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    (( Title comes from two movies, one famous and recent, one a 80's or 90's Sci Fi drama about two stranded aliens surviving and cooperating despite their races at war. ))

    Reptilian. A sentient race not even close to human. If dinosaurs had evolved the dominant life form instead of simians. If a Komodo Dragon had learned to walk upright and taken steroids. With a third pair of limbs braced right behind his first set of arms, secondary arms with just as much deadly power as the rest of its hard-muscled form. Joints and claws that could rend skulls like grapefruits. Scaly hide in grey. Bull-like or demonic-looking horns twisting from the back of its skull. Tail like a dragon, prehensile. And a look of keen intelligence on its predatory, wedge-shaped face.

    It had been coursing all day across the cold landscape upon all limbs. This environment was no place for non-adapted life forms, Reptilian or human, without protection from the elements. Snow littered the ground, built up drifts against the boulders and dormant trees up in these mountains. The frozen white flakes barely faded or thinned down in the meadows during the scant hours of sunlight. Greyness of dusk was closing soon.

    A campfire caught its attention, and it drew near to observe, deep in the shadows of the treeline.

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  2. The weather was harsh, it was snowing rapidly and heavily, there was a snow storm and with the hard wind blowing it was even colder... Nickolas was on top of a mountain, probably the biggest mountain in this region, little dared to clim this mountain and some gave up without reaching the half of the mounatin, but Nickolas he never gave up... Some thought that he was crazy, but he wasnt well maybe he was... But he loved extrem sports and dangerous places and all the stuff he did were dangerous, and he loved his life.

    Now he was sitting on the ground inside of a cave with a camp fire in front of him... It was really cold outside you could freez if you stay longer, at least he was safe here for now. He had been climbing the entire day, startingg very soon in the morning when the sun wasnt in the sky yet. And now it was getting dark, the still was shining a little, but the moon was already starting to show and the night will fall soon and it will get very very cold, so he needs to warm up.

    Nickolas was on his fours, hands and knees touching the solid ground. With his face in front of the fire, blowing it so that it gets bigger, he was careful and did everything right, picking woods when he was able to. Brabbing some sticks and throwing it in the fire he continued blowing air from his mouth... But then he stopped feeling a little dizzy and sat back on the ground. Breathing hard he could even see the air coming out of his mouth, it weas very very cold and he hoped that tomorrow it will be better, but he tought it.
  3. Reptilian stalked closer, using the cave lip as cover, grey hide blending in with the winter-dreary landscape, and shrewdly observed the results of the human's competent efforts. Firelight reflected and danced upon its double pair of eyes in the gloom. Suddenly it broke from cover and charged, longer than an alligator and as high above the ground as a horse, Earth just did not have the kind of carnivorous predators this size, this powerful, this ferocious to compare it to. It barreled towards the camper, and far from skidding or building uncontrolled momentum, it retained poise and grace with every deliberate footfall like a sinuous viper. It stopped precisely with its head as far away from the hiker as the hiker was from the fire, forming a neat triangle so very close together in that first instant. Rows of pointed teeth showed, and the middle arms lifted as the Reptilian remained down on the remaining four.
  4. Nickolas was staying as close as possible to the fire, trying to get warm, his amrs wrapped around his body under his chest and rubbing the side of his chest trying to warm himself. He was trembeling from cold, even though he was clothed warmly. With a shirt a sweatshirt and a thick jacket on top, his pants were also thick and wis boots were high rreaching on top ofhis ankels, he looked kind of fat with it, not really, but he didnt cared, who will see him here.

    And then he raised his eyes looking staright in front of him seeing something glowing, it looked like a pair of eyes, they were moving... Suddenly his heart started beating rapidly when he saw something more then the eyes, he wasnt sure what it was, but he was sure that it was living creature, but before he could make something that thing jump forward, it was so fast that he only saw a blur of that jump, but when the creature landed he saw it, screaming loudly frighten of that thing... Jaw dropped eyes widening, heart almost poping out from his body, his arms legs body shivering like crazy... Quickly stepping bacwards from the creature so that he could observe it, staying still not sure what to do... If he starts running the creatue will probably chase him... But that thing it looked, he wasnt sure what it was... animal monster, seeing those big claws, sharp theet, and horns bigger then the normal animal, he wasnt sure what it was... "Fuck" He said loudly, starting to shiver moe and more, breathing very heavily... He was literaly going to pass out very soon, or be eaten by that thing... "Dont hurt me" He said arms high, hands close to his head, not sure what to do, should he run or stay?
  5. From its vantage, head and back nearly in line with the human's own height without even standing, the Reptilian darted its glance upwards at those raised hands but as they just hung there in the air next to the human's head, its eyes returned to sizing up the camper's face. The next act was to bring its body around the camper in a ring, long and flexible enough to surround the man almost without needing the tail. Sniffs came, front and back, shoulders to boots, and humongous clawed hands plucked with surgeon precision at everything within the cold-weather gear that was not cloth. Wallet dropped to the cave floor after two talons so very carefully pinched it between two points and withdrew it from its tucked place. So did any other tools or wrapped food bits that were not within the gear piled nearby.

    The escapee wore nothing of either clothing, jewelry, or decoration, no indication that there was any kind of society or culture that it has come from - except for one rectangular steel plate grafted at a patch of missing scales at the left outer thigh. When it found Nickolas's necklace on the inside of his jacket and also shirt, one razor sharp talon longer than the human's own fingers hooked inside the clothing, scratched the cord forward without breaking skin or leaving more than a white line of pressure where that deadly point moved upon skin, and drew both cord and charm upon it to the outside of the clothing. It huffed a breath against the symbol, let it drop to Nickolas's chest.
  6. Seeing as he monster moved closer again Nickolas stayed still not moving, not wanting to freak out and to make that thing attack him, it looked ferocious like it was going to tare him apart. The thing was freaking gigantic, and seeing his build he was pretty sure that he could probably kill Nickolas with only a scratch with his claws. Breathing heavily he thought that he will die here... his dangerous sports will finally get him killed and from what , from a... thing.

    Looking to his backpack that was close to the fire, next to it was his clombing equipment, he was thinking of grabbing the hooks that he climbed with and used them as weapons, but then the creature circled around him, actually his body was around Nickolas, not allowing the human to move or anything. Nickolas stepped back, but hit his back in the creature's tail and shivered from the touch... "Please.. Please" He was saying quiwtly looking at the creature, he wasnt sure ig the thing understood andy of his words, nor did his cared.

    His world just was turning around right now and he could feel every part of his body shaking from fear... Mouth closed right now he looked up when the creature started sniffing him and touchign every part of his clothes, body with those clwas, the human released small sounds from fear from his mouth... But then when the creature quickly moved his hand under the jacket and grabbed his necklase Nickolas froze, closing his eyes and mouth openeing, heart beating quickly, even the thing could feel it, stomach moving and feeling that trail that the creature left with his claws... Looking down he saw the necklace "Please give it back" He said wanting that necklace, it was very special to him and he needed it... Moving one hand slowly, just an inch away from the creature's hand wanting it back, but then the necklace was released for it... The only thing that he wanted right now is to survive.
  7. Reptilian stared the terrified human in the face, turning its own monstrous lizardlike head sideways for a closeup. Two eyes on the same side of its head, the rear one slightly smaller, met the human's two regular ones in an alien gaze with no iris or pupil. The horns alone could pierce the man in the head with just another turn. And then the reptilian dragged one basket-ball sized hand down the human's shoulder to his forearm and clamped there like closing a fist around a pencil. Sound rumbled and rasped from its throat, its first sounds directed to the man. Stepping backwards with the remaining five limbs and swirling its tail close to the far side of its body, the Reptilian bit by bit pulled the human back to its position beside the fire and pushed the man's hand onto one of the branches waiting to get used as fuel.
  8. Nickolas eyes widened when the creature face was jsut an inch away from his, seeing that it had four eyes and so deeply colored without any pupils, it was scarry a lot, he swallowed hard opening his mouth and breathing heavily in the thing's face. Oh man what did I get myself in, he though... And then his eyes watered and he looked down at his arm seeing the monster grabbing it like it was a stick with his hand wrapped around his entire arm, feeling his grip starting to tighten, he was sure that the monster can brake him in little pieces if he wanted to...

    But the what surprised him was that the creature dragged him back to the fire and placed him sitting on where he was sitting before with a hand on the branches... Nickola's eyes were looking straight at the things face with his mouth opened and eyes not blinking surprised and not sure what was happening... was the creature going to kill him or not, it looked like it didnt meant any harm and didnt want to eat Nickolas... Grabbing a few branches with his shaking hand he placed them in the fire and started blowing the fire again slowly with eyes looking at the thing his body still trembeling with fear.
  9. It gazed back, then released the human's arm and padded in another circle, this time using body and tail to the fullest to encircle not only Nickolas but the fire as well. Part of its body cut Nickolaus off from his supplies and gear, and part from the cave entrance. The creature was so close to the fire on the other side of the dancing flames that didn't have the human in between the two, that it was a wonder it didn't set its own scales on fire. In fact sparks and scorched bark popping free from the well-tended site snapped into the air like dying fireworks, and actually landed upon the scaled hide, having no effect, nothing so much as a flinch, and in fact the Reptilian hunkered closer to the small blaze. It lied down with its head pointed towards Nickolas, limbs tucked under to that barrel chest, and the human's body up against a section of tail.
  10. Nickolas was nervouse right now, seeing that the creature acted differently from before, when it jumped at Nickolas he really thought he is going to die, but now that creature looks... friendy, like it didnt want to harm the human.... And Nickolas really hoped so... In a few minutes staying like this with the creature so close to him, and his body around the fire and Nickolas, blocking his path of escape or his backpack... He was realy starting to calm down, his heart was still racing, but at least he wasnt that frightened right now, well maybe just a little.

    Nickolas didnt dare to touch the creature, but seeing those blue scales that were shining from the fire, just made him want to touch it, but not yet, he wasnt sure what will happen if he touches it... But then when he looked at the fire and his body so close to it, he thought that he will start burning, but no the creature's scales were very strong as it looked like.

    Nickolas was looking down at the ground without moving only trembeling, arms crossed and biting his lip nervously, and then his stomach grolwed like an animal... Looking straight in the creature's eyes knowing that the creature wasnt stopping looking at Nickolas... "Can... I have my backpack" He said reaching his hand pointing at his backpack where he brought some food, he didnt do anything, just waited to see what the creature will do, he didnt knew if he was understood, but thats why he pointed to the backpack.
  11. Reptilian's head jerked up, followed the arm movement of the human, though even with head turned towards the man's arm rather than torso that still left at least one eye's full attention to whatever other tricks the flimsy being might be up to. The great reptile rose and moved in the direction the human was pointing, no longer encircling the man. Beastly head looked back, and deadly second limbs were raised, poised for action with talons clicking together, but other than that the only movement was the undulating tail tip.
  12. Nickolas moved his arm back when the creature raised and moved allowing Nickolas path to his backpack. But he didnt move yet, only staying there observing the creature if it is ok with this, he guessed he was cuz the creature moved away... Swallowing Nickolas stood up slowly inhaling deeply from his nose and letting the air out of his mouth, walking closer to his bag, he bent down slowly again and grabbed his bag and sat back to where he was sitting before.

    Placing the backpack betwen his legs on the ground he pulled the zipper quickly and slowly pushed his hand insde the backpack with his eyes looking at the creature to see if he will do something... He had some food in here, a few sandwiches and a few snacks, he was only planing to stay for the night and then go home, but he didnt knew now, what he will do... Pulling out a sandwich that had meat, lettuce, butter... Taking a big bite from it at the same time looking at the creature... Starting to chew and then swallowed... "Want some" He offered hand shaking as he reached his hand closer to the creature with his fingers holding the sandwich.
  13. A rumble came loose as the human rummaged through the unknown within that pack, but then subsided as only harmless items were brought out.

    A critical stare and then the giant alien reptile, dinosaur almost the size of a horse, came on all sixes towards the human and beside, almost to the point of touching the man's narrow chest with its shoulder and flank. But that nearness was apparently just so that it had room to sit a decent distance away as it rose its great torso and sat with only its seat and heavily muscled legs supporting it, completely upright and arranged like a human might.

    Human sitting plus Reptilian sitting equaled two feet, more than half a meter, of height difference just from that, an even greater size disparity taking their legs into account once they both stood. So not only did the deadly foreign life form have the advantage of mass, power, piercing rending claws as weaponry, but now height as well.

    Its near hand gestured something incomprehensible to the human, with head motions also, angling those fossil-strong horns and mobile snout. Then almost dainty, the near higher arm sliced through a corner of the meal for the near lower arm to catch. Those hand gestures came again from the spare two arms, and the reptilian ate. Every single one of its teeth were pointed, save the two boarlike tusks rising up over its muzzle.
  14. Nickolaes stood up as he saw the gigantic creature staying up again, on his legs, on his two legs now. And Nickolas eyes iwdened and he froze looking up at the creature neck hurting from how his head was leaned back, he almost lost the grip of the sandwich looking at that maybe three meters tall creature... What was this? was this even real, was he dreaming? was he getting crazy? What was happening. Really...

    Nickolas swallowed hard and griped the sandwich tight once again and looked down as the creature cut the sandwich with his sharp claws and started eating it... Observing the creature as his ate, now all of his theet showing, seeing that they were so big and so sharp, made only piercing through skin, meat bones, devouring, and cutting the meal apart... But the thing was eating a sandwich and just like a human, holding it and eating it... Maybe this creature had common sense... seeing those gestures with his hand and arms, he wasnt realyl sure what the creature was doing, but it was ok... "Do you understand me" He said not eating now, compleatly lost his appetite wanting to know more about this creature, wanting to observe it and touch it...
  15. Its head tilted. Gutteral sounds came, in the same quiet tones as the human. It paused, and then placed all four killer hands upon its own scale plated chest, gave two short bursts of sound. First, a dragon roar from a movie sound effect only soft. Second, a s-s-s-s-s-s with a stutter as if a rattlesnake were hissing and shaking its tail rattle at the same time. It dropped the four arms to its sides and went silent.

    The front two arms were placed on the human. So large were the taloned hands, that the heels of the palm almost reached the heart. The palms and fingers rested up to the shoulders. Talons dipped around the back, only an inch of padded jacket separating those deadly points from flesh. Waited, watched, and dropped those arms.

    Then it placed the four giant limbs on its chest and made the two deliberate noises again.

    Touched the human's chest. Waited, watched.
  16. Nickolas heard those sounds that the creature e=was making, they sounded like he was going to attack the human. He didnt knew, but he was thinking of getting out of here, but before he could react the creature placed to of his hands on Nickola's shoulders... They were so so heavy and Nickolas could feel those gigantic talons touching his back, even tough he was wearing clothes, he could still the tip of the claws pushing touching his back with the clothes betwen...

    Nickoals swallowed hard, he didnt move or did anything else. Just stayed there still with fear in his eyes again, but when the thing move his enourmous hands away from the man's shoulders Nickolas sighed in relif... Nickolas body was shapped very good, he trained alot, fitness and sport everything, and he could carry a lot of weight, but he had to say those arms were heavy.

    Nickolas raised an eyebrow seeing the creature touching his scaled chest and then the human's chest and releasing those sounds again... Nickolas wasnt sure what the creature was trying to tell him with this, he couldnt understand him at all "What do you want to tell me" He asked curious and confused.
  17. Solid-toned eyes blinked. Reptilian perked up a bit, although with the lack of expression on that alien visage the extra inch of straightening could have been more hostile. It enclosed the hiker's limb in one of those hard, gigantic paws and brought the human hand to the reptilian's own chest. Soft-dragon-roar hiss-rattle. Very carefully it twisted the human limb back on itself, trying to make the human touch its own chest. Get the angle wrong or not allow enough slack in that vicelike pinch and the forearm or elbow would snap like dried kindling. Its throat worked, flexing and swallowing in ripples of hard scales. Then with effort, "Hrrrrh" came in seven syllables, exactly the same high/low pitch, length of each sound, and rhythm as when the human had answered "What do you want to tell me" in response to its own communication.

    Then it sat, dropping its height to a foot or two below the human. Still so very close, not as near as while sniffing the man for metal, firing or chemical weapons, but in personal space and looking up expectantly.
  18. Nickolas watched in confusion not sure what the creature wanted to tell him. When the creature reached his paw, Nickolas moved his amrs away, but stopped and allowed the creature to grabb his hand, not that he can stop him. His hand was shaking, but when it was placed on the creature's scaled chest it stopped and relaxed... Feeling those solid scales against his skin, it was rough, but soft at the same time, running his fingers up and down feeling this extrodenary thing against his skin, he had never touched something like this before and he watched with amaze, eyes not blinking and mouth opened with his lower lip twitching.

    He didnt want to stop touching the creature's sclaed chest, but he had no choise, the thing moved his hand back to Nickolas chest and now his own hand was placed on his chest hearing that roar he looked up at him... They were having a tough time understanding each other, but it was ok, now Nickolas was sure that the creature ment him no harm and was just trying be friendly or something... Seeing as the creature sat down, they were almost now the same size... Noticing how the creature was sniffing him, Nickolas stayed still for a while... Bending down he grabbed his backpack "Are you hungry" He said and grabbing the remaining sandwiches in his hands and reaching his hand to the creature offering him food.
  19. A pause until the human was completely through moving and making sounds. The reptilian moved very, very slowly, putting the double pair of arms into gestures in front of the human's body.

    Both sets of arms with the hands up, palms facing each other ((as if in prayer)) except far apart. One set of hands moved closer together in front of the sandwiches. The distance shortened between the palms until the empty space they measured was just as narrow as the human food. The second set of arms did the same thing, in front of the human midsection, getting narrower and narrower until they matched the size of the human waist - not touching the man, but rather in front of the hiker for the camper to see.

    Next those double arms were held close to its own body, palms together. A set by its belly moved apart, wider, wider, until it matched the muscular midsection. The higher pair of arms started with palms together in front of its face and moved them wider, wider as well. And took a quick small bite out of the empty space between. Much broader than the space for the small human food had been.

    Then it pushed at the double handful of food the human was offering, back towards the camper.
  20. Nickolas watched without moving. Seeing as the creature was moving has arms around, a pair of arms were placed very close to his waist, looking down seeing ythat the creature wasnt touching him. It was weird to have so many amrs and it was confusing at how many things the thing can do with them, Nickolas was compleatly calm right now, he knew hat the creature didnt want to harm him, so Nickolas guessed that maybe it was hungrey and thats why the human offered the alien food.

    But then the creature staretd moving his arms again and pushed Nickola's hands back telling him that he didnt want to eat "Are you sure" He said and waited for awhile to see that the creature really didnt want to eat. "Ok" He said and placed the sandwiches back in their packs and then back in the backpack,... Suddenly Nickolas felt the cold rising again, he looked at the entrance of the cave and saw that it was alrady late... Wlaking back to the camp fire he placed a few branches again and started blowing in it again so it won't went off... It was getitng colder and colder with each secound it past, he looked at the branches he had left and saw that their were a few left, he didnt knew if he will be able to keep the fire the entire night... Looking over his shoulder to look at the creature he geastured with his hand, with his hand moving meaning to tell the creature to come to the fire if he was feeling cold... But Nickolas he was freezing, the fire was helping, but not a lot, sitting as close as he can to the fire and placing his hands close to get warm, but it wasnt working that much.