"How we're related" pool party

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  1. Rules:
    * Everyone in this party is related to everyone in this party
    *The challenge here is that you have to go through the motions of a party (i.e: Going to fetch punch for a group of people, or diving in the pool) while establishing your relationship to the previous poster (i.e [again] elementary school friend, mom, dad, etc).
    *be prepared for other people's silly anecdotes regarding yours and their character (just don't abuse this...god-modding(?) freedom.
    *patience of course, cant have people running away with the story, that's not the purpose here.
    *I'm not really uptight about spelling or punctuation...but Iwaku DOES have a spell-check feature to it.
    *have fun, I dunno, I might just make up rules along the way.

    So without further ado, here's the initial post


    It was near five in the evening, Argus had finally gotten permission from his mom to throw a wild party so long as he invites his ''closest friends''. However his definition of "closest friend'' in contrast to his mom's was a beyond a smidgeon of a difference. The week before he had handed out invitations to just about everyone he had met in school including acquaintances such as, His past teachers, ex-girl friends, class mates indifferent about his existence and somehow even a few local bullies got hold of such invitation all to be squeezed in his backyard with a long rectangular pool.

    He was putting the finishing touches to his soon to be fantastically crazy party, adding a splash of vodka to the punch while keeping it carefully hidden from his mom who was in the living room peacefully watching tv, then checked the playlist on his iPod that would soon be mounted on a dock and played through amplifiers.

    The invitation read "party hours from 5pm-?? ". He didn't mind the absence of guests for the moment. No one really ever comes "On Time", and meant for the party to begin about 6pm anyways.

  2. "Whoa, a
    real party! I haven't been to those in like, never!"

    Already Allegretto could picture the foods, hear the music and it all excited him! He never been to a party in his life, then again...not everyone is lucky to be the popular kid.

    Maybe it had to do with the fact he wasn't really like other kids, not every kid has thick orange fur, or a tail, and ears...not every kid is a fox!

    But after getting an invite from his cousin he was thrilled, but need less to say...he didn't know much about him.

    But this party was a good start!

    He figured he'd buy him a gift...but what was he into?

    "You can't go wrong with an Amazon gift card..." he mumbled to himself at the local drug store.


    He looked at the door before him nervously his eyes flashing curiously. He swallowed hoping that his Italian accent was thick, then he fretted over being considered a pet or a child due to reasons that did make sense.

    He knocked on the door hoping his casual look (consisting of a popular quote of Keep Calm and What Does The Fox Say shirt, and shorts)as he wwaited to be let in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.