How to Train your Dragon~ Riding school

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  1. So I watched the second How to Train your Dragon movie and this idea popped into my head, and I thought it was interesting so here it isn't~

    You have been selected to attend The Dragon Riding Academy, you can sign up as a human or a dragon. Your human will not start out with a dragon. Each class I will pare them with a different dragon. You will get each dragon once before I start putting your human with the dragon they did best with. Your human and dragon will not be a permanent pare you will get them once but I will purpusly not put them together so that it will be a more wide role playing experience. You will have to learn to become friends with and understand another dragon that won't automatically fall in love with your charter. I want you to have to work to win them over and dragon rpers make it hard for the humans to win them over. It will make it a lot more fun and I will pick the matches of each class and at the very end I will be reading all the posts and putting together the matches I think are best, these will be your permanent matches. Other than that you are just here to learn and have fun the teachers are npcs so they can do whatever. I hope everyone enjoys the plot :)

    If you are interested here is the IC, we need members so everyone feel free to join :)
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