How to Train Your Dragon: The New Age

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  1. Name: Castiel

    Age: 18

    Dragon: Aurora
    Bio: Castiel was always different from other people in her village. Everyone else in her village was always so strong and brave, and Ava, while she was beautiful, was weak and could never stand in a fight, thus she was looked down upon and no on wanted anything to do with her. Though no one would dare say anything bad to her, for fear her father, the strong and quick to kill Drago Bloodvist, would do away with them. Because of this, instead of treating her badly like she was sure they wanted to do, they simply ignored her, refusing to socialize with the girl. So, often because she was so alone she would go into the forests that surrounded her village and just keep to herself. But, that all changed when she was twelve. She had been going through the forest like she normally did when she heard a terrifying roar. The frightened girl went through the trees to find a strange white dragon tangled up in one of her people's nets. She tried to help the dragon, but after cutting the net, the dragon attacked her, only to be stopped by a few passerbyers from her village. They killed the dragon, and even though the dragon had tried to harm her, Castiel couldn't help but feel guilty. They dragged the dragon's body off and when she was about to leave, she saw something strange had been buried in dirt and leaves.

    She first thought it was a weird rock, but as she drew closer, she found it was an egg. It was the egg of the dragon her people killed and without the mother it was likely the dragon inside would die. The dragon hadn't really been trying to attack her. It had just been protecting its egg! Castiel didn't even have second thoughts. She scooped up the egg and hid it in her bag, carrying it home. It was easy to hide it at first. She kept the egg in her room and made sure it was warm. It was only when the egg hatched that the problems started. She had no idea that when dragon's hatch, they don't hatch quietly like normal animals would. The egg explodes. Lucky for her everyone else in the village was out fighting a group of dragon and were too busy to hear the loud explosion that occurred when the egg hatched.

    She named the baby dragon Aurora and though it was hard at first to take care of the dragon since she knew nothing about baby dragons, she grew to really care for the Hatchling and she vowed to never let anything bad happen to her.

    Soon another problem arised though. Aurora was growing big faster than expected, which meant she couldn't keep her home with her anymore, for fear her parents would find her. So, when everyone was gone on another dragon hunt, she snuck her dragon out into the forest, where she kept her in a secret place by the river so deep in the forest that she thought no one would ever find her. She spent as much time as she could with her dragon friend. They flew to new places, explored, and she learned so much about dragons. But, at the end of the day she always had to go back to her village.
    Unfortunately for her though, some of the people in the village began to notice her sneaking off and one day followed her. After seeing the large dragon, they didn't even stop to think. The people from her village who followed her moved in to attack. Despite her fear, Castiel tried her best to defend her friend and make the people see Aurora wasn't bad. When she tried telling them this, they called her a traitor and claimed they were going to kill her along with the dragon. Fearing for both their lives, Castiel managed to jump onto Aurora's back and escape just barely with their lives.

    (Her hair is a pale blonde but we'll say it is so pale it will sometimes reflect the skies outside(for instance look pinkish during sunsets, ect). Her eyes are hazel and so will sometimes look blue, other times green, and sometimes a mix.)

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  2. Castiel was the daughter of a legend in the parts of the world she lived in. He was the greatest dragon hunter that had ever lived and at one point, if she recalled the stories correctly, had even somehow created a dragon army. He was considered a great man in her village and everyone looked up to him.

    Much couldn’t be said for herself. She had always been…different. She had always been attractive. A pretty little rose bud as a child, and when older she was a beautiful flower. But, she was other things among that. Scrawny. Weak. Unable to fight. She was possibly the most useless person in her village. And for this, those in her village looked down upon her. Her father was protective of her though.

    Despite his hard and uncaring attitude toward all others, she was his pride. He had made sure no one ever said anything hurtful to her in the little time he was around. But, he was gone a lot, and in his absence, while no one said anything, the looks and tones those in the village took with her were enough to let her know how they all felt.

    Knowing their distain of her, she often hid herself away. Sometimes it was within her home, but most days she was out within the woods, exploring and finding ways to entertain herself. It was there in those woods that on an unfortunate day she witnessed a beautiful white dragon get slain by her people. It had been inadvertently her fault. She had tried to cut the dragon free from a trap, but the frightened dragon had taken its worry out on her and tried to attack her. Her father and some others had killed the dragoness and dragged it off, leaving Castiel feeling as though she had caused the death of the beast.

    Yet, as she went to leave the sight of the attack, she found something she had never expected to find.

    A dragon egg.

    She hadn’t given a chance to second guess herself. No, she had taken the egg and brought it home with her, taking care of it until one day, thankfully during the loud time of an attack on some dragons, the egg exploded, hatching and revealing a little hatchling that she named Aurora. She was able to keep Aurora a secret for a long time. Within the first two years, Aurora had grown too big to keep within the home and she had to keep the dragoness out in the forest. Castiel visited her every day for the next few years, but little did she know that one day while she was visiting her dragon, she had been followed.

    She stood there, smiling as she scratched at Aurora’s scales, when, much to her fear, she heard from the brush, “Kill it!" She turned to see the humans jumped at the two and after a short amount of fighting, when it seemed like they wouldn't win, the human girl yelled out for the dragoness to just run. That if they couldn't win, then at least Aurora could escape.

    Aurora wasn’t going to leave her human behind though and in a sudden moment pounced, throwing the human girl onto her back, flying into the air. The human gave a cry of surprise and clung to the dragon as they went higher and higher at an amazing speed much faster than she thought her dragon could go. W hen she was finally calm enough to realize she was safe, the Viking girl smiled a she looked around, feeling more free than she had ever been in her whole life, "This is amazing!" Aurora gave a happy sound in agreement as the two left the village for what they hopped to be the last time.


    Castiel sighed as she looked up in the tree, "Get own here you big baby!"

    Aurora looked down at her human and grumbled in a way of mocking her, obviously annoyed.

    Crossing her arms, the human looked up at her dragon, "Are we really doing this again? Alright, I'm sorry there was an eel in your fish! I didn't even know it was there!" She got a blast of plasma shot next to her feet, yet the girl didn't even flinch. She was used to Aurora's little mood swings. This always happened close to 'that' season. It was only a couple of months away, and every year when it came Aurora was always so frustrated. She would fly off when the other dragons did, in search of another Fury dragon, yet would find none and come back both angry and sad all in one. It always made Castiel sad and worried as well. She hated to see her friend so upset. Running a hand through her hair, she sighed again, "Okay, tell you what, how about I'll go catch you some more fish and we can start flying again. Deal?"

    The dragoness considered this and then nodded before hopping down and landing next to her human. The two made their way through the large wooded area on the current island they had taken shelter on. As they hiked through the forest, they found their way to where a small lake was and Castiel pulled out a fair sized net she kept folded and hidden away in the bag she always had over her shoulder and across her chest. She unrolled it before throwing it into the water, letting it sit for a few moments. A few moments later, she tugged and began pulling it onto the shore. This time she searched through the fish and pulled out one or two eels before letting her dragon go at the pile. She watched her eat, sitting back against a tree, and when she was done, Castiel grinned and walked over, putting the supplies away, “Well, girl, let’s get going. Maybe we can get a good distance in between this island and the next before the sun goes down.

    Hopping onto her back, the dragoness flew off, taking to the skies. It was a very free life. Living with just she and Aurora, flying about and learning all she could about the amazing world of dragons. It felt like it was the most gratifying life she could live. It was such a relief to live this kind of life after she had lived so many years being an outcast in her own village. Now she knew though, that she didn't need those people. She didn't need anyone. All she needed was Aurora by her side. It was all she wanted and all she would ever need. She felt free. She felt loved. And for once in her life she felt at home. The skies were her home now and there was nothing better than that.

    Except for when she was caught in a storm, and much to her displeasure it was a storm she was soon caught in. She held on tightly to Aurora as the dragon attempted to maneuver through the clouds, lightening striking around them and thunder rolling, the winds around them unbearable. This was very well the toughest storm they had ever been in and she knew if they stayed in the skies during this horrible weather they wouldn't make it. Staying pressed down against Aurora, attempting to see around them, she yelled over the roaring wind in hopes that her friend would hear her, "Aurora! We HAVE to land! Find some dry land and get out of the skies! Fast!" The dragon gave a clicking sound in understanding and struggling through the storm until her rainbow eyes spotted an island down below. The white dragon nodded as she went to lower herself, but was still about fifty feet up when hail began to pelt them and a large gust of wind knocked her off balance and the two went into a dive, Stardust roaring and Aurora giving off a scream as they landed in the water next to the island.

    The struggling dragon popped her head up out of the water, searching wildly for her human and when she saw the human hadn't come to the surface yet, dived down and after a moment of searching saw her drifting off and sinking lower into the water. Before the human could fully lose consciousness her dragon swam under her and the human weakly wrapped her arms around her neck, Aurora carrying her over to shore. Coughing up what water had made its way into her lungs, Aurora groaned as she layed there, soaked and freezing, but safety out of the storm for now. As she lay there, the girl slipped off, going unconscious.

    Aurora whined as her human closed her eyes and the dragoness was quick to curl herself around the freezing girl in attempt to warm her and shield her from the hailing and snowy storm. She stayed that way there for a long moment before she heard footsteps. The dragoness looked up, her rainbow eyes glaring and pupils turning to slits as she growled, standing in front of Aurora and crouched down so low she was almost laying on top of the girl in order to protect her human rider from any threats that might emerge from the trees.
  3. Name: Alvin

    Age: 19

    Dragon: Tremor, Toothless

    Bio: Raised in Berk during a time of peace the new generation of vikings has not had much need for any warriors anymore but old traditions die hard and after the threat from Drago and the dragon army the old ways are still very much intact. Except the dragons. Now both dragon riding and the traditional warrior fighting is taught. Alvin has despite his heritage taken life pretty much in stride, probably thanks to the peace that has now settled in, even though he's the son of the chief and Berk's fiercest warrior he has never had too much pressure on him.

    He is easy going, a bit of a dreamer and confident, even when he is feeling out of his element he is relatively good at hiding it. He doesn't much mind the future as chief and does have leader qualities even if he needs to learn how to working with others as a team and not stubbornly think he can handle things on his own. Not the one to always think things through Alvin has a tendency to act first and think later, even refusing to step down even as it's obvious things are not going so good.

    Stubborn and proud he rarely backs down when he has set his sight on something and does not like to be proven wrong. Not very physically impressive, interested in exploration and books he is not exactly the traditional type of viking on Berk but his skill with an axe and lack thereoff when it comes to any complex machine or inventions is more like that type.

    Ever since he was young Alvin has had his own nanny sort of, Toothless was more than happy to play with the little boy especially with Hiccup getting more busy as chief. The playful night fury was also the dragon that taught Alvin to fly, more or less safely. In the beginning the dragon accepted an automatic tail-fin until Alvin was big enough to learn how to fly using Toothless's normal tail-fin.

    Alvin's own dragon, a Terrible Terror can't exactly carry his human in flight so Alvin has taken on flying Toothless, making it his primary dragon. And Toothless still is Hiccup's dragon first and foremost even if Alvin has a deep bond with him as well, knowing Toothless since he was a baby.

    Being a scout Alvin os one of the few that flies near and far from Berk to keep an eye out for any potential threat and maybe even new dragons, and in Alvin's case also study the plants and wildlife on uninhabited islands. If his father was the one to find and chart most new placces then Alvin was the one who liked to learn all about them and how animals and dragons lived there.

    (Although with blue eyes and a few short braids here and there in his hair and of course more viking like clothes.)
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  4. The blue water stretched out beneath him and with the wind tugging at his clothes and whipping his hair around as much as was possible considering its length he felt both at peace and excited. The feeling of immense freedom perched upon a dragon's back could not be rivaled by anything. Maybe flying on your own, but even though Alvin's father had proved it was possible to a degree Alvin had no interest to throw himself into the sky and hope some cloth would keep him aloft.

    A movement from Toothless brought Alvin back to the present, focusing his blue eyes on their surroundings again. "What's the matter?" Of course Toothless like all other dragon's couldn't answer but that didn't stop him from speaking out loud with them anyway. A look at the sky around them showed what Toothless had meant, dark clouds were rolling in, pushed by strong winds. Biting his lip Alvin looked beneath them, far down a small island caught his eye, they could take shelter there and wait out the storm. "Over there Toothless," he called out and pointed out the island. Shifting his foot to flip the tail-fin the two changed directions and set out into a dive.

    Panning out above the water Alvin leaned down close to Toothless's back, the wind that pulled at him made it feel like he would be ripped off otherwise. Alvin gave a small sigh over the unpredictable weather, he had hoped to get a lot further today than to this piece of rock that was barely two hours away from Berk. "Come on Toothless, we have to land before this really kicks in," the black night fury turned his head a bit to look at his rider and gave a nod. Strong winds pushed them around like leaves and water splashed up from the thrashing sea as the pair drew close. Helping Toothless navigate the rough winds by directing the tail-fin and thanks to the dragon's own strong wings the two could soon make a rocky, albeit safe landing.

    Finding shelter was a quick task, he and Toothless had been here many times before and even without that the island was not big enough to really give the opportunity to lose your way. A violent downpour had started just before reaching the cave and Alvin shook his dark hair and took off his furry vest, leaving his mostly dry dullish blue tunic on. "Oh, come on..." he exclaimed with frustration as Toothless came in beside him and shook himself like a dog, splattering water all over Alvin again, before curling up by the cliff wall.

    "Was that really necessary?" Toothless's only response was a smug look and a low rumbling sound, halfway between a purr and a growl, his way of laughing. Snorting Alvin couldn't help but smile as well until he was interrupted by a shiver. On the way he'd picked up a few branches, they wouldn't burn forever but hopefully enough to help dry him off. Normally damp wood wouldn't burn so well but a blast of dragon fire easily set the wood on ablaze and a warm orange glow lit up the walls. Alvin sat down by Toothless and leaned back against his warm side.

    Sitting safely in the shallow cave, although it honestly was barely more than an indentation in the cliff wall, enough to keep the weather out and them both dry which was really all that Alvin wanted. Toothless as a dragon might not freeze as easily, they were capable of breathing fire after all, and should they freeze then a good blast of fire to the floor would keep them warm. Alvin as a human preferred to not sit on a patch of smoldering ground no matter how cold it was.

    It felt like had been sitting on the hard rock floor for hours when the storm seemed to die down, the rain eased up almost entirely and the winds didn't sound like they wanted to tear the island apart anymore. Then Toothless stirred from where he had been resting, sitting up so abruptly Alvin fell backwards and looked up surprised at the dragon's chest for a few seconds before the night fury easily jumped over the man and went outside into the light rain. "What the... Toothless what's the matter?" Scrambling to his feet Alving grabbed his vest and hurried after Toothless.

    "Where are we going?" Of course Toothless didn't answer but he looked at Alvin and gave one of his low growling calls and trotted onwards. It was really no use trying to stop a dragon when they had set their sights on something so Alvin followed, ducking for wet branches and jumping over fallen trees, cursing when a branch scraped his neck, letting cold water trickle down his back.

    He stopped abruptly in mid stride as the trees opened up and the island dropped off into the water further ahead, but what caught his eye wasn't the area itself, it was the white dragon that crouched low and growled at him and Toothless who also had stopped and had a look of suspicion and curiosity on his face. Was that a night fury? But it was white. Night furies were said to be almost extinct and here was a white dragon that looked like a night fury.

    It took Alvin awhile to realize the dragon was guarding something, it was too much of a shock to actually see a new species of dragon but he was even more surprised to see a human beneath the white fury. It was hard to tell with a dragon pressing down on the body but it looked like a girl. "Hey now, I'm not going to harm you or your rider." Alvin was both nervous and excited but he fought to keep his voice calm and low. "I just want to help, she looks drenched, she needs to be warmed up, okay. I promise no one will harm you." With most dragons the tone of your voice was more important than the words you spoke but Alvin hoped this strange fury would be just as intelligent as Toothless was, who had this weird way of seemingly understanding human speech. He was inching closer to the couple on the rocky shore as he spoke but kept his distance in case the dragon wouldn't like his advances.
  5. Aurora had never known another, and to her this human female was everything. The dragoness would protect the human with her life, no matter what. What emerged through the trees made the dragoness growl even lower - another dragon. It looked similar to her only black and obviously male. While this was much of a shock to her, her human was more important than that of her interest in this male. Bending lower over her human rider, the dragoness was almost lying on top of her by the time another human approached.

    The human had seemed to try and approach her carefully. His eyes were trained on her at first, but it wasn't long before his eyes moved to the spot below her - to her rider. She was frightened and angered all in one, especially with her human below harmed, and this human she didn't know trying to approach her was not sitting so well with her. Growling deeper within her chest, the dragoness wasn't willing to let the human take her friend. No way in hell was that going to happen!

    "Hey now, I'm not going to harm you or your rider." The human male spoke to her, using quite the same tone Castiel sometimes used with her, "I just want to help, she looks drenched, she needs to be warmed up, okay. I promise no one will harm you."

    There was a pause in the growling as the dragoness glanced down at the human below her. She knew her companion was hurt, she knew that this human could be her only chance to help her. The growling stopped and the Fury stepped away from the humans but kept her distance close.She had many questions about these two, and she was sure her rider did as well but first they needed to get the girl healed. As the male made a move to pick the girl up, the white dragon butted in and knocked him away from her with a warning growl, then made a move to bend down. She wasn't about to let the human carry her friend. The only thing she would allow him to do was put her on her back.

    Once back at the camp, since the girl hadn't had many wounds, it hadn't taken long for this scrawny human to help her rider, but what she needed was to be warmed quickly. Once Castiel was being settled by the fire, Aurora laid next to her and wrapped her protectively in her wings. This wasn't like other dragons did. It was much like a dragon would do to smaller or younger kin, but definitely not something a dragon would do to a human. The dragoness didn't even go to heat the ground first, or something like normal dragon would.

    The white dragon was exhausted but she forced her eyes to stay open to guard her human from danger.


    Castiel was more cold than hurt. After not only being out in that hail storm, but also plummeting into the ocean, she was freezing. So, when she was layed by the fire and wrapped up in Aurora's wings, close to her warm body, she was heating up just a bit. It still took another hour though before she began to stir and blink her eyes open. Waking up wrapped up in her dragon's wing was nothing new to her. Most of the time she woke up like this. She layed there a moment, trying to gather her bearings. She was a little sore from the landing and had a pretty good gash on her arm, though it was somehow wrapped up in a bandage. Blinking in confusion now, she sat up "Aurora?...Wh....what happened?" She asked, as if the dragoness could answer.

    She gently pushed her dragon's wing from her view and her blue eyes widened in surprise at what she saw. A black night fury. Fury's were rare to begin with, and while she knew white furys were supposed to be the more rare, she had only seen a white one, not a black one. And along with the fury, was a human boy. Seeing this, she shrunk back against her dragon in nervousness, an unsure look on her face as she spoke, "W....who.....are you?"
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  6. At first the dragon didn't seem to listen to him at all, it continued to growl looking just as dangerous as she most likely was if she was at all related to a night fury. But after he had spoken there was an unexpected pause to the menacing growl and Alvin could almost see the conflict raging in the white dragon, it helped a lot that this dragon had a quite expressive face, very similar to Toothless. Maybe it helped to know the dragon as well but Alvin had always had an easy time reading Toothless emotions and generally what he wanted, and if this new dragon was another type of fury then it was not so strange that they would be similar in that as well.

    Finally the dragon stepped away from her human rider although it still kept very close, and Alvin could almost feel the suspicious eye trained on him as he carefully stepped closer, he wanted to move quickly, to see how the girl was doing but he restrained himself. It would not be so good if an unexpected move from him made the white dragon decide he was a threat and attack to protect her human. Well by the girl's side Alvin could at least not see any major wound except a deep cut on her arm but she was cold to the touch, her skin was pale and her lips was almost a pale shade of blue. Being unconscious after a fall into the waters this far up north was not a good thing.

    He shifted his weight and moved to lift the slim girl when he suddenly was on the ground, he hadn't even seen the dragon move before he was lying on his back, caught of guard and had had no chance of staying on his feet. Toothless responded in the same moment that Alvin landed, growling and drew closer but he didn't attack or otherwise retaliated as if he knew the reason the other dragon pushed Alvin away. It appeared in Alvin's eyes to be a warning of some sort to the white fury to remember that the male was not alone. Alvin rolled to his feet and patted Toothless's smooth scales covering his head before he stepped over the to unconscious girl and carefully lifted her up before turning to the dragon who stood ready to carry her rider.

    On the way back to the small cave Alvin walked beside Toothless, a hand resting on his scaly neck, the night fury appeared quite calm now even if it was easy to see he was more than curious if a bit on guard towards the white fury. After what felt like a lot more time than it ever could have taken walking that short bit the odd little group reached the cave and after a careful look at the white fury Alvin went over and lifted the girl up and placed her by the fire, it wasn't burning all that much anymore but that he could fix later.

    Thanks to all the rain it was easy to find some water to wash away the blood, pulling out some rags from one of the pouches tied to his belt Alvin wiped the wound carefully to dry it and wrapped it up securely with a longer bandage. He was far from a skilled healer and he had only a few necessities to care for simple wounds or scrapes but it would at least help stop the bleeding. As soon as he stood up and backed away the white dragon wrapped the girl in her wings and settled down to keep watch, her eyes keeping track of both Toothless and Alvin.

    "I'm going to see if I can find some branches to the fire," he said to Toothless who had settled down by the cliff wall a bit away from the strange new pair. His green eyes flicked to Alvin as he spoke and made few of his low rumbling croons and then turned his attention to the white fury again, curiosity evident in his large eyes. Outside the sky was still cloudy although the rain had let up, finding any dry firewood was a futile attempt but Alvin gathered an armful of slightly damp branches and returned to the shallow cave to find everything as he'd left it, the girl was still unconscious and the two furies still lay in their places.

    Stacking the firewood close to the fire Alvin hoped it would dry faster that way and threw a few of the least wet branches he'd been able to find, Toothless helped it along with a small fire blast and after some angry crackles and flying sparks the fire calmed and burned steady again. Sitting down by Toothless side once more, enjoying the warmth that radiated from his body Alvin settled down to wait until the girl woke up. The crackling fire and the warmth that quickly spread in the cave with two dragons and a fire heating it Alvin almost became tired despite it barely being past noon yet.

    He was snapped from his half dozing half daydreaming as Toothless straightened up and brushed his wing over Alvin's head when he did so, he was about to complain to the night fury when he saw the white dragon's wing being pushed away and he realised why Toothless had stirred. The girl still looked pretty beaten up but at least she was awake. Her surprise over Toothless was not what he had been hoping, since no one had ever seen another night fury besides Toothless he had hoped this girl who had a white fury would have seen more or even know of a place with more furies. But maybe that was too much to hope for.

    "I'm Alvin," he answered with a small smile. "Toothless here found you two by the shore, were you in the storm?" Flying in a storm was difficult, in some even impossible, Alvin and Toothless had been lucky they had found shelter before it even started in earnest, but it seemed these two had not been so lucky. "How are you feeling? Are you still cold?" He was just dying to ask her about her dragon and if she knew about other furies but he bit back to flood of questions to not overwhelm her after she just woke up.
  7. Castiel watched as the human boy and his dragon as the boy spoke, telling her his name. Just where had these two come from? Were they vikings like her people? But this boy, Alvin, didn't look like a viking. Then again, she didn't look viking either, and yet she had come from a viking village. Well, if he was from a viking village, it would give she and Aurora reason to be wary of him, dragon or no dragon by his side. And of course, before she could even speak, Aurora, apparently wondering the same thing, was up and in the boy's face threateningly. Struggling to her feet quickly, she gently put one hand on the dragon's chest and the other on her side pulling her backwards, "Aurora!" She finally managed to lead the dragon back a few steps, looking at the two apologetically, "I'm sorry. She's still kind of young and learning she can't threaten everything that moves."

    Once she had her dragon far enough away fro the two where there was no threat of fighting between the Night Fury and her own dragon, and the dragoness sat down beside her, she nodded and looked back to the boy once again. The blonde girl kept her distance, staying close beside her dragon, as he asked another question that made Aurora agitated. It was a question that would obviously be the first thing someone would ask. Or, one of the first things anyway. If Castiel was alright.

    The dragoness was protective over the human. Ever since Aurora had grown bigger than Castiel herself, the roles had sort of turned and it was more the dragoness taking care of her than the other way around. So, for the human to ask if her human was okay when the dragoness thought she could take care of her human all by herself, well she didn't like that. She was a proud dragoness snorted at the boy, wrapping herself around Castiel to the point that the girl had to lean up over the dragon's tail and wings to look at the two males, "Um...I'm fine. I think I'm warm enough with Aurora right here."

    Aurora was indeed very intelligent and understood every word exchanged between the two humans. Still, she didn't like the idea of being near these two unknown males, even if they had helped them. The dragoness continued to eye them suspiciously and when th two would do something she didn't like, she would snort slightly, her tail swishing back and forth over the ground lazily as she sat there wrapped around Castiel, allowing the two humans to converse while she made sure that the male human and dragon kept in line. She may have been over-exaggerating on her suspicious gazes, but If it was one thing he knew about dragons, herself being one, it was that they were unpredictable, and a male fury was even more so.

    Castiel herslf stood there with Aurora and gently scratched under the dragoness's chin. Her purring sounds when she did that always seemed to calm Castiel and she really did need to calm down right now. Her nervousness was skyrocketing and she wasn't really sure what to think about all of this, specially being around another human. Biting her bottom lip in thought, she figured since he introduced himself, she should do the same. So, she shyly glanced back over at him from the side, her voice quiet, "My name is Castiel Keltivene Bloodvist. And this, as you probably heard me say, is Aurora. We....came from a village far off from here."
  8. The white dragon had no shortage of protective instincts that was for sure but for once Toothless seemed the more mature one, while he normally bounced around like a youngster and was up to his usual playfullness despite his age he now behaved a lot more calm and almost bored, just like when Tremor bothered him. With the unruly terrible terror in a mischevious mood Toothless was not impressed with the antics and promptly ignored him, until the crazed terrible terror become too obnoxious and was scared of by a growl or a fire blast. For a while at least. This made Alvin wonder if the white dragon was indeed younger than the night fury himself or if he was just showing his opinion on the excessive protectiveness and badly controlled emotions.

    Toothless didn't seem faced by the white fury's threats and had a quite unimpressed look on his face, other than pushing his ears flat against his skull as he growled, showing all his teeth when the white fury came too close to Alvin, but he didn't move or retaliate. But when the girl spoke at least some of the many questions were answered as she made the white dragon's age and gender clear, which wasn't all that groundbreaking though, not considering the more interesting question would be what kind of dragon she was. "It's alright, but if you don't mind me asking, what kind of dragon is she? No one around here has ever seen something like her before." And that was a feat in itself considering how many new dragon species had been found only since ALvin had been born, not to mention how many since vikings first stopped warring with dragons and actually formed a bond with them.

    "Toothless is a rarity himself as the only night fury that we know of but a white fury, now that is something my father would love to know of." Alvin said, a look that could only be described as almost childlike curiosity visible in his blue eyes. "Of course no one of us would do anything to either of you," he added quickly with a look at the white dragoness. She clearly seemed to understand humans like Toothless and he didn't want another one of her displays of protectiveness. "My father has always wanted to see every kind of dragon there is, even if that might be an impossible goal."

    Toothless lay still as a statue except for his ears that twitched with any new sound showing he was not quite at ease, occasionally he would flick his tail slightly, like a cat that was annoyed or somehow not so excited about what was going on, the red coloured mechanical tail-fin easily visible and heard when the metal hit the rock. This dragoness might be the first fury he had seen since he was young and the first white fury he had ever seen but that didn't make him like her or her rider. The girl had not done anything really but she was a stranger, the dragoness however had already been threatening and while he could understand why she reacted like she did around her human Toothless was definitely not a docile dragon, in his younger days he would probably have retaliated early on to defend Alvin.

    Leaning forward a bit Alvin picked up another branch and broke it in two before throwing it on the fire, even if it was daytime out the world was damp after the rain and no sun wanted to come out to warm up the land so to save firewood he kept the fire small. He was starting to get used to the edgy dragoness by now and her low growls when he moved although he kept from moving too fast to try and get her to see there was no threat to be found here. But he forgot all about that when the pale haired girl introduced herself. Alvin sat up so fast he almost tangled his legs together after crossing them in front of him moments earlier, Toothless reacted as well, his claws scraped the rock as shot up from his curled up position and crouched low to the ground, his pupils narrowed into slits, a low growl escaped past his extended teeth.

    Less aggressive than the night fury Alvin was still weary of Castiel, he had only ever heard of Bloodvist and his terrible dragon army with which he had intended to conquer the world through fear from both from his parents and his grandmother had he heard the stories, and also how the grandfather he'd never known had died in the battle against Bloodvist. "What did you say?" He asked when he found his voice again, having scrambled to his feet to stand next to Toothless with a hand resting against the dragon's head in a way to urge him to keep still and not do anything reckless.

    "What are you doing here so far from home? Are you here to scout so you can take revenge on us after all this time?" His blue eyes were narrowed and his friendly expression exchanged with suspicion, the girl didn't look like much of a viking but you didn't need much muscle power to scout. Just look at himself, a viking scout with little of the famous viking bulk. Of course it also seemed stupid to reveal your true name if she really was here to prepare for an attack but there was no accounting for human error.
  9. Aurora was always very protective over her rider, and the moment this human mentioned she and Castiel possibly meeting his father, she snorted in his direction, as if to say that his request would never be full-filled. Castiel wouldn't trust anyone enough right now. Neither of them did. Not so soon after running off from their home village. Castiel, instead of agreeing with or denying his request to come with them to see this young man's father, just went to answer his question about Aurora, "She's what I call a Light Fury. I'm not sure if that's really an official name or not, but as far as I know her kind is very rare and was never named before I named her kind that."

    She smiled slightly at the dragoness and patted her side before scratching her head, which actually seemed to calm the fury down and bring a sort of purr out of her. Yet, that bliss was short lived, because soon after Castiel had introduced them, the two males took a defensive state, the human getting very suspicious and slightly narky with her while the dragon began to act hostile, its teeth and claws bared, seeming ready to come at them. This caused Castiel's eyes to widen as she quickly stood to her feet, moving to stand close to Aurora, the dragoness taking the same position as the dragon, snarling and snapping her jaws in warning in their direction.

    "What?" This was confusing. What did he mean by scouting and taking revenge? Why would she have to take revenge on anybody? She slowly began moving to the side of Aurora as she thought about this, ready to hop on her back and fly off if these two acted on their hostile emotions and tried to attack them, "Does it matter why I'm so far from home? If you're asking that then I should ask you the same thing. Why are you so far from home? Huh?" She didn't like this. He was asking too many questions. What if he somehow had relations to her village. What if he told them in the area he had seen she and Aurora in? Distrust was starting to build up in both females and they were pretty much ready to take flight.

    "You know what? Nevermind. Don't even answer that." Making her decision that maybe staying in this cave with these two wasn't exactly the best choice she could make, and swiftly she hopped onto Aurora's back, "Have fun growling at and accusing another stranger. Come on girl. Lets get out of here." Aurora snarled and then snorted in the two's direction, and with that the dragoness turned, bounding off out of the cave and taking to the skies.
  10. When the girl reacted like she had no idea what he was talking about only to jump on the white fury's back and fly off Alvin just looked after the two for a few seconds, he had not thought the girl would bolt like that. Was she really not like her father or was she just very good at playing innocent and this was just a way to get rid of suspicions. No, he had to stop overthinking everything. Alvin shook his head and sighed, pushing back dark hair that fell into his eyes. He had no reason to be this worked up, the stories he'd heard since he was a child must have rubbed of on him even more than he had realized. "What do you think Toothless?" The fury looked back at him, his pupils no longer slitted, and just shrugged before sitting down and wrapping his tail around him apparently leaving all the decision making to the human, with the pair gone he'd already lost interest. Like a young hatchling only capable to keep the interest up when something was in front of them. "Thanks for that valuable input," he muttered. "Real helpful."

    Either way they couldn't just let the pair leave, if even a tiny bit of his suspicions were true he needed to catch up to her and at least get some information of interest to take back to Berk so they would send out more people after her. Or with the chance that she really was innocent despite her family then he couldn't just leave it like this. Letting out another sigh he put out the fire and jumped onto Toothless's back. "Come on, we have to go after them. Can you find them?" Toothless let out an odd snort mixed with a croon and shook his head, Alvin had come to liken it quite closely to a human eye roll or exasperated sigh, either way it was something like a response to what they thought was a stupid question.

    Toothless leapt out of the small cave, sniffing the air and flicked his ears around to catch the many sounds that had erupted after the storm gave up and animals left their shelters. The moist ground was easy to track smells on and after just a few moments the night fury leapt of the ground in a near horizontal take off, letting out his special growling laugh as his rider complained about the sudden take off. He wouldn't have minded much leaving the strange new pair go their own way, he was interested in this fury, she was something he had never seen before but Toothless didn't trust them and certainly didn't like the dragoness's very open threats towards Alvin. But if Alvin wanted to find the two so much then fine, he'd track them down, not that he liked it even so.

    The sudden leap of the ground almost pushed Alvin off but years of riding had given him pretty good reflexes, especially since Toothless had been his teacher for many of those years, the playful night fury having left a young Alvin pretty shaken up many times in the beginning. At times like this though, those unpredictable flight lessons from Toothless were quite good to have under the belt. Toothless floated calmly along the sea, ears flicking around to find a direction and soon he told Alvin in his own way which direction the females had taken. Shifting the tail fin for the sharp turn Alvin leaned close to the dragon, knowing it was best to keep close when Toothless started flying for real. At those speeds Alvin often felt like he'd blow off unless he leaned forward, sure Toothless would not let him fall to a painful death among the waves if he could help it but Alvin didn't really feel like testing it out either way.

    After a couple of minutes Alvin began to make out a shape on the sky in front of them, Alvin could swear it looked like a white dragon against the dark clouds even though the sun that peaked out from behind the clouds occasionally made it hard to see the dragon all the time. With Toothless flying at almost top speed they actually made progress in catching up, the final help coming from making a lucky guess on their intended direction and cut them off. It saved them a lot of distance and soon the distance between them was so small that they could at least hear each other.

    "Hey, I'm sorry we came off as so aggressive," at that Toothless snorted and narrowed his eyes a touch, looking like he didn't want to be added in the 'we' part. "Your name just came as a surprise, I don't normally greet new people with accusations." Not that there was usually that many new people to great, there were a couple of viking villages spread out across the northern seas but they were located pretty far off from each other so meeting new people was sort of rare. "Can you just give me a chance to explain? And preferably not up in the air."