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    The thick grey clouds overhead helped hide the red-haired rider and her dragon as they flew nearer to the island of Berk. It was getting a little late in the afternoon, and the duo had been flying since early this morning. "You doing okay, 'Lu?" She asked her dragon quietly as her gaze traveled to the wound on his front left leg.

    Rain began to pelt the pair as they flew low over an uninhabited part of the island, deciding to land in a small, secluded cove. Thunder crashed overhead, startling the duo. The large grey sand wraith limped into a cave that went into the cliff side, not putting any weight onto it's injured leg as it did so. Aeva followed behind her partner with a worried frown.

    "Here, let me put a bandage on it, at least." She sighed as she began to dig around in her bag for the clean strips of cloth that she always kept with her. After all, she was accident proned and used to taking care of them both. When she went to tend to her dragon's wound, however, he tucked his injured leg beneath him and laid down, a weary look in his dark hazel eyes before he shut them and fell asleep.

    Aeva blinked at her dragon, somewhere between confused and frustrated with the sand wraith. She blew out a long sigh and removed her bag, and leaned up against the back of her dragon. The day's events had taken a serious toll on the red-head, and she couldn't blame her partner for turning in early. The events of the day kept playing over and over in her head. Having her dragon taming skills demanded of her after being caught with Alution, the escape from Valkri island which led to Alution's injury, the storm that they'd flown through on their way to Berk... Another long sigh escaped her, her eyes slowly drooped shut.
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  2. Ragnar, as to be expected of a Skrill's rider mid storm, Was far above the clouds, He was sitting atop Storm, watching his dragon chase lightning bolts around, seemingly unaware that he was causing them. After some time Ragnar got tired and set his locks in place. His saddle, Unlike most others, wasn't built for comfort, nor combat, nor was it even built for travel, It was built for stability and control, Tiny clips held dozens of things, along with small bags of tools, all kept inside folds of leather to stop them rattling, there were straps for his legs to help him stay put during seemingly impossible moves, there was even a small barometer to help them track thunder storms. Everything on the entire structure pointed towards economy and efficiency. And Ragnar used it to keep his lunch dry.

    Now strapped in and eating a (in his opinion) well deserved mutton steak sandwich, he paused as there was a break in the clouds and he saw a dragon he didn't recognize flying over the island. "The hell...." He muttered and looked at his sandwidge "I wanted that." he said and put it back in the pack before patting Storm's side "C'mon buddy we're going down." He said and took the reigns as he lead the dragon through a slow inverted loop in to a vertical dive. "Lets see how fast we can go..." He said with a grin, leaning close to the dragon as they sped downwards. Pulling up sharply Ragnar looked round having lost sight of the dragon and rider. "Sod....Guess we'll need a search party." He said and spun himself about and headed back to the village.
  3. Avery Syn
    Avery was busy tending to Genesis, the StormCutter who she owed her life to. Without her beautiful dragon, she'd be lost within the ocean, a thousand leagues under the sea, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Genesis had been a rogue dragon, an outcast. She'd lost her own herd of StormCutters due a reason Avery would never understand. However, during her adolesent years, Avery was a very rebellious child, much like she was now. She never adopted the Syn name of right, murdering dragons. No. She'd study the Terrible Terrors drifting along the breeze, or the Grunkles eating rocks along the shore. When she was little, Avery found it fascinating to stand by the cliff edge and see how many different species she could find, dragon and animal alike.

    However, on a fateful day, She had wandered too close to the edge. The wind took her, and she went tumbling torward the water and rocks at the bottom. Avery was sure she'd die. Until she landed hard on the back of a Stormcutter. Genesis had been small then, but when Avery was a child, she had seemed so large. Genesis had dropped her off, and left. During that time, Avery could not help but feel saddened. She wanted more of the dragon, and more she got. Each time she visited the cliff, the Dragon would come, and they would play and the dragon would make sure the child did not fall of the edge.

    The story, each time she retold it in her head, sounded much like a fairtale a mother would tell her child before they slept. Beast and Child coming together to form a bond. It seemed surreal, but since then, there was a bond between her and Stormcutter that even Avery didnt understand fully at times. Genesis was a loyal dragon, and wouldnt trade her for the world.

    Avery took a wired brush and began to groom the plates on the sides of her mighty dragons head. Genesis purred a deep throaty growl in pleasure, and butted her head against Avery's forehead.
    "Quit it, Genesis."
    She laughed and swatted at the dragon, giving her a small kiss on the nose. The scales located on the bridge of her nostrils twitched at the contact, making her laugh again.

    She was grooming her beautiful beast atop the same exact cliff that their first encounter took place on. It was a good spot to relax, and also a great place to train flying techniques. The wind was strong, and the headwinds caught the membranes on her wings and took them high above the clouds. She loved flying atop Genesis, the way they both felt alive and free. It was a feeling you could only feel when you had such a beast.

    Avery sighed and leaned her back against her Dragon, watching the clouds. Berk was a very solitary island, and they hardly got any contact from others. It took hours of flying just to find another island, and it may or may not be inhabited by people, or even dragons for that matter. Avery spent most of her time exploring, much like the early Dragon Riders. She hardly got along with many of the others on the small island, including her parents. They had an image of eliminating the dragons, and were solely against most of the Riders on Berk. They were probably the last few who still believed in murdering the species of Dragons.

    "We should go back soon, Genesis. Getting dark, don't want to miss dinner, do we?"
    She mused, hooking her foot into the stirrup of her saddle and hopped onto her back. Normally, Avery would have chose bareback riding over a saddle. It gave her a chance to feel as if she was Genesis, her strong muscles flexing and moving under the strong layer of protection. However, the short shorts she wore did little to protect her from Genesis's iron-hard armor, often making her thighs bleed.

    Genesis took off into the headwinds, torward the main town of Berk where most were gathering to begin the roast. It was probably a sheep or cow, and most of the time it was tough. Genesis and Avery would often collect their own meals, fishing and cooking it themselves. The livestock was always bitter and chewy, not to mention tasteless.

    Avery sighed as they landed in the center of town, causing some of the nearby livestock to bleat and stomp in annoyance. Genesis was much larger than most of the other dragons on the island. She had two sets of wings, and her tail itself stretched about ten feet in length. She was a mighty dragon, and much proud to be the partner of such a beast.

    She leaned against her dragon again, Genesis's tail wrapping protectively around her. There was no threat, but the dragon seemed to feel the need to claim Avery as her rider. She smiled and watched the commotion around her, hardly getting any glance from Viking, or Rider alike.

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  4. Ake stood with his dragon, Mag, on the docks. He pried anything and everything metal from her. After doing a low fly by of the village, Mag decided it would be fun to anger everyone and use her magnetic powers to steal everything metal. A line of aforementioned villagers waited in a line to reclaim their items. Words such as "You better control that dragon better, boy!" And "Loki is strong with this one." Were said to him. "Sorry" was all he could say. Mag seemed to enjoy their frustration, though. After removing the last pot from under her wing he patted the dragon on the head. "What in Odin's name am I going to do with you, girl? You're too, uh, mischievous." The dragon stood up and shook. She opened her mouth repeatedly in a mocking gesture at Ake. He just shook his head and motioned for her to lower her back so that he could climb on. "Alright, let's get back to combing the unhabited part of the island. Maybe we'll find that missing sword I've heard so much about." Meg perked up. As a Sword Stealer she liked to collect swords.

    Mags saddle was very simple. I was mostly a leather seat cushion meant to keep the rider in place. In addition it had large seathes for the legs of the rider. The seathes were to protect the legs of the rider from metal debris being pulled up by the dragons power.

    After reaching the far side of the island Mag flew a scant few feet off the ground, at a slow pace. Together the two searched for any interesting trinkets or treasure.
  5. "Oh come on!" Brendan yelled to Lexa, who was busy screeching at the thunder and rain as it crashed upon the roof, jumping about the room and knocking over furniture. "I know you have a reputation to uphold, but do you have to rebel against everything!" After a few more minutes, Brendan gave up on chasing her around the house and sat down on the floor in frustration. Lexa, sensing his annoyance, came down from her perch on the rafters, nudging his shoulder with her snout. "I'm not speaking to you," he muttered, turning away from her to hide a smile already breaking through. Lexa let out a playful growl, nudging him harder. "Nope, I'm not going to humor you." Finally, the dragon threw caution to the wind and tackled him, holding him down with one leg and licking his face mercilessly. Brendan couldn't help but laugh and make playful swats in mock protest, careful not to hit her eyes.

    Suddenly, the dragon attack stopped as Lexa's ears perked up, and her head turned to the window. "What do you see?" he asked as he pushed his dragon's foot off of him, and stood up. Brendan's entire family had died in a fire, the same one that scarred his face horribly, but also where he met his faithful companion. Ever since, he had lived with another family, who's home sat upon a tall hill, giving them a very large view of the surroundings. Brendan followed Lexa to the window and looked in the direction she was indicating with her nostril. Through the storm, Brendan could barely make out something high up in the sky. He sighed, "It's just Ragnar enjoying the storm with his dragon Lexa," he said reassuringly, stepping away. However, the Scuttleclaw didn't follow, shrieking lightly indicating she wanted to fly. He turned back and observed the rider as he rode back into the village. "Now that you mention it he does seem in a bit of a hurry," he said to himself. Brendan snapped his fingers to get his dragon' s attention, and went to grab the saddle from the door. Lexa bounded over in one large jump, waiting eagerly for him to strap on the riding saddle he had made just for her. "Can't hurt to take a look," he thought to himself as he climbed aboard and strapped himself in at the legs, signaling for Lexa to fly out the very large second story window.
  6. Raiden shied away from being the most social guy on Berk and it was incredible difficult with his popularity and his bloodline, not to mention his innocent looks. No matter how hard he tried, there was always somebody who wanted to talk to him and he always made lame excuses to get out of long drawn out conversations with people. He had found refuge under a massive oak tree inside which his dragon, Krystal, has wrapped herself amongst the interwoven branches, her red scales standing out from the green leaves on major levels. Raiden was watching the waves crash onto the cliffs below as the tree was located on the edge of the island. He found comfort in watching the tides roll in and out of the bay, ships bouncing on the waves an occasionally knocking into the docks. It had a lulling effect on him but Krystal kept him awake. He would see a dragon fly past every couple dozen minutes but nobody ever seemed to notice him for once. Feeling content with this, he slumped against the trunk of the tree and fell into a blissful slumber. Feeling the warmth of Krystal curling up next to him in his final moments of consciousness before drifting into sleep. Probably not to last for very long though...
  7. Ragnar, now hurtling through the village at a low level, was looking for anyone who was on their dragon. He didn't even Brendan as he took off, Luckly storm did meaning that their collision wasn't as bad as it could have been, however both of them went down in a tangle of dragons. Ragnar managed to react instinctivly, smacking the quick releases on his bindings he let himself get hurled off of Storm's back and landed skidding to a halt before falling over a sheep and getting up to dust himself off. "Well, I could have stuck that better." He said running over to the pile of dragons, looking through it for Brendan. "You in there?" He asked trying to separate the dragons. "Next time look before you take off." He said and then laughed.

    "Where in the seven hells are the others?" He asked once they'd managed to untangle the dragons. "we've got company on the island and I don't know who it is. but they were flying a dragon." He said keeping his voice low before he looked at storm. "Go find Raiden. I'll get Avery." He said and looked at Brendon "and you can find the bloody clanker." He said referring to Mag, who he'd affectionately nicknamed 'clanker' in reference to her constant magnetizing of metals.
  8. Brendan had been trying to catch Ragnar as he flew past, and catch up with him using Lexa's speed. Unfortunately his timing could not have been worse, and the two collided in a whirlwind of tooth and claw. At the last moment he had managed to hit the quick release as they'd been trained, but landing with an awkward roll leaving him covered in dirt and leaves. "Hey Ragnar," he chuckled sheepishly as he got to his feet brushing off the dirt from his pants and went to help untangle the dragons.

    It didn't take long to free them and just as he expected Ragnar filled him in on what was going on. A new rider on Berk? No other clan, that Brendan could think of at least, had embraced dragon riding, except for that terrible army that had used the beasts as slaves. Brendan nodded at Ragnar's orders, mounting Lexa who had been deep in conversation with Storm Rider via grumbles and growls. Before taking off he thought to himself briefly about where Ake and that flying magnet disguised as a dragon would be. He concluded if they weren't at home they'd be treasure hunting by skimming low along the ground attracting anything metal. So Brendan began by flying towards the more uninhabited region of Berk and throwing his knife in the air in hopes it would get pulled ever so slightly in any direction indicating Mag's presence.
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  9. Ake had landed Mag on a rocky point next to a small forest, that was located at the bottom of a cliff face. Together, he and Mag cheerfully dug a small hole in the ground. He used a sturdy stick while Mag used one of her legs. Her excitement indicated they were close. Mag noticed it first. A brown handle poked out of the ground at the bottom of the hole. "Good work, girl." He yanked it out of the soft soil and raised it up. It was an old iron sword. It was so rusty that if it had any engravings on it in the past they had long since disappeared. Mag shook her wings in delight. The sword flew out of Akes hand and it clinged to her wing. "Think we can add that to our 'project' girl?" Mags head bobbed up and down saying "yes". He walked under her wing and hopped on her saddle. Just before he ordered her to take off, a knife suddenly fell infront of him and clinged to Mag. "Woah! What the?" He looked up to see Brendan and Lexa. "Gods, you almost killed me!" Mag lifted off the ground to meet them, mid-air. "You guys looking for something?"
  10. "Sorry Ake," Brendan said quickly, biting his lip and putting Lexa in a hover. "Ragnar is putting together a search party. Seems we have a guest, a dragon rider no less." He tried to keep the excitement from his face but in truth he was happy for a little action. Besides the occasional dragon race it could get a little boring around here. "I'm looking for Radian as well but I figured it'd be easier to find you first," he chuckled, gesturing to his knife still stuck to Mag's hide.
  11. Storm, having gone off to search for Raiden on his own was spiraling the island carefully, eventually he found the boy and landed infront of him. as he was asleep Storm reached out one claw, using a sharp burst of static to wake him up, it wasn't dangerous but it did sting like a bitch. The Skrill shook its neck and then tilted its head slightly, so a roll of paper fell out of one of the holsters. Ragnar, who often did things like this for no good reason had taught storm how to deliver basic messages, the roll of paper however was much more efficient for long ones. it simply outlined the situation, with a request to meet them in the town center.

    Ragnar hurtled through the village, dancing between people with ease, unlike most of the other vikings he wasn't all that burly and was built very much for speed and agility over strength and toughness. Eventually he spotted Avery and ran over to her, out of breath he raised one hand. "Need....moment." He said as he caught his breath "I was out flying, and I saw a rider, but not one of ours, they weren't riding a dragon I'm familiar with, nor did I recognize their profile." he said and and stood up and smiled warmly at her. "So I'm organizing a little search party to go find them. want in?" He asked, knowing full well she'd probably tell him off for presuming she wouldn't want to join in.
  12. A sudden cold gust of wind made Fianna shiver, mumbling lightly as she curled herself into a ball for body heat. "Stop it" she mumbled sleepily, hiding beneath the wings of her dragon before sighing softly. Her dragons always do that to her: waking her up whenever she wants to take a nap outside of the village, preferably in the woods. She always found a sense of peace around the place, or maybe it’s because this is where she met Grell.

    Another cold wind hit her skin, then another, and another. "Gah! Grell no! It's cold~" she scolded, now fully awake and shivering with her teeth chattering. Her dragon merely let out a laugh before cuddling her with its wings, giving her warmth once again. "You're so messed up~"

    Her dragon is a Woolly howl, a dragon that breathes ice instead of fire. She had him when she was young and found him in the woods. As soon as she saw Grell, she instantly fell in love with him and poof! Now they're partners!

    Flapping of huge wings made her jump and immediately looked at Grell who lowered its body for her to climb on. "Ohh~ that's why I love you~" she said, kissing the dragon before riding him and approaching the two riders in the air.

    Fianna went behind the two sneakily and heard pretty much of their conversation that made her frown. "Search party? Dragon rider?" she whispered to herself and looked towards Grell who looks a bit agitated. She had never seen him act like this before. Perhaps it because of the new rider? She thought to herself. What kind of dragon is he riding? Is it hostile? Aggressive? Will he try to hurt Grell? Negative thoughts started to fill her head as her dragon sensed her distress, looking at her a little. "Ah... I'm fine, don't worry about me... now come on." she said, ordering Grell to blow a soft breeze of cold air to make her presence known before speaking "Sooo... why is there a search party and you're not inviting me?" she asked the two innocently, hiding her fears behind a bright smile.

  13. Avery Syn


    Avery was looking across the town, looking particularly bored while leaning against her Stormcutter, when Ragner came fluttering about noisily. Genesis's head shot upright, a low growl splitting the air. She didnt particularly like Ragnar, but Avery always had a secret admiration for the boy.

    Kicking herself off of her leaning position, she placed a hand on her Dragon's neck and gave the boy a small smile, eyebrow raised when he held up a hand. He usually didnt seek her out, and he still havent gotten the hint that she was a social outcast among their group of Riders. It hardly bothered her, she enjoyed Ragner's company, despite Genesis loathing him and his dragon, for reasons she would never know.

    "Strange Rider? In this weather? There aren't any islands for miles, why would..?"
    It took some processing, and Avery still didnt quite put the facts together like she wanted. There was hardly a reason for another rider, especially a strange one, to land here on Berk admist a large storm.

    Hopping up onto Genesis, she hooked both of her feet into the stirrups and dug in her heels, in reaction, Genesis unfolded her massive wings.
    "Lets go, then."
  14. Ragnar shook his head "Lets get the others first. I don't want to be caught out cold" He said and then whirled round his blade seeming to jump in to his hand "Finna do not do that" he protested and put his blade away, the single edged sword out of place on the normally weaponless rider, preferring to rely on his wits and dragon. even the blade itself was odd, a long single edged dagger, a under hand weapon made for gutting and up close and personal brawls.

    "Right." he said and put his fingers in his mouth, letting out a sharp whistle "Since there's three of us, the others can catch up." He said and started to run towards the edge of the village, swinging himself up the sides of a few houses to stand on the roof and hold his hands in the air to be picked up by storm. rapidly clambering atop the lightning dragon he patted its neck "You deliver the message buddy?" He asked, the response was a high pitched trilling noise. "Good." He said and looked to the others. "Spread out, keep a wingspan apart, fly slow, we'll comb the far side first and then work our way back in arks." He said and smiled. "I really need to stop assuming people will follow my instructions." He said and winked at Avery, he knew her dragon didn't like him, he suspect it was due to his dragon being just about as protective as hers, he on the other hand very much enjoyed talking to her.
  15. @Jamie64

    "A new dragon rider? Like, from off the island? That's a first." He pried Brendans knife off Mags hide and tossed it back to him. Ake was quite interested in this news. Things had been kinda boring since the giant alpha attacked the village.

    Suddenly, a cold gust of wind came from behind him. It slightly startled Mag, as she was not keen on being snuck up on. She growled slightly at Grell. Ake recognized that trademark cold wind. "Oh, hey Fianna. What're you doin' out here?"
  16. Avery Syn

    Avery nodded at Ragnar and dug her heels into Genesis again. Her loyal partner grunted in response, raising her two sets of wings and taking off opposite of the headwinds. Avery had hardly any idea where to go after his orders, but Genesis had a complete focused target. The winds brought them to the side of the island, where the storm was easily visible. The island was completely in turmoil when the news of a stranger reached the town center.

    Sighing, she lowered her back, pressing her chest against Genesis's nape. Avery could feel her muscles move against the strong winds, and she reached a hand down to pat the side of her neck. The wind was tugging at her long silver hair, and her eyes watered, causing her to pull down her goggles. These, she hardly used, but since the storm was bringing in harsh winds from the north, she had to use them so she could see and steer Genesis.

    From her viewpoint, she could see the other riders, their faces also questioning and unsure of what to do. The island had never experiened a situation such as this, and protocol was unknown. She turned Genesis slightly to the south, out of the strong headwinds. Shrugging off the cold, Avery relaxed her body and searched the outskirts of the island, allowing Genesis to guide her across the edges of Berk.

  17. Lexa screeched loudly in the direction of the cold wind, most likely annoyed by it than anything else. Brendan on the other hand grew speechless. He had always admired the demure, and beautiful girl, and seeing her now upon her dragon came as a bit of a surprise. "Sorry Fianna, just following Ragnar's orders. You're welcome to come along if you'd like," he offered with a smile.
  18. Fianna laughed at Mag's reaction as Ake asked her what's she's doing out here. "Well, I was taking a nap when I heard wings flapping. I thought it was a wild dragon or something." she answered. Noticing that Mag is still tense from being startled, she ordered Grell to hover lower and she got out of her seat. Walking towards Grell's head and trying to keep her balance so she won't fall. "Sorry about that Mag. Grell just wanted to have some fun." she said, petting the dragon's head and kissing it slightly before heading back to her seat.

    For her, dragons are just like humans. They can have every bit of human emotions and can lose control when angered. She always treated dragons with love and care like a mother to her children. She know that it's weird but ever since she had Grell, she felt like she can understand every emotions of any dragon, which made her good at handling dragon situations.

    She was slightly shivering as her dragon blew a cold gust of wind towards her as he hovered in front of Brendan, or rather in front of Lexa. "Oh I get it." she whispered, smiling lightly as her dragon growled softly towards Lexa. "Grell wanted to say sorry for annoying Lexa." Fianna translated to Brendan and smiled towards him as he said he's simply following Ragnar's orders, offering her to come along. "I would love to come along!" she exclaimed, feeling excited all of a sudden. It's been a long time since Fianna hung out with anyone besides her dragon, being busy with her studies and all. "By the way, It's been a long time since I've hung out with you, haven't I?" she said thoughtfully before smiling sweetly at him “Oh, this is going to be so much fun! You guys have no idea how much I've missed you!"

    Her dragon suddenly looked at her and growled aggressively towards Brendan, blowing a gust of cold wind towards him. "Grell stop it. You know you're the one I love. No need to be jealous." she explained at her dragon and caressed its scales lovingly before it blew one at her, a wind much colder than before that made small frozen droplets of ice stuck in her hair like beads. Grell then growled at her and huffed, acting more jealous than before. "W-What? I a-am n-not!" she exclaimed stuttering, her face suddenly bright red and started explaining at Brendan "Uhm... Please forgive him... He's just really possessive and paranoid. Anyway, shall we go? Ragnar must be looking for you two"
  19. Brendan smiled, biting his lip slightly and looking about awkwardly. Finally the pause was broken by Lexa's loud screeching, announcing her impatience. "Alright alright you overgrown sausage, we're going!" he yelled, turning her around to face closer to the village. Knowing Ragnar the search was probably already on it's way. They'd comb each section of forest just like they did when looking for a lost dragon. "Stay in formation. Don't want anyone getting lost in this storm," he said quickly. "We're looking for Ragnar or one of the other riders but keep an eye out for anything and everything. We don't know who this mystery rider is or what their intentions are." With that he spurred Lexa forward who obliged eagerly, bored of hovering around in one spot.
  20. Aeva awoke a short time later with a rumbling stomach. She was starving. She knew her partner would be hungry as well, though she thought it would be best if he got his rest. She silently stood and slipped out of the cave, her hand resting on the dagger in her belt. She wasn't all that sure of how well she's be able to hunt with the weapon, but it was worth a shot.

    Though, most animals wouldn't be out and about during a storm... This drew out a long sigh from the red-headed viking. Her breath caught in her throat at the sound of wing beats through the wind, rain, and thunder.

    It's okay... If Alution was nice, then surely other dragons could be as well.

    She took a deep breath and looked up, shock seeping into her features at the sight of dragons with saddles on them, and with teenagers atop the beasts. Her hand drifted to her dagger once again as she wondered whether or not these dragons had been captured and forced into this predicament.

    Coming to her senses, Aeva turned and sprinted back to the cave in hopes that Alution would be a stronger deterrent than a silly little red-head with a dagger.
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