How We Live Now.

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    Welcome to China, circa 2110.

    The bombs were filled with a bacteria that spread through the world like wildfire. With each breath, the world's population dug their graves. Inside their lungs the bacteria waited to sprout and feed away at their insides. No one really knows why the bombs were dropped. Nobody even remembers when the bombs were dropped. It just seemed something so normal and routine in the war filled world. Now the world has no electricity, no gas, and very little food.
    Those still alive are unsure whether they have an immunity to the bacteria or if they are just going to succumb to it one day. Those who have survived cannot build the world themselves. The world had been at war with each other for years and everyone is still riddled with prejudice towards those who are different around them. Before the bombs, China had been the central hub for trading and vacationing. Now people from all around the world are stuck there and forced to work together or possibly die.
    There is a story that there is a cure. It isn't a vaccine, but a tablet that can bring the world back to the way it was. No one knows if it's real or fake. No one knows if it'll just cause the world to be filled with war again. Most people believe it's fake, but there are groups around the county who are devoted to finding this tablet. Some of the cults with the most fervor have become very violent and kill those in their way to the tablet.
    Is it worth the risk to cure the world?

    Everything pissed Aiko off. She hated the plants that clung to all of the buildings around her, they made her sinuses swell up and her nose fill with mucus. Her lack of clothing gave her chills throughout the night. She tried to cover up but with her legs and mid drift showing she was able to find men willing to give up their share of food. Finding dye for her hair was getting increasingly harder and so she wore a hat to hide her blonde roots. Her pink locks fell just past her shoulders in small, 'beachy' waves and made her seem more edgy and harder to mess with.
    Being half Asian she found herself hated by all the whites around her, but since she was also white the Asians didn't trust her. There was no one for her to be with. She wasn't good with the sword she kept in her hand. In fact she was very clumsy and had cut off the tip of her left hand pinky in a fight with a man. Whenever she could find ammunition and a gun she always felt better leaving her shelter. She was a much better shot with a gun, and was a force to be reckon with when her scavenging found one.
    Her frail 19 year old body shivered as she holed herself in an abandoned house. Her family was all gone, each one succumbed to the disease. She watched her mother and brother cough up blood in her face, and then she walked away, wiping the blood with disgust. Ever since then she's been alone trying to fend for herself until she dies in this world.
  2. Luke walked through the rubble, searching for his ring that he'd just dropped. Luke wasn't a tall man, in fact he was quite short. He would have been known in peaceful times as a small person, but nobody who saw him now could ever take him seriously. His green eyes held much resentment for other people. To top all of it off, he was Vietnamese, so now he was seen as useless by his own people and hated by others. He had to strike out on his own, with his dog Ronnie; a German Shepard collie mix. She'd been his best friend since his wife died. He was alone other then him. "Found it! Ronnie, it's okay, i found it!" he told his dog. Ronnie yipped happily and the two carried on their way. Luke had two pistols on his gun-belt along with many cases of bullets. He was a sure shot, he rarely missed his target.

    His stomach growled; he knew he had to save the rations. He hadn't touched the food for about two days, giving Ronnie some through out those two days. "Too bad the grocery store is closed, eh Ronnie?" he joked. His voice was calm and soothing, but strong. He had tattoos on his back and his arms, every single one meant something to him. As they walked, Luke looked around the area for anybody. He knew running into the wrong people might just get him killed, and Ronnie. Ronnie was the closest thing he had to family he had now, he didn't want to lose him. He spotted a couple people and ducked behind some rubble, holding Ronnie so he wouldn't be spotted.
  3. For a smuggler like Aiko dogs meant one of two things: food or danger. The dog in the background made her snap up from the fetal position she found herself in on the floor. She grabbed her fur hat from the ground and placed it firmly on her head. She could have let her blonde roots show and pretend she was fully white, but she felt that her secret would be outed somehow and she would be killed. Instead she took to raiding homes for hair dye and trying to make natural dyes. She drowsily rubbed her eyes as she let the katana hang at her side. She looked at her hand to see the kohl she smudged on her eyes for makeup had smeared on her hands. She sighed and picked her way through the glass shards until she found a mirror. After touching up her smudged eyes she hung her head and rubbed her neck. I just want a good night's sleep.
    She listened to the yips of the dog as they got closer. She reasoned the dog must have someone with it.
    Otherwise the dog would know to keep its mouth shut. She made her way to the entrance of the house. The door had been ripped off its hinges allowing tendrils of plants to crawl into the shelter. Nearing the door she crouched to the ground. Outside she can see the ground littered with ash and autumn leaves. What month is it anymore? Is it even Autumn? She sighed and inched forward hoping to see the noisemaker.
  4. Luke looked around and figured it would be better to make a break for it. Though he may have been small enough to keep hiding, it looked as if the group of people were looking around and he couldn't chance them getting him. So he and Ronnie ran as fast as they could, running to the nearest house. He never knew whether he was going to run into trouble or not, so he had his guns out. "Careful Ronnie, there might be trouble in there," he said as he crept inside. Ronnie ran upstairs to check for anybody, and his yips told Luke that it was safe. Luke checked the entire downstairs; nobody. He locked the door, which was in considerably good shape, and looked around the kitchen. He looked in the fridge and cupboards for food; nothing. "Sorry Ronnie, seems we are out of luck," he said with malice tinted in his voice.
  5. When Luke passed the opening of her house Aiko lost her balance and fell backwards on her bottom. She stuck her head out of the door again to see a man running into the house next door. She scouted the surroundings to see if she could see what he was running from. Her eyes widened as she saw a group of men running towards the houses. It seemed as if they were all armed and thin, thin enough to do whatever it takes to survive. She crawled towards the wall closest to the house the dog and his master was in. She looked up and crumbled away bricks around a window that had long been missing its panes. Finally the window was wide enough for her to pull herself through and out.

    The distance between the houses was about six feet. She bit her lip contemplating whether she should go in. The house she was in lacked all furniture and was only one story, if the group came into the house they would easily find her. However, she didn't know if the man and the dog would do the same to her. Hoisting herself up out of the house she dropped to the ground trying to not make noise with her boots. With each step to the house she had to step on leaves resulting in a loud 'crunch'. She rushed to the back of the house and made her way inside silently. A chill went down her spine as she spotted Luke standing in front of her.
  6. Luke whipped around, wide eyed. He pointed his guns at her, fear and anger within his deep green eyes. "Who are you and what do you want? I suggest you put your weapons down now, or I'll blow your head off!" he threatened. Ronnie stood beside him, teeth bared and a snarl raising. 'Is she going to underestimate me because I am a small person or is she going to try and kill Ronnie for food? I won't let her,' he thought to himself. He glared, his eyes full of mistrust and hatred. He had been alone for so long it almost seemed like he didn't know how ton act around other human beings. His breathing was quick and shallow, fear engulfed him but he stood strong. He never did back down from a fight, and he had many scars thanks to it. Ronnie took a small step forward. "Ronnie, stay back until i tell you to!" he told his companion. Ronnie obeyed but kept his snarl. Ronnie wanted nothing more then to please Luke by sinking his teeth into this stranger's arm.
  7. Aiko hung her head for a moment, when she brought it back up to look at Luke tears welled up from her eyes. "I'm sorry are people...and they...I'm sorry." Her chin hit the top of her chest again. Pink strands of hair fell like a curtain in front of her face hiding the wide smile that hung on her face. She had forgotten what it was like to deceive someone since it had been weeks before she had interacted with someone. For the second time she brought up her head, this time it was cocked to the side. "Please, I really don't mean any harm."

    During the whole exchange she kept the katana loosely in her left hand. She admired the guns in his hands. It had been too long since she had found a gun. At night she dreamed of guns. Only when she had one did she feel truly safe. China was too full of crazy people since society fell apart.
    "May I pet your dog mister?"
  8. Luke glared. "I know this rouse lady. No, you touch him and I'll kill you right here, right now!" he fired one of the hand guns at her feet, the bullet didn't hit her but it would scare her he hoped. "Just leave, the door is that way," he nodded his head towards the door. he hated other people, he didn't care if she was actually crying or not. He had trusted someone before and it had gotten his wife killed. The twenty four year old man was as furious as he'd ever been. He held his glare,his eyes sending cruel messages. Ronnie took a step back, sensing danger. He let a warning growl to Luke. "What is it Luke? Someone coming?" he asked.
  9. The gunshot made her jump out of habit, but her heart rate quickly slowed. "That wasn't too smart. There is a mob of people coming this direction. They may be from America. You know how much they hate Asians like yourself and you just alerted them." Her voice was calm, but slightly raised from the ringing in her ears that deafened her. She slightly backed up towards the doorway. "I can leave, but you're going to have to too. One person can't take on a mob of twenty all armed with weapons.", she smiled slightly to herself, "This isn't like the movies...remember those?"

    The undeniable sound of leaves rustling underneath the feet of a large group drifted through the doorway.
    "Listen there is no reason we shouldn't help each other out. Let's not die here?" Fear was starting to creep up into her voice. Aiko pursed her lips and inhaled a large breath through her nose, or at least tried to, her nose was too stuffed to allow a large breath. With a tentative step she neared the door again.
  10. He glared. "I don't know whether you'd have attacked me or not. that little stupid smolder you did...I can see right through those! Do you know how much I hate people like you? Always trying to get the better of someone, then when that someone dies or needs you the're gone! And I've taken on mobs before. I'm a quick draw, a gunfighter," he snarled. He wouldn't chance getting caught in a trap she set up. For all he knew, this 'dangerous mob' could be her's, and he'd be plying right into her trap if he trusted her. Though he would not deny that he must flee the scene. He backed away quickly, his gun still pointed. There was a back door where he and Ronnie could escape and be free of this woman and her mob. She looked Asian, yet, not. He knew, just knew, she could not be trusted.

    Ronnie fled to the back door and whined for him to hurry, but he could turn his back on her until the right moment. He opened the door and Ronnie ran out, but not too far. He slipped out and ran towards Ronnie. the backyard used to be fenced until the blast came so long ago; now there was just a bunch of rubble. "Damn that woman, we had a good place to stay too!" he growled as he and Ronnie crawled over the rubble and to the other side. If the situation wasn't so dire, he'd have laughed. But this was no laughing matter; he had to get away from this area.
  11. "Look around you!" She flared up in anger barely resisting stepping forward, "Who doesn't take advantage of others? That mob out there? They will eat you and I alive and eat the dog as a dessert." Everything poured out of her. All the anger she had pent up for weeks radiated from her body. Her hair seemed to bristle underneath her hat as she whipped around. "You may have fought a mob, but you don't hold enough bullets to stave off starving people. The only reason why they stick together and not attack one another is because each of them are strong. Strong people should stick together."

    She fought back actual tears now. Helplessness washed through her body as she took a step towards the doorway. Again her anger had put her in a bad situation. Another step. Aiko waited for the shot that was sure to come ripping through her back. Anger blinded her though and she rushed out the door away from the mob.
  12. Ronnie looked back and stopped, whining. "What? You know she was just trying to trick us, right?" Luke growled. Ronnie nipped at his arms and ran back into the house after Aiko, running to her rescue. Luke grumbled but ran after Ronnie, and ran through the house. As they ran outside, the mob began chasing the girl Luke had shot at. He knew one way to get their attention; he fired his handguns at them, and like he presumed, it drew their attention away from the girl. he turned tail and ran, leading them away from Aiko. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him, he was fast, but not as fast as an average sized human. he was a small person, he could cover distance, but speed wasn't on his side. His ears rang as bullets flew by him, some of them grazed him and one even hit him on the upper arm. He shouted out in pain but continued to lead them away.

    Ronnie was running alongside his master, fighting the urge to turn and fight his master's pursuers.
  13. "What the fu-...oh no." Aiko skidded as she tried to turn around. She stumbled forward and had to catch herself with her hands. Using the forward momentum, she pushed with her hands to gain her balance. Seeing Luke being gained on by the mob made her push harder. She pumped her long legs but her oversized boots slowed her down considerably. Kicking them off boosted her speed, but started to bruise the bottom of her feet. She was now running tangent to Luke and the mob, but above them on an incline. The crazed men didn't notice her since their focus was all on Luke. Her light brown eyes flashed in each direction.


    There was an alleyway that had a drop off about 5 feet at the end of it. She knew the alley well. The drop off lead off to a channel of tunnels that extended underground. She didn't know why the tunnels were there but she was sure they could get away if she could only get his attention...
  14. As he ran, he noticed Aiko but as he ran, he made a fatal mistake; he didn't see the muffler of a car that stuck out of the ground. He tripped and skidded across the pavement, landing hard. he lay unconscious on the ground for a couple seconds, then opened his eyes. He staggered to his feet and bolted just in time, blood streaming down his face. A sudden pain in his side made him look down; he'd landed on a metal piece that had ran him through his side. 'Shit, I'm in trouble. All this for a damned girl...,' he thought as he ran. The pain was unbearable, but he knew he would die if he'd have laid there. Ronnie suddenly beckoned for him to follow him.

    "I hope you know what you are doing Ronnie," he ran after his dog, who led him to Aiko. "You were supposed to run the other way you nimrod!" Luke bellowed. He winced at the pain in his side but said nothing. He must not show weakness, or he would perish for sure.
  15. Taking Luke's arm she pulled him down into the hole. She ungracefully fell on her back with him on top of her. All the air in the world seemed to rush out of her body with a loud and echoing 'uh'. As she lay quivering under him for a moment, she tried to regain her breath. Getting injured in this world was the quickest death sentence. Without hospitals, bleeding and infection became the number one killers. Other than homicide, she thought to herself with a slight smile. Carefully rolling Luke off of her she stood up and looked around.
    It seemed the mob had been too dimwitted to reason where their prey had gone. She could hear the yells above her. Kneeling down she looked at Ronnie.
    "Hi, I'm Aiko. What's your name?" She wanted to reach out and stroke his fur, but knew better than to do anything to warrant a bite. She crouched beside Luke waiting for him to come to.
  16. Luke opened his eyes. At first everything was blurry, everything he heard was just mumbles. "Ronnie...? Where are you? Where am I? What happened?" he asked drearily. Ronnie nudged his owner, whining. On Luke's side there stuck out a wicked metal piece that had ran him through the side. It had just barley missed vial organs. He tried to sit up but couldn't, sinking back down. Pain throbbed through out his body, and he knew that his injuries might very well cost him his life. "Shit, I'm in serious trouble...with an injury like this I am sure to get an infection," he said mainly to himself. He coughed up some blood, and laid there.

    Ronnie licked Luke's cheek, urging him to get up. He even prodded Luke with an extended paw, but there was no prevail. He looked at Aiko, and stood over Luke as if to protect him from her.
  17. Aiko shrugged her shoulders, "Welp...looks like we aren't walking anywhere for a while." She examined the piece of metal in his side, "I have no idea what to do unfortunately." She twisted her mouth to the side in worry. "Do you know someone who can help?" She had an idea, but it was dangerous and involved at least a day's travel in perfect health. Plopping down on the ground she hugged her knees to her chest. Her hat fell off her head but she didn't care. The dye was fading fast and she needed to find some soon..what was she thinking? Here was a man who risked his life and might die in front of her. He was the only contact with a human she had in weeks.
    "Hey...what's your name?" Her words came out softly and haltingly. She was unsure of how to even talk to him. He seemed to distrust her more than others. Was it because she looked white? Was he racist as well?
  18. He looked at her then back at the ceiling. "Luke, my name is Luke. And this is my dog Ronnie," he replied simply. "I don't know anyone; I have no contacts. All my friends that I had in the peaceful world, are either dead of cannibals." There was a haunted look within his eyes as he remembered how his wife had died at his best friend's hands. He cringed and a single tear rolled down his face. Ronnie laid beside him, trying to keep him warm. Ronnie may have only been a dog, but he knew when someone was in danger of dying.

    Luke looked at Aiko. "Why do you keep dying your hair? What's the point? And...why did you save me?" he asked, his eyes semi narrowed. "At first I thought you were tricking me and part of the mob...obviously you aren't." He looked at her fully without moving his eyes. She was an average sized human, of course, but young. Something about her unsettled Luke. Luke never knew if someone was just playing with him or serious, he had no clue if this girl planned on killing him and eating Ronnie.
  19. "Can I tell you my life story? It's nice to talk every once and a while to someone." Cocking her head she jammed the hat on her head again. Her feet turned inwards giving her the appearance of a little child. Without waiting for a reply she started. "I was 16 when my family died. My mom and brother died within hours of each other. I guess they couldn't live without the other. Especially with me." Her eyes were downcast as she twiddled her thumbs. This story never made her sad, just made her feel empty. "I don't know where my dad is. He was a big shot in the American army. My mom was Korean. Since they were at war my dad was embarrassed about me. So was my mom and brother. Full Korean both of them. Then here comes a blonde baby girl with slanty eyes. I'm 19 now. I think possibly still 18." She held her hand up so Luke could see where she had cut herself. "I cut this off in a fight with a mob like that. I don't even know how so don't ask me."
    She got up again suddenly, her whole demeanor changed.
    "Look we can't just stay here. You have to suck it up or be left." hugging her bare stomach she started to look around the area for insects to eat. The tattered bandages on her feet left oddly shaped, bloody footprints in her wake. She seemed more daze than normal.
  20. "How long has it been since you've eaten? And I've got to get the metal out; do you have any source to make a fire? I have to sear the wound shut," he said, getting up. It hurt to even move but he knew it was important for him to keep moving. Ronnie stood up beside him, willing to let Luke hold onto him for balance. Luke looked at Aiko. "So, what made you decide to help me anyways? Was it because I am Asian? or that you think that I'm funny? Most people look at me and judge me because I'm a small person...and i hate it," he said gruffly. He didn't know if this girl was pulling his strings or simply just trying to survive. He was nervous, and knew better then to trust anyone.

    He looked at the metal piece that stuck out of his side; it was skinny but sharp. "I wonder what this thing is to," he mumbled. Then he looked closer at it; it was a piece of what used to be a fencing sword. "What the hell? This is a fencing sword; or at least part of one," he said.