How To Train You'r Dragon: The new generation!

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  1. Hello and welcome to the new generation of dragon riders! But the catch is dragon riding has been long forgotten since the new leader took over the viking territory and forbade it. Now one person stands above the rest and has a dragon his name? Neko, although it is forbidden he has a dragon he is following hiccups path but will it end in such a Happy Manor? Will there be romance? Violence? Tragedies? God I hope so :3 See you there my dragon riders.

    Character Sheet
    Dragon: (Description is not acquired but if you cant find a good pic use description)
    Dragons name:
    Dragon type/power:
    Short backstory: (optional)

    1. No original characters
    2. no graphic sex
    3. Killing is allowed but not for no or a stupid reason
    4. Romance is allowed
    5. Please be somewhat descriptive
    6. No one liners


    Name: Neko
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    download (5).jpg
    Dragon: Light blue with specks of grey and white all around it, Looks like toothless but different color
    Dragons name: Light
    Dragon type/power: Its very rare and uses Fire and ice as breath
    Personality: Cool calm secretive klutzy charmer awkward

    Neko walked through the village looking at the houses and checking out the markets, When he found some metal he bought it for 30 coin. He hauled it in a cart up the steepest hill in the village I bought the most and I cant have a down hill house. He finally lugs the metal up and remembers he forgot fish "Eh I'll buy it on the way." He sat at his small desk and began writing saddle ideas and such down on a piece of parchment. He lived in a small house with a bedroom and a kitchen that included a small study room.

    The village never talked to him as they blame him for the murder of his parents and they thought he would kill them as well. "Hmm what kind of fish today...." He thinks for a while and decides on trout.
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  2. Name: Fang

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female


    Dragon:(the red and black one below)

    Dragon Name: Thistle Claw

    Dragon Type/ Power: Uses Fire and Smoke to use as camouflage in the morning and can mimic other dragon sounds.

    Personality: Fang is rather tough and intimidating. She prefers to keep people at a distance but really she's rather goofy and nice. Thistle Claw is a lot like her only harder to get along with.

    Background: When Fang was a little kid she played in the forest a lot and one day she found an abandon baby dragon. She kept her and named her Thistle Claw. Thistle Claw grew up to be larger than most of it's kind.

    Fang wolfed down her food and slipped some in her satchel. "I'm done! I'm heading out!" She called out to her grandparents. Her grandpa, who often babied her, frowned at how fast she ate. He opened his mouth to object but Fang was already out her seat and running to the door. "Love you!" She called over her shoulder and ran out the door. She ignores a few of the other kids her age who attempted to greet her and she ran straight towards the forest. She was always eager to see Thistle Claw. Despite the dragons bad attitude it had a soft spot for Fang, and she had one for Thistle Claw. They understood each other.

    Fang zipped through the trees just barely avoiding getting slapped in the face by tree branches. When she finally came to a stop, there was a large dragon nest but no dragon. Fang grinned and looked around. "Thistle Claw!" She called out. Out of nowhere a large black and red darted out from behind the trees and tackles Fang to the ground. When the dragon had her pinned it began licking Fang. "Ew!! Haha, you got me girl! You got me!"

    Appearances (open)
    [​IMG] (the red and black dragon is Thistle Claw)
    Appearances (open)
  3. Neko rushed towards the forest holding a type of light blue dragon saddle "He'll love this!" He ran past the market grabbing fish no one really cared that he stole because they were afraid if they said not to he'd kill them. It was true he was tough and acrobatic he does flips and such, but he never kills people I mean thats just wrong. He rushed past a dragon nest dropping a rose he had bought by accident, finally he got to a small wooded area with a pond some rocks and a huge tree. Up in the tree stood light ready to jump down and tackle neko and then fly with him, Neko looked around curious of where light was or so it looked. When light was in mid air to tackle him neko turned around pointed at him and said "Ha got you!" Light lowered himself down and growled to himself.

    "Well I guess you dont want trout!" He holds it up, "Its a shame I guess I'll eat it" Light tackled him and took the fish setting it down he went back over and gave neko a giant slobber filled lick to the face. "Awh! Come on light!" neko goes to the pond and washes his face up.
  4. Fang pushes Thistle Claw off her and chuckles. The dragon sat next to her, her tongue hanging out her mouth. "Jeez, what a goofball.." She mumbled with a smile. Thistle Claw sniffed the air, smelling the food Fang hid in her satchel. Without caring Thistle Claw pushes Fang back down and stuck her head in the bag. She pulled out some fish and sat right on Fang and began eating. "Oof! Thistle, we've been over this!" Fang called out and tried squirming out from under her. "Your not a lap dragon any more!" Thistle Claw looked down at her and stood up, slurping up a fish tail.

    Fang smiles and stood up, dusting herself off. "Jeez, you should lay off the fish your getting pretty fat." She said jokingly and Thistle Claw nudges Fang with her head. Fang smiles, nudging Thistle Claw back. "Should we play hide and seek?" Thistle jumped around happily making odd little laughing sounds, sounds she tried to mimic from Fang but failed miserably. Fang smiles. "Close your eyes!" Obediently, Thistle Claw curled up and covered her eyes with a wing while Fang ran off through the forest, laughing.
  5. Neko looked at light "I brought a present know you've been dying to fly" Light quickly came over and nudged him until he fell down, "Woah God light ok I'm getting it now". He stands up and wipes himself up and rubs light head "Ok so close your eyes!" Light whacks him with his tail "Or not!" Light nods in approval "Gosh you are the opposite of waiting god!". He takes out a light blue saddle "Look at this now I can ride you!" The dragon looks at him and smiles, then turns around allowing him to put the saddle on. "Ok let me strap this on!" Light moves around a bunch whipping his tail back and forth.
  6. Fang ran in the forest far from where she left Thistle Claw. That dragon was basically a hide and seek champion so Fang had to get creative. "I think there's a cave somewhere around here." She paused to get her bearing but realized she had no clue where he ran to. "Oh for the love of Thor..." She flicks herself in the forehead and began wondering around. Sighing, she adjusts her ponytail so her hair doesn't fall out and soon noticed a clearing up ahead with a pond. "Alright, I think I can find the cave from there.." She walked towards the clearing but froze when she saw a large white blue dragon. Quickly, she hid behind a tree. "Where's Thistle Claw when you need her..?!"
  7. Neko Got out from under the dragon, That was the only way he could tighten the supports so the saddle wouldnt fall off and him hurdle into his impending doom. "ok light its all strapped up and ready to go! Let me get my lunch so I can eat before we go flying up into the sky" Light ran over and nudged him sticking his head in his leather bag, "You want another fish?!" He laughs a bit and throws him a trout. He opens his bag and takes out a small box filled with fruit and some cooked meat "Mmmm Lunch!"
  8. Fang looked around and ran off, ignoring the fact that she ran off rather noisily. She looked up and it didn't take her long to spot Thistle Claw in the sky, smiling up at the dragon. The dragon swooped low and grabbed Fang by her shoulders and lifted off the ground. Thistle Claw carried Fang up into the sky, taking a sharp turn back towards Thistle Claws nest. Once they approached the nest the dragon slowed down and swooped towards the ground again releasing Fang. Fang stumbled and fell in the ground and Thistle Claw landed in front of her. "What took ya so long?" She joked and smiles.
  9. Neko looked up seeing a girl run off into the woods "Shit some one saw us light" Light growled and motioned for neko to get on his back and neko did he than clipped a wire to his belt and they were off. With a swift kick of lights feet and a wing flap neko and light lifted off, Neko laughed "This is awesome" And light nodded. Light growled when they spotted the girl and a Dragon?!?! "She has a dragon light....." Light sped down landing on the ground in front of the girl with a bang. Neko took himself off the dragon and simply said "Hey you girl you have a dragon" He hoped she didnt know who he was due to the fact he didnt want to scare her as he did the town people. He put his hand on light and leaned on him patting his head a couple times. "Dont you know dragons are forbidden!"
  10. Fang stiffened at the sight of them. Thistle Claw instantly shot between Fang and the two newcomers. Thistle lifted onto her hind legs, letting out a low and threatening growl her teeth popping out of her gums and her wings stretching to make her bigger, which she was already a large dragon for her breed to begin with. Fang ducked under Thistle Claws wings and frowned at Neko, having no clue who he was. "If you dare tell anyone about her, I won't hesitate to get that dragon taken away from you." She said and nodded to his dragon. Of course, she was hostile at first and wanted to appear intimidating so he would leave the two alone.
  11. "Your not that intimidating ya know" He casually yawned as light stood on his hind legs, he was bigger than thistle claw and had a larger wing span, "Light get down big boy" He pats lights head calming the dragon down. "So Im neko Who are you!" She had probably heard his name before and the rumors that followed close behind his name when ever it was mentioned. He ran his fingers through his golden hair making it more messy, He had red eyes which were very strange for the vikings and was thought to be the sign of demons. He held his hand out in a welcoming manor.
  12. She frowns at him more, Thistle Claw snarls at the two of them refusing to back down. "I've heard of you. You killed people, huh?" She smirks, looking up at her dragon who kept growling and snarling at the two of them. She didn't bother telling the dragon to stop since frankly nothing she could say would stop Thistle Claw from being protective. She turns her attention back to him, still frowning at him. "Fang," she pointed to herself. "Thistle Claw." She points to the snarling dragon who was bearing it's teeth at Light, her tail lashing from side to side with anger.
  13. "I guess rumors do spread" He chuckles a bit and light nudges against him as a form of trying to make him feel better, "Thanks light" He puts his head on the dragons. "Now see you say something light can go off and everyone in the village is afraid of me sooooo it wouldnt really work out very well ya know?" He takes a seat on a nearby rock "Well! Im finishing my lunch if your dragon will allow it! oh light my drinks hot cool it off?" The dragon creaes a blue mist that surrounds the covered cup in frost "Thanks bud, So" He takes a bite of a chicken leg "you ride yours right?"
  14. She sneers a little at him, patting Thistle Claw and began walking off to the dragons nest. "Occasionally. Except I'm not some handy man like you so I can't make a saddle." She sat in the nest and Thistle Claw growled, not taking her eyes off the two and laid down, curling around Fang to keep her safe. "And there would be a point in telling the village. They could take away your dragon and send you into exile on your own. I mean, a supposedly dangerous man owning a dragon. Who knows what the leader will choose. Might not even be exile. May be a death sentence.." She turned away from him and towards her dragons head, curling up next to the dragon and rests her head on Thistle Claws, rubbing her head.
  15. "I cant express how much of a shit I dont give about the leader" He pokes at his fruit and holds a small piece of tangerine up to the sun, "I bet you dont even know the tricks to a dragon" He snickers "Well I have to go, Light I think tonight I'll stay out here with you". He was gentle and kind in every aspect but that didnt stop lies from showing hes a killer He laughed a bit to himself and his eyes went serious as he jumped on his dragon "Im not that dangerous...." His dragon takes off into the sky spinning as neko screams "Ya ha!"
  16. Fang frowns and rolls her eyes, running her hand across the top of Thistle Claws head as she relaxes. "I better get to battle training, eh?" She nuzzles the dragons head with her own and Thistle Claw makes an odd purring noise. She stood up and the dragon made a whinning sound. "I'll visit you at night, you know that. Don't worry girl, I'll bring you extra fish." Fang smiles apologetically. She never bothered telling Thistle her training was to fight dragons and she felt bad that she had to learn that. She waves goodbye and walks back towards the village.
  17. Neko looks back seeing the girl walking over to the village and pat the dragon pointing to the girl and it sped over to her the dragon slowed down and went a few feet above the girl. "Want a lift?" He holds out his hand " I can drop you off closer I have to go to dragon academy it's my first day" He smiles a goofy smile that doesn't fit his face. "I mean if you want." his feet shuffle under him.
  18. She blinks and looks at him, pausing. She glances back where she left her dragon and sighed. She left her dragon behind so no one would see it. She glances to him and shakes her head no. "The village is buzzing with people. Anyone can see your dragon. That's why I left Thistle Claw behind." She turns her attention ahead of her, ducking below a low branch and continued her way towards the village. Other than the fact someone would spot the two she didn't have a strong desire to ride with someone else. She preferred flying with her dragon since she and Thistle Claw had a bond.
  19. "Eh suit yourself" He rides off in protection of clouds into a small meadow near the village, He gets off his dragon and heads toward the town but before he starts walking he turns and says "I promise I wont hurt anything ok? Just go and hide Ill bring fish when I get back ok?". He takes off toward the arena but not before putting a hood up only having light on his red eye, when he gets to the metallic dome the teacher greets the students. " Hello students, or shall I say future vikings today we are fighting the groffleback!"
  20. Fang yawns softly, imagining what she should do with her dragon when her training is over. She figured she could take the dragon out for a late night ride. Or a late night swim. She chuckles a little at the thought the last time she and Thistle Claw went out for a swim and smiles. Soon she arrived to the metal arena just in time to hear the greeting. Fang glances away at the thought of harming a dragon but soon shrugged it off. She turns her attention back to the teacher.
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