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    Castiel Bloodvist


    Dragon: (she won't come in until later on)
    Castiel was always different from other people in her village. Everyone else in her village was always so strong and brave, and Castiel, while she was beautiful, was weak and could never stand in a fight, thus she was looked down upon and no on wanted anything to do with her. Though no one would dare say anything bad to her, for fear her father, the strong and quick to kill Drago Bloodvist, would do away with them. Because of this, instead of treating her badly like she was sure they wanted to do, they simply ignored her, refusing to socialize with the girl. So, because often her father was off doing whatever he did when he was away, she always alone. She would go into the forests that surrounded her village and just keep to herself. When her father did happen to be home, she spent much time with him. Though in her time with him, she felt as though she wasn't seeing what he was really all about and that he was hiding something from her. So, one day when her father was preparing to leave, she said her goodbyes to him like she normally did and then stowed away on his ship to see what he was really up to.

    (Her hair is a pale blonde but we'll say it is so pale it will sometimes reflect the skies outside(for instance look pinkish during sunsets, ect). Her eyes are hazel and so will sometimes look blue, other times green, and sometimes a mix.)


    Marco Haddock

    19, just barely 19

    He Borrows Toothless most of the time. He is comfortable with all the dragons

    Marco was born to Hiccup and Astrid in Berk. His father, the chief of the clan and the leader of the dragons, was the most revered man of all. Sure, he wasn't exactly all brawn like his father, but Hiccup was smart and resourceful, leading the clan with a swift dragon by his side. Hiccup made sure that as a kid, Marco never had those same pressures he did. And so, unlike any other family, Marco was encouraged to explore, train, innovate. His brain thinks just like his fathers, it's almost eerie. However, Marco was a bit more hot headed than his father, which must have been a trait that he picked up from his mother. But when a mysterious girl showed up on the shores of Berk, his life changed, for better, or worse

    Castiel Bloodvist

    It was hard, being the daughter of such a great man. People held her to higher expectations. Those in the village her father ran wanted her to be just like him. Brave. Strong. A warrior fit to someday take his place in the tribe. But, she was none of those things. She was an outcast, born of a great man and a young woman he had kidnapped from a neighboring tribe. Her father had been older, even when Castiel had been born. After she was born, her father was told that likely he wouldn't be able to have any other children. And sure enough, with as many times he tried again with her mother(as well as any other women he chose to try with), he had no luck in having another child.

    Because of this, Castiel was of course his favorite and his pride. His only blood child. Her weak mannerisms were overlooked by him, but were heavily noticed by all in the village. Still, her father shielded her from harm and the terrors of the outside world, allowing no one to tell her of what lay beyond their village walls, as well as not allowing anyone to harm her themselves. Her sheltered life had made for a lonely life though. If those in her village were not deterred from her differences, then they refused to go near her for fear of her father's wrath.

    Growing up with no friends had left her with much time to herself. She would explore the nearby forests, learn to build new things, and even learned her hand in archery. In her village, archery was something of disgust. After all, who would want to use long range weapons if they were good at things such as Axes and Swords? Well, Castiel was no good with those things, considering they would call for the petite girl to go hand to hand with much larger individuals, long range weapons was something that at least made her feel a little prepared in case she had to defend herself. But to make her feel safe, she had to practice it. A lot.

    She was just coming back to the village from doing just that, her bow and arrows she had made herself places onto her back. She ducked under branches and stepped over logs walking down the familiar path until she finally made it back to the docks, where her father was preparing for his departure in the morning.

    "Afternoon, Father." Castiel smiled at the rough looking man who stood at the deck, arms crossed and looking rather stony in expression. Though, at the sound of her voice speaking to him, some of that washed away and she could barely see the hint of calm in his eyes that most didn't notice, "How are the preparations going for your trip?"

    Her father grinned and wrapping a bear like arm around his daughter, pulling her to his side, he nodded, "Well. If all goes well, this trip will be very....rewarding."

    Looking up at him, she frowned slightly, " long will you be gone this time?"

    Chuckling the man let her go, "No more than five days time." He nudged her with his hand in the direction of their home, "Now, go daughter. I have much to do before night fall."

    Nodding, the young girl left without another word, heading toward their home in the center of the village. There wasn't much to do there at home. She cooked dinner. Read some old books. Her father came home a little later on, and as he was eating, Castiel decided it was time for her to head to bed. And so, standing up, she walked over to her father and hugged him, "Good night father. I'll see you in the morning before you leave?"

    "If you are awake early enough, then yes." Looking at his daughter, Drago, kissing her forward then absent mindedly waved her off, sending her to bed.


    The next morning, Castiel was up very early(as she was every morning) and made sure she was there at the docks before even her father. She was always there to wish him goodbye. Ever since she was a little girl she would stand there, sometimes for hours, waiting for her father and the men to come and take their leave. She wasn't there for hours this time though. No, within just a half hour her father was there with his other men. The goodbyes between the father and daughter were quick, and then soon, they were all on the ship, preparing to sail.

    As she stood there, watching them do this and waiting for the to set sail, so many things came to her mind. Where were they going? What were they going to do? Just what was it her father did when he went on trips like this? She frowned as she thought about all of these and figured she would probably never know the answers.

    Or would she?

    Just then, as she stood there, an idea(that was possibly crazy) formed in her head and she, without thinking it through, was quick to put it into action. Snaking along the edge of the deck, she slowly made her way, without getting the attention of the crew, to the stairs that would lead to below deck, and once there, she hunkered down and prepared for the long trip ahead.

    And it was a long trip indeed. Two and a half days to get to where very they were heading. The food was stored down below deck as well, so at Castiel didn't go hungry in her time there. It was toward the end of the third day that she felt the ship come to a stop, and curious to see just where her father had stopped at, she slowly crawled over to the stairs. Slowly making her way up them, she was surprised at what she saw.

    Snow. She had heard of it, but the place she lived was warmer and never got snow. Snow and ice covered everything and it was surprisingly beautiful.

    The second thing she noticed though, was that all the people had already left the vessel and were storming toward what looked to be a village on the island. Her eyes widened and she rushed over to the side of the ship, watching everything unfold, As her father and the men approached the village, people come out as well, ready for battle and rode on the backs couldn't be. Leaning forward further against the railing, she watched and couldn't believe what was she was seeing. Her father had always told hr and the others in the village that dragons couldn't be trained and that one had to be very strong to even control one. These people must have been very strong then because each one of them rode a dragon.

    She watched on, so fixed on the fighting going on all around, that sh hadn't noticed one of the dragons land on the deck of the ship. This dragon must have been a spare because it had no rider on its back. It stepped closer and closer to her and it was only when the beast was a few feet away that she felt its presence and spun around, eyes full of fear as she tried to back away, only to stumble and tumble over the edge of the ship, straight into the freezing waters below.

    It was a struggle to keep afloat. Most people in her village didn't even know how to swim, but because of her small size and graceful movement, she had been one of the few to actually learn. Even with her knowing how to swim though, it was still hard to keep herself from staying under. Every time she came up for air, she was thrown back under by the waves, being carried further and further along the coast and away from the ship, which by then was already retreating away from this icy island.

    Just when she thought she might never get out of the water, a rather large wave smacked into her, causing her to tumble once again, only this time, onto the rocky shores. Coughing and gasping of breath, she lay there, her vision growing blurry and her head swirling. Soon she lay there unconscious on the rocky shores on Berk and was found by the men of Berk, being carried into the village as the attacks continued to proceed.
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  2. "Rise and shine sleepy head...."

    A soft and surprisingly warm voice floated from the entrance of the stairs, causing the young boy, more like adult, from his slumber. He had already turned 19, but his parents constantly continued to treat him like a child. He was still living with his parents due to the fact that he hadn't had a chance to build his home, let alone find a dragon. He was lagging significantly in the 'growing up' department. Groaning, Marco, the young offender who was still stuck in his bed, rolled over into his pillow, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to ignore his mother's sweet voice.
    "Come on, get up. Breakfast is getting cold~." She called again, her voice staying sweet and innocent as she reached the top of the stairs, leaning against a post near the stairs. The only response she got was a grunt, and his mother let out a sigh. "Toothless, sick 'em." She said with a grin, causing the young dragon to launch himself across the room and tackle strait into the sleeping child.

    "Oof! Mother of Zeus!" Marco yelled, holding onto his gut as the dragon started licking his face, nuzzling up against the young man he considered a child of his own. "Toothless!" Marco whined while his mother laughed at the sigh, Marco trying to shove the dragon away from his body. "Your slobber doesn't come out!" He complained, glaring at the dragon. The laughter from his mother subsided gently and she sighed. "You deserved it. You were the one that ignored my calls." She giggled, heading downstairs. "Hurry up and get dressed so I can get the slobber out~" She called as she walked down the stairs, and Marco grumbled, sliding out of bed. "Damn ogre." He mumbled under his breath.

    "Watch your language!" His mother yelled from downstairs and the man winced, grumbling as he went to get dressed, a dragon following at his side.

    A good half an hour later, Marco was finally walking out of his house, his braided hair sticking out slightly as he walked out of the house. It was cold outside on Berk, but that didn't stop the townsfolk from walking around. The village was as lively as ever, people bustling around, dragons flying overhead as the people passed by. Everything was normal, that was until a group of dragons came through, flying right over a small group of people gathering around a person, of some sort. The dragons, however, were more preoccupied with the boats, calling out signals to other war bands. Toothless was swiftly mounted by Hiccup, as he headed to fight said offender.

    Marco had to listen closely to the conversation around him, with all the chaos going on at the same time. Somehow, someone had washed up on shore of their island at the same time that Draco, some of the nastiest and meanest warriors landed on the island, charging at the homes nearby. Fire erupted in the air, and the cries of dragons along with it. Hurrying over to the group of people carrying something, Marco looked through the crowd, spotting a soggy and passed out female with long blond hair.

    Looking to the warriors, he knew they needed to be defending the island. They all had dragons to fight with, he didn't yet. Pushing through the crowd, Marco easily slid the girl into his arms. "Go. I can take her from here." Marco said, hoisting the woman into his arms. Several of the people lagged behind, looking at him. "Just go!" He called again, causing the crowd to hurry off towards the battle. Adjusting the girl in his arms, Marco finally got a good look at her. Her skin was as light and soft as snow, and she was as cold as a brick. Enraptured by her looks, he brushed some hair out of the way, staring down at her face. A large swooping shadow and the sound of dragon fire reminded him that now wasn't a time to be staring at a fair maiden in the snow. Hurrying towards his home, Marco held the woman against his chest, hoping to keep her warm while he ran.
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  3. Castiel Bloodvist

    Castiel was somewhat aware of the loud noises going on around her. Of the people shouting orders to their own men and of dragons roaring their terrifying roars. And yet, her unconscious mind couldn't piece them together to tell her she was being carried into an enemy village right in the middle of a battle. But, one thing she was aware of was when warmth made it to her skin, trying to fight off the cold left on her body from falling into the icy waters fo this snowy island. Her body instinctively curled closer to the warmth as she was carried away from the sounds of the battle and into a place that blocked out the cold winter air outside. The sounds of the battle outside were still audible, but muffled by the walls of whatever place she was in. A few moments after being taken from the outside air, she felt the warmth she had been curled against leave her as she was layed on something soft, only to a second later has something wrapped around her.

    Had someone from her tribe found her and brought her back to the ships? Oh her father was going to have into her when he found out she had snuck onto one of his ships without his permission. She would be watched even more closely than she had been before, if that was even possible. But, she supposed she would deserve that type of treatment for disobeying her father like that. She should have just waited back at her home village like she had done all those times before. She was just too curious for her own good and that could have gotten her killed. She had just been lucky she had been found and taken back to the ships before those in the enemy village could find her.

    Or, at least, so she thought. Yet, when she blinked her eyes opened, staring up at the ceiling above her, she realized it was not a ceiling she had stared up at before, as strange as that sounded. This was not any of the ships her father had, nor was it her house back home. This was somewhere completely different, a place she had never been before, and it instantly struck terror into her. Her eyes wide with fear she sat up, looking about the empty room to see that it was indeed a place she had never seen before. She was in some stranger's home, freezing cold nd soaked from falling in the water, having no idea who had brought her here and more importantly, what would happen to her now.

    She was shivering from the cold, wrapping the blanket tighter around herself, unsure what to do. Should she get up and try to run back tot he ships? Would she even be able to make it there without getting hurt or killed in the battle that was ensuing? Or should she wait out the battle and try to get away then? This battle shouldn't last much longer after all, but still, there was the question of would she be able to escape the hands of these enemy Vikings if she tried? Probably not. If she left now though she would be at a disadvantage with how weak and worn out her body was from struggling in those freezing waves, as well as her low body temperature at the moment. Really right now all she could do was wait it out and see what she could do when the time came to escape back to her home.

    And so, she sat there on the bed she had been placed in, looking about the room nervously with the blanket tightly around her to keep herself warm, unsure of just who had captured her and what was going to happen to her when they returned.
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    Marco tired his best to hurry with the soaking girl in his arms to his house. His father would defiantly not approve of him bringing a strange girl from off the beach who was soaking wet into his home, but he was currently occupied, he hoped. The girl kept curling into him and changing shape as he tried to carry her, forcing him to stop and curse under his breath at his inexperience with carrying moving objects, before setting back on his quick walk towards his house. Thankfully, his mother was also on the battle field with Stormfly, leaving the house unoccupied for the time being.

    Wasting no time, Marco kicked the door open, causing a rush of air to swirl past him as he marched through the open door, kicking it shut behind him. The doors had taken a worse beating than that. Dragon fire was never forgiving. Looking around the house, Marco tried to find a place to put her where she wouldn't freeze, but she wouldn't be in plain sight for everyone to see. Debating between his room and the couch, he decided that she was a lady, and should be treated as such, even if she was as violent as his mother. Slowly trudging up the stairs with the woman in his arms, Marco took the woman to his bed, setting her down on the soft sheets before pulling a blanket around her. She probably needed something to eat, and knowing his mother, she would have left the food on the fire if she was in that much of a hurry.

    Crossing his fingers, Marco ran downstairs to the fire, finding the warm soup still collected in the cauldron downstairs. Finding a spare bowl, he quickly went outside to wash it out with snow, before coming back in and scooping up a little bit. She fell into the cold waters of Berk, the least he could do was offer something to keep her warm. The sound of battle were dying down by the time Marco was headed back upstairs towards his room, going to see if she was awake enough to eat, or at the least tell her who she was. And much to his surprise, the woman was awake, and slightly terrified.

    "Ah, you're up." He said calmly, smiling at the girl in his warm bed. He walked forwards slightly, a smile present on his face as he walked towards her. "You took quite a nasty swim this morning. We found you on the beach. You must be freezing." He said, his tone relaxed as he smiled back at the woman
  5. Castiel Bloodvist

    How could Castiel not be freaked out being a place she knew nothing about and not knowing what might happen to her while she was there? And so, at the sound of the door being pushed open, she jumped, and her body tense in fear and her wide eyes looking to see who was coming in the room. It was a young man, possibly no more than a year older than herself, walking in with a smile on his face and a calm demeanor, as if this was all a perfectly normal situation. Maybe it was? For all she knew they had people wash up on their shores all the time. Though, thinking about it, she highly doubted that. After all, with how far off this icy island was from any other villages, how many people could happen to not drown and get washed up here? If she could make a guess she would say little to none.

    Her eyes followed him cautiously as he stepped a little closer to her, a bowl of soup in his hands as he approached her, telling her how she had fallen in the water. Of she remembered that very clearly, the freezing water having felt like needles sticking into her skin and how the waves were harshly dragging her under until she had been tossed onto he frozen shores of their island. That, from what he was saying, was where they had found her after she lost consciousness. And obviously he had brought her here afterwards.

    But the question was; why had he brought her here instead of just leaving here there to freeze to death? Many people in different villages, including her own, would have just let a stranger that had washed up on their shores perish there instead of helping them. She knew had the roles been reversed, and he had washed up on their shores of her home village, even if she had wanted to help her, the others in the village would not have allowed her to do so and he would have perished as he layed on their beaches.

    When he made the comment that she must be freezing, Castiel did no more than give a slight nod, wrapping the blanket tighter around herself, eyes still watching him warily. She had no idea what to do or say in a situation such as this and so stuck with just a simple question, "Who are you?"
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    Marco was surprised he was keeping his calm at the moment, he had just let a stranger into the house, and his dad would have him roasted on a spear if she ended up attacking him, or worse. Yet he found it hard to be so mean and cruel to someone so strikingly good looking. There wasn't much for him in the looks department, as he was concerned, so she would probably rather puke and die than be close to him. Chuckling sadly at his own thought, Marco took a few more steps, smiling warmly at the woman.

    She couldn't have been much younger than him, though she could have been older for all he knew. Females were not exactly a specialty of his, and he was surprised he wasn't blushing out of control or stuttering like an idiot. Maybe because she reminded him of his mother a little bit, with the light blond hair. She was very conservative though, or just very afraid of him, because she seemed to be following his every movement with a harsh, yet curious glare. Keeping the soup bowl steady in his hands, Mark smiled lightly at the woman, making sure his pace was slow and steady as he approached her, almost as if he was approaching a new dragon.

    "Me? My name is Marco Haddock. I'm the son of the chief here on Berk." He said with a soft smile, looking over at her. She seemed to be wrapping the blankets around her tighter, and he chuckled again. "You don't have to be afraid of me, I'm not going to do anything. The villagers picked you up this morning during a battle, I am not really sure who you are, but even if you were on Draco's ships, I'm not going to hurt you, you haven't done anything to merit me wounding you." He said as a joke. How could someone like that come from one of those ships? And at any rate, she was probably a captive, or something.
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  7. Castiel Bloodvist

    So this young man was the son of the man that ran this village? Why did that not make her feel any better? She contknued to eye him cautiously, looking for any signs that he may attack her. He went on to tell her that she didn't have to be afriad of him and that he wasn't planning to do anything to her. She knew though, a smart person wouldn't believe a stranger they had just met. Even if so far he hadn't shown himself to be a threat and seemed to be trying to appear less threatening, she couldn't let her guard down or else she might get attacked when she least expected it.

    Then he went on, explaining how the men from his village had foudn ehr during the battle and that, even if she had come from Drago's ships, she hadn't done anything to warrent him harming her. She blinked a little in surprise when he said that, but not for the reason he might think. A normal person seeing her expression might think she was suprised that he wasn't goign to attack her even though she might have come from an enemy ship. But her surprised expression was caused by the fact he knew who her father was. How was her father known by this young man? And more so, how many other people knew her father by name? It was a bit of a confusing and worrying thought. She would have to be sure to ask him about this when she got home. Well, if she ever got home.

    But, if this man knew it was her father attacking his village, then that meant her father was an enemy of the people in this village. If they knew she was his daughter? It might not end very well for her, ending with her either being harmed or killed most likely. For the safety of herself, perhaps it was best to act as though she wasn't who she actually was. Hide her identity in a way. At least until she coudl get home and be in safety once more. She watched him for a moment, before looking down at her hands, trying to form a short yet convincing identity as she spoke, "My vilage was attacked just a few days before Drago came here to do the same to yours I suppose."

    She looked back to him, "My name is Castiel."
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    Marco could see that she was still wary of him and he mentally cursed to himself. 'She's not just going to fall at your feet dumbass, you have to give her time.' He thought to himself, still keeping his smile. She was a smart person, that was for sure. Hopefully they could get her back to wherever she was from. But then again, they may have wanted her gone, tossing her over with malicious intent in their eyes. But of course, that was a long shot. Most people who were taken captive wanted to be returned to their home. He took notice of her expression changing as he said he wouldn't blame her. He couldn't tell if it was relief, surprise, or something else.

    Keeping a smile, he approached the side of his bed, setting the bowl of soup next to her. Hearing her speak about her village being attacked shortly before his, his expression saddened a bit. 'Of course, she would want to go home soon then. What a shame.' He thought, smiling over at her. "Well I'm sorry that you had to be taken away from them Castiel." He said, his tone light and sympathetic, smiling at her. "You should rest up a while and get your core temperature back up. As soon as my father is home, we can arrange to find you a way home." He said nicely, looking over at her.

    Dawning on a moment of realization, Marco turned to the young woman with a questioning brow. 'What village could have been attacked before this one? There aren't many places close to here, not that I have heard of anyway.' He thought, looking back at her. "What village are you from?" He asked, quite curious as to where she came from. His father had located many other places, but the only tribes they had seen so far were far enough away that it was hard to get too. And if she had been from one of the villages in contact with Hiccup, they would have known of the impending attack.​
  9. Well, at least he was buying what she was saying for now. or at least she assumed for a moment there. Maybe if she could keep this up everything would turn out okay. She could simply have them take her close to her home village and then travel the rest of the way there on foot. Unlike those in her village, Castiel was a peaceful sort of person. She didn't want to cause anyone trouble, much less cause someone to get hurt. If she could get home safely without causing harm to another than she would be fine with that. If it was someone else in her village they might have lead the people in this village straight into a trap. But she wasn't like them. She never had been. Of course, these people here didn't know that and if they found out she was related to Drago Bloodvist and his people it would surely cause her plenty of problems and pains.

    She tensed a little when he approached her a little closer, but only set the bowl of soup on the bedside table before giving her some space again. Gingerly she lifted the warm bowl in her hands and after blowing on it to cool it a bit took a small sip. It actually tasted okay. Not as good as how her mother used to make it when she had been around and maybe not as good as the own soup Castiel herself made, but it was still fairly good. She took a sip and then he was speaking again. She looked to him when he asked what village she was from and her heart dropped in her chest at this question.

    If she said the name of her village would he know what she was talking about? She had to contemplate that for a moment. But, thinking about it, if she knew her father well and how secretive he was, and how thus far their village hadn't really been attacked by any other villages, no one would really know the existence fo their village. Right? Surely. So, then he probably wouldn't have ever heard fo their village and thus wouldn't know who lived it, especially that her father Drago was the leader, "I'm from Kiadon. It's a village far to the north. It's a lot warmer than your village here. I don't think I've ever even seen snow before. It really is a big difference."

    The soup was helping to warm her up though, which was good. She surely wasn't used to the snow, nor had she been prepared to be dropped into the freezing waters. The people here wore warm furs and such to help them from getting cold, but in her village there was no need for it and so they normally wore clothes fashioned for warmer and milder weathers. Brushing a blonde strand of hair from her face, she looked back to him, "Is it always this freezing? With snow and all?"
  10. Marco looked back at the girl as she seemed to pause before responding with the name of her village. 'So maybe she is hiding something. But what? I mean, sure you can hide some things from a stranger, but not a stranger as smart as me.' He thought, turning back towards her. She was very odd to say the least. Dressed in such thin clothing, it was a miracle she survived the fall into the ocean. Looking back at her, Marco pulled up a seat, sitting down a ways away from his own bed.

    "Kiadon you say...." He mused quietly, his brow furrowed in concentration. That name was so strikingly familiar that he knew something was going on. All they knew of to the north was Draco's home, the place where his mother had rescued Stormfly and escaped with the rest of his parent's friends. That was the only thing up there for miles. There had to be something. Flexing his muscles in thought, he crossed his arms. "Well it's always this cold around here. Snows 9 months of the year and hails the other 3. So not being cold isn't really an option." He said, still gazing at her skeptically.

    "You know, most of us over here are quite the accepting bunch. Well that is, until someone decides to go back on that trust." He pointed out, getting up to walk around a little bit. "We don't take kindly to strangers who lie to us." He said, his tone a little less, caring than before. "Though that shouldn't be a problem, now would it? In fact, I think my parents should be home soon. You can tell them all about your village so we can fly you there as soon as you are well enough to travel." He said. "And we will make sure you get all the way into the village and to your parents, that is if you still have them." He said, adding the last part just to be safe. Sometimes people didn't have parents at all, but they should at the least have guardians. "I hope you don't mind but you might want to put on some furs, it's rather chilly right now." He added, taking note of her light and breathable clothing, something that could turn to ice in this kind of weather.

    His mother's instinct was starting to take over as he watched her carefully, his eye looking out for any sign of her hiding something. He hated dishonest people, they were always horrible to be around.
  11. Castiel could feel her heart drop in her chest as the young man in front of her continued to speak to her. This was bad, very bad. From the way he was talking, he knew something was up, and knew she had lied to him. And now, she had a feeling when those lies were confirmed to be just that, she would have it. And worse, he was suggesting they fly her straight into the village and to her parents. This situation was just getting worse and worse by the second and she had a feeling she was doing nothing but digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole she wouldn't be able to crawl out of. She watched as he paced about the room and when he finished speaking she shook her head, "I--I don't really....think that would be a good idea. Even if your people are accepting not all villages are. And my village is one of those that don't really take kindly to strangers. If they see you flying in they could very well think you to be attackers and attack you before they even saw me with you."

    Well, that part was true. If they tried flying into the village on the backs of dragons, her people would hunt them down and kill them and their dragons. And that was another thing; their dragons. All her life her father had taught her dragons were uncontrollable beasts that would take someone's head off the first chance they got. Not to be pets and to be thought of as nothing more than weapons for those strong enough to control them, though that wasn't many. The thought of riding on the back of a dragon was utterly terrifying to say the last. Or even going near one for that matter.

    When handed the furs she proceeded to put them on as she spoke, her nerves causing her hands to tremble ever so slightly. She was a horrible liar. She knew it and that trait was one that caused her plenty of trouble, just like now. But she just couldn't tell them about who she really was! They would surely kill her or use her against her father if she did! Even if they knew she was lying, she couldn't tell them the truth no matter what. They would either have to accept the lies or just settle with knowing she was lying and be kept in the dark since she wouldn't tell them anything, "It...would be better to drop me off a little ways from the village. I could get there the rest of the way safely on my own."

    He was watching her carefully and the look in his eyes left her trembling. If he hadn't seemed threatening before, he did now and it was enough to terrify her more than she already was. She shrunk back where she sat, the fear clear in her eyes as she attempted to find something else to say but every time she would open her mouth to speak,s he would close it again, finding that no matter what she thought of to say all it would probably do was dig her deeper into trouble and so finally shut her mouth and kept it shut, averting her gaze from his judging eyes.
  12. Marco knew she was hiding something now. The instant he brought up something about flying her strait to her parents, her heart seemed to drop into her stomach. Marco clenched his fist tightly at the thought, sighing deeply. This woman was strait up lying to him, how irritating. Of course the part about the dragons coming into a village made a lot of sense. The times had been changing but some people still hadn't seen dragons before, let alone ride them.

    Looking back at her as she continued to stutter on, Marco heaved another sigh and sat back down in his chair. "Well that's quite alright, but I am not sure how soon we will be able to let you go. The snowstorms make it hard to fly around for too long. If you feel up to it I could take you on a ride later, whenever Toothless get's back." he said, leaning back. He was trying to ease the tension his words had brought to the air, since the girl was shaking much more violently than before. 'Ahh, mother of zeus I scared another one. I have to tone down my anger.' He thought, his mind wandering to that time he had caused a little girl to cry. Man, the punishment his mother gave him was the worst.

    Just as his mind dawned on his mother, the front door opened and slammed shut, announcing the presence of another human being. "Marco? Are you upstairs!" A female voice hollered from downstairs, causing Marco to scramble out of his seat, a slightly panicked look on his face as he headed for the stairs. Sure enough, as soon as he had darted over to the opening, he was meet by his angry mother. "Where on earth were you! I thought you had died or something!" She chastised the young man, who was still looking around frantically. "Mom, just, hold on a second." He said, trying to interrupt his ranting mother. "We have a guest!" He said loudly, causing his mother to fall silent.

    "Who is she?" Astrid asked, not giving the boy time to answer as she pushed past him and up the stairs. Peaking her head up into the room, she noticed the frightened female in his bed and glared down at the young man twiddling his thumbs. "What did you do this time?" She asked, her tone somewhat exasperated, and somewhat annoyed at the same time. "Nothing! I didn't do anything!" Marco insisted as his mother continued up the stairs. "I keep telling you not to get in trouble. You are going to be chief soon, you have to act like it." She chastised before turning towards the female with a kind look. "Sorry about my son, he is a little, well, he's Marco." she said, not finding the right words to use for her now angry looking son who was sitting by the stairs. Marco was about to speak up when a big ball of black smacked into him, sending him to the floor as toothless, the large black dragon nuzzled into him. "Toothless....." He groaned to himself, Astrid laughing at her son who was currently being smothered by a dragon. Toothless, however, paused only moments after tackling his rider's son to the floor, his nose lifting to the air as he spotted a new scent. Marco was quick to react and stepped up off the ground, holding Toothless gently by the neck. "Toothless, it's alright. She's a guest. Castiel, meet Toothless. Toothless, Castiel." He said calmly, trying to keep the dragon from going over and sniffing her out or trying to protect him. Toothless was going crazy, growling as he glared over at the girl. He smelled something on her, that's for sure.
  13. Castiel wasn't exactly sure what was going on. She didn't know how to fell or react about this whole situation. One moment the young man in front of her was looking and speaking so menacingly and the next he was trying to ease the tension he had caused to fall onto the both of them. It wasn't really helping calm her nerves, though, as the damage was already done and she was frightened even more now for her life. She continued to sit there, looking at him with wide hazel eyes as he stated he didn't know how long it would be before she could be returned home due to the harsh snowstorms they got in this area. And then offered to take her out flying on a 'Toothless'. She could only assume that this 'Toothless' was one of the dragons she had seen flying about before she had fallen overboard the ship.

    She opened her mouth to say how that probably wouldn't be a very good idea, considering she was pretty much terrified of dragons, but before she could even get a word out, the door downstairs opened and slammed shut and a woman's voice called upstairs for Marco. Next thing she knew, the young man in front of her, who had just a moment ago been sending her into a panic, was in a small frenzied panic himself as he scrambled out of his seat to get out fo the room to meet the woman down the stairs. She could somewhat hear the conversation going on, the woman scolding him. And then, there was the mention of a 'guest' and she could hear the two sets of feet coming up the stairs back to the room she was in.

    She watched in that same fear as the two entered the room again, though it at least seemed like the woman had her attentions pulled back to her son rather quickly, asking what he had done in a tone that told Castiel that perhaps this boy either got into trouble a lot or scared a lot of people. Or both maybe. But either way, after getting onto him, she turned back to her and apologized for her son's behavior. She glanced over at the young man again and he looked about ready to say something to defend himself from his mother's words when something large and black smacked into him, knocking him to the floor.

    At the sight of the dragon inside of the house, or really anywhere in general, Castiel let out a squeak of fear backing up further against the backboard of the bed, fearful eyes now on the dragon that was growling in her direction. The introduction didn't exactly make her feel any less scared of this dragon, doing her best to stay far away from it as possible, her voice full of panic, "You let a dragon into the house?!"
  14. Marco was trying to gauge the young woman's reactions well, but as soon as Toothless came into the room, a streak of fear crossed her face, and she let out an adorable squeaking sound. 'How are people capable of making a sound that high pitched?' He thought, looking down at Toothless. "Toothless, she's a guest. Not an enemy, you need to settle down." He said, scratching under the dragons chin. Toothless seemed to calm slightly, but he still kept his eyes on the young woman in his bed.

    "Sorry about that. Toothless gets a little tempermental around new people." Astrid apologized, and she chuckled as the girl cowered a bit. "Oh come on now. He is as smart as you and me. Besides, he doesn't hurt anything that doesn't hurt his family or friends. He is just a bit stubborn when you first meet him. Just like most men." She said with venom as she walked towards the young woman, causing her son to swallow loudly. "Come on now, he won't hurt you, I promise." She said, extending a hand towards the young maiden.

    Marco, however, was busy occupying the large dragon. "What is up with you Toothless!" He whispered harshly at the pouting dragon in the corner, who only huffed in response, turning away from the child. "Don't you go pouting on me young man." He said, only causing the dragon to mimic him in growls and grunt. Marco glared at the dragon and whispered "Don't you mock me in front of our guest. You scared the life out of her!" he chastised, looking at him.

    "Come on now, you have to apologize!" He said, looking into Toothless' eyes. "She is already terrified enough." He added, and the dragon rolled his eyes, turning around to face Marco and bring himself fully into the room as Marco backed up towards the wall. "Want fish?" Marco asked, instantly causing the dragon to light up and come bounding towards the barrel on the side of the room. Marco opened it and dumped whatever was inside into a large dish shaped object, which Toothless darted for immediately and started eating from. "Sorry about that Castiel. That's my fathers dragon, Toothless. I don't have one yet, but I will soon." He promised, standing a ways away, per his mother's glares.
  15. Castiel wasn't sure what to think or how to feel about all that was going on around her. All she did know was that she was scared to death of that large black dragon they called Toothless. And while they were trying to explain to her that the dragon was 'harmless' she jut couldn't help to think other wise. It was in the way she was raised and in her life experiences. And in the way the dragons had started growling and glaring at her the moment he had spotted her. She watched nervously as they went on to distract the large beast with fish and moved her gaze over to the woman, holding her hand out for her to take. The hesistantance was clear on her face as she sat there, an unsure look on her face.

    These people, they were enemies of her father. People who would likely kill her if they knew who she was. Should she really be taking one fo their hands for her to lead her into doing who knew what? Or to try and bring harm to her? Of course, they didn't know she was an enemy, but still. It was a very dangerous situation to be in. Yet, if she wanted the truth to stay in the dark, shouldn't she just go along with things? She didn't know. One slip up and she would end up dead, she knew that. She would just have to trust that if she did what they wanted she wouldn't get hurt.

    And so, hesistantly she placed her hand in the woman's, worriedly glancing over to the dragon that was goggling up fish in the corner of the room. She had heard horror stories of people getting arms and legs bitten off by dragons. Not only that...but her own mother...she shivered at that thought, pushing it back out of her mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about the grief of her past. Now was the time to try to stay alive without loosing an appendidge.
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  16. Astrid looked up at the young woman with a kind smile, and she held her hand gently. "Alright. Now we are going to do this slowly. Toothless won't bite you, he doesn't bite anyone. Only fish." She said, reassuring the woman on the bed as she walked backwards towards the dragon. Sure, dragons were terrifying to most people, but if Toothless got to know her, he would be relatively harmless. In fact, it might help her branch out a bit and bring the ideas to her clan, maybe.

    Marco, on the other hand, was still distracting Toothless for a bit, watching him finish up the fish before the large beast turned towards the young woman, shaking himself out and stretching his wings. "Easy now." He said soothingly, stretching out a hand to meet the dragon's nose. He slowly let his hand press against the cool scales of the dragon, walking backwards slowly, approaching Castiel and his mother slowly to meet in the middle. Hopefully, Castiel wouldn't cry or anything, that would make him feel worse.

    Smiling back at Castiel, Astrid slowly lead the girl off the bed, keeping an eye on her. "What we are going to do, is have you touch his head. It shows a sign of trust if he let's you. Let's do this slowly." She said, slowly letting her transfer Castiel's hand to Marco's, so he could let them meet in the middle
  17. Castiel continued to watch the dragon worriedly as the woman continued to slowly pull her toward it while at the same time the young man began to lead the dragon backwards so that they would meet in the middle. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest with fear, and though the woman was saying that Toothless wouldn't bite her, she couldn't help but be afraid fo the large beast that sported sharp teeth that could cut through skin like butter and break bones like a grinder. She could feel herself trembling more and more the closer she got to the creature, knowing this was really something she shouldn't be doing and it was for sure something her father wouldn't agree with. But there was more to this fear than just those two things. More to it than either of these two could understand.

    Soon her hand was being transferred from the woman's hand into the hand of the young man that stood between she and the deadly dragon. Her hand approached closer and closer to the dragon's head and the closer it did get the more frightened she became until finally right before her hand could touch the dragons scales her hand jerked out of Marco's, taking a few frightened steps away, "I-I can't. I just can't."
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  18. Marco watched Castiel closely, hoping this would work. The poor girl was trembling like a leaf, and it was almost sad to see. Taking a deep breath, Marco reached out and grasped her hand gently, being very gentle with her hand. Her skin was still ice cold, but her hands were soft and smooth, something rare to find in such a world where calloused hands meant hard working bodies. Slowly letting her approach the dragon, Marco observed the large dragon, who had his teeth retracted and seemed docile. It wasn't until a moment before her hand touched his scaly head, Castiel yanked her hand from his grasp, backing up and away from the dragon. Toothless huffed gently, blowing at the strands of Marco's hair.

    Slowly standing to full height, Marco sighed and looked at her. "That's alright, but you won't be able to get home until you aren't afraid of them anymore. And also the entire island kind of accepts them." Marco pointed out, looking at her. "It's quite alright though. Toothless is the only one of his kind we have seen so far. He used to be quite the lonely little guy, and now he's here with us." Marco said, scratching under his chin. "Is there anything you would like to do for now? We have quite a lot of time left in the day." He mentioned, smiling at her. "If you want me to get out of your hair, that's fine too."
    (It's fine~)
  19. She knew it was difficult for people like them to understand. people who were apparently around these creatures every day. She just...couldn't do it. After all she had been taught growing and up, and because of her own life experiences dealing with dragons, she just couldn't bring herself to not be afraid of them. She slowly looked back to Marco, who was standing beside the dragon looking disappointed that she had refused to touch the Nightfury, frowning at his words. She wouldn't be able to leave until she wasn't afraid of them? She could see why he said that considering everyone here traveled by dragon it seemed, but still! Who knew how long it would be before she could even bring herself to touch one fo those dragons, but less be brave enough to ride one.

    This was going to be a very long and trying experience, she could already feel it. She let out a soft sigh and sat upon the edge of the bed once more, when Marco mentioned how there was still a bit of time left today and how it was either they could find something to do or he could leave her be. Well, what was she supposed to respond to that. If she was just left alone here it would just be her sitting up in the room with nothing to do but stare at the wall for the rest fo the day. But at the same time she didn't know what she could do. She didn't know anything about this place and was afraid of the creatures that the people in this village lived side by side with.

    It was a tough decision for someone like her to make with her not knowing what might happen and she frowned to herself when thinking of her choices. Either way neither seemed good and so, unable to decide she let out a quiet sigh and gave a small shrug, looking back to him once more, "I wouldn't even know what to do here since I've never been here before." Much less anywhere outside of her small village for that matter, "What would you suggest?"
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  20. Marco hoped this girl could get over her fear of dragons. Teaching people who were afraid was no easy task, especially strangers. It had taken a little while for all of Berk, but for a stranger, it could take months, years even. It all depended on how much she was willing to try. After a while thought, she would get used to it here. It would be an especially long journey for the two of them, and he knew she could feel it. Smiling, he walked towards her with his hands in his pockets, a smile on his face.

    "Well without a dragon, there isn't much to do, but since they frighten you, we have a few options. We could go take a walk through the forest. I could show you around town and introduce you to people. It might be for the best so people don't go around trying to hurt you." He said, smiling at her. "Some of the Vikings are a little more... prickly than my family is." Marco added, smiling at her. "Regardless, we are going to have to find a suitable place for you to sleep tonight, since you were kind of sleeping on my bed." He pointed out with a chuckle, smiling at her. She may not have been a regular around here, but sleeping with anyone of the village at this point weirder him out. He couldn't bring himself to sleep next to a strange woman.

    "Would you like a towel to dry off your hair first before we go out? It can get very cold outside. Wouldn't want ice to freeze into it." He offered. "If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable since it seems we will be spending a bit of time with each other. Also note, that you don't have to touch Toothless at all, but he is part of the family. Any attack or threat to him will be considered a threat to the village, and the people here don't take kindly to threats." He mentioned. "And he also sleeps inside the house, but you can hardly see him most of the time since he's black, so he shouldn't bother you." Marco finished up, smiling over at the girl. "If you need something dry to change into I can ask my mother, or let you borrow one of my shirts." He offered. "It would be more like a dress on you."
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