How to Woo Juliet Into Being Your Roleplay Partner!

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  1. Welcome, to the guide to my roleplaying heart~ <3
    I am your Host, Juliet!
    Today I will tell you...
    First Tip!
    Insider's Information
    I'm Juliet, a young woman with a taste for the old flavored and the technological both. As a matter of fact, any setting would probably be able to hold my attention providing the idea and the plot coming from said idea is catching enough of my attention. I'll be outlining some of these things later on, but for now let's concentrate on this tip's purpose; making sure you know a little about me. I am a native French speaker, and have been learning English both at first at my elementary school and then through various medias, music and video games my favorites. I am currently diagnosed with both depression and a social anxiety disorder and still live with my parents as a result. That lifestyle leave me with lots of free time on my hand, and as a result I am looking for some people to play by post roleplay with. I am over eighteen years of age, and am not too fond of tv shows, though travel documentaries and history documentaries both are a big hit with me.

    Second Tip!
    Juliet's Preferences
    I like my posts on the lengthier side, with plenty of descriptions that flow with the pace of the story and vivid imagery. Dialogue must be left open when engaging with one of my characters, as is action pertaining to them, at least those that they may react to more than just following your lead! As a rule, I use at least a paragraph of recapitulation of the partner's post, a paragraph of feelings, both of those from the eyes of the present character, and finally a cool down or crescendo including at least one good plot hook for use of the other party. This is for both you and I to keep into mind, though that rule is not an absolute and can of course be twisted in something better suited for the scene. A proper grammar and spelling with a word processor is of course mandatory.

    Third Tip!
    Juliet's Characters
    My characters can be of any gender, and play opposite any type of beings or person, though I draw the line at animals and inanimate objects, as the latter don't have thoughts or emotions and the former we don't know enough of the thought process. That said, my own characters tend to be human or extremely humanoid, but let that not be an obstacle to your own options, especially in a fantasy setting. Romance of any kind is perfectly fine with me as long as the lovers are not children, non consensual relationship must not be described in details when intimate or abusive, either.

    Fourth Tip!
    Juliet's Ideas
    I tend to get pretty involved in the brainstorming process, and though I rarely have an idea from the get go, but a few cravings or elements can make me plot out a basic idea. I ask merely that you may be as involved and receptive to my suggestion as you can, and I will do the same. I tend to plot thorough the rp in a specially made Conversation, so that we may not clutter our IC thread or Conversation.

    That's me and my needs!
    If you have an interest or any questions at all, feel free to ask here or contact me privately.
    Good evening to you!
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  2. Urgh, I draw a blank on idea, does anyone have any to share and play out with me?
  3. Freshly Baked Idea!
    Two urchin-like messengers try to get out of their homeless and dangerous poverty by intercepting important messages and packages for the highest bidder on the black market. This can be done more than once and can be from one sole adventure to an episodic epic. (Can be either Victorian or Futuristic)
  4. Hey if you want I'd love to discuss maybe doing a roleplay with you. I think i can fit your criteria.
  5. I'm sorry... you don't seem to be what I seek from your resume. Good luck in your search!
  6. Iwasn'tgoingtostartanotheroleplay....

    Ah, why not.

    Hey. You look really cool. And I have a lot of ideas I would love to share with you. If you want to take a peek at my resume please do, and all of my stories are on threads, if that would work as a more representative sample. If all of that looks good, please send me a PM, and we can start plotting.
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