How weird are your parents?



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No matter how weird it is,


For me, it was my dad climbing into my closet at the top of it, while I was standing in my snoopy PJ's. All you see are his feet hanging out, like he was screaming for help, though he wasn't. Honestly, it was pretty funny and the fact that the entire time he was trying to catch a mouse.
My parents came home crazyass drunk one day, just stumbling around and cackling (you know now that I think about it, I have NO idea how they managed to get home alive. >>; ) ANYWAY. Mom was cackling so much she stumbled and grabbed on to dad, farted and her pants fell down. x______x

Oh, and one time my mom was being a psycho rage face about my brother eating her donuts and threw a donut at him. was kind of hard to take her seriously when she throws powdered donuts. >>;
Picture Lady Galadrial, (gladriel, whatever) only slightly goofy and a bit spacey. Now, picture her marrying Gimli, only he's a compulsive giggler and a bit of a perv (in a good natured way).

The weirdest things my parents have ever done was get together. But they had me, so I'm not complaining. It's just weird is all.
Agh, my parents are both strange.

The strangest thing my Dad's done, that comes to mind, actually happened some weeks ago. He came to visit me and took me to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Both of us were super excited, but geez, my old man kept squeeing! Along the way to the theatre, he recorded the adventure on his phone AND put it on Facebook... XD

"Hey, this is Dave! And my daughter, Andi. ... Say hi, Andi!" "-__-; Hi..." "WOO, WE'RE GOING TO SEE... KUNG FU PANDA TWWWOOOO~"

People around us laaaauuuughed...

As for my Mum, hm... The time she told stories about me during a birthday party. She showed all my friends a bunch of pictures and told stories from my past about my clumsiness and stuff. -.-; From that day on, people made fun of me for it all. I have a friend who still harasses me about one of those tales.
My parents weren't too strange. I guess my Dad was kinda weird when he would get drunk. One time I came home from school and he was passed out in the backyard 00
Weirdest thing?

Have to be one of the stories that my dad told me of his younger years.

In a nutshell, he and his friend came up with the idea of trying to bow-hunt antelope in Wyoming, from the back of a moving pick-up. They tried it twice, the first time the wind kept blowing the arrow off the bow before it could be drawn fully (wrong angle).

The second time a barbed wire fence stopped them.

They weren’t even drunk. . .
omg, where to start... Once, I found my mom straddling my dad, who was face DOWN on the floor. She was popping pimples on his back.

My dad, dancing through the halls, because he got an MVP from Microsoft. (He doesn't get them anymore, they took out his section or something, w/e)

We have a very pretty cat, and she is not spade. We always see this big white cat on our bench outside, and we joke it's our kitty's boyfriend. Well, I was outside waiting for a friend, and I saw stains on the bench, I showed my mom. She says, with disgust, "It's probably that cat. I bet they had sex on there, and that's kitty cum."