif


    It's no lie. That literally was the sequence of events of how I reacted when someone confessed to me.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Yeah, there's a fifty-fifty chance I'll get shocked into a reaction like above, or get flustered and angry (LIKE, HOW DO I ACT IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT WTF)
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  5. @Sen will be heartbroken
  6. No thanks.
  7. No thank you! I am not dancin' this dance!

    Or should I say, Shufflin' this shuffle?
  8. [​IMG]

    *driving herself crazy trying to figure out how to politely reject Paladin because Sen already has her kokoro*
  9. Nah.

    Though I still love you all. Lmao
  10. "But gurl, I don't even know your name!"
  11. Do I know you???
  12. I'm already in a committed relationship, sorry.
  13. Enope. I imagine you are a fine person, but A. Adult Member and B. I'm in a committed relationship with myself.
  14. Hahahahaha, ME? YOU LIKE ME?
  15. I'm still in a committed relationship. I'm sorry.
  16. I'm flattered, but I know I could never be your Motoko Kusanagi. I can't be cool.
  17. I'd say Smashingly Nope.
  18. Looks a little too complicated for no.
  19. spiritually taken
  20. I confirm the above statement
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