How To Tell if You're a Basic Bitch

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  1. Yyyyeeeaaahhh... you basic.
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  2. Fuck you, Seiji. <3

    "That's some unoriginal ratchet shit."
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  3. *Sips pumpkin spice latte while putting up vinyl wall decals of birds or some shit*

    *Hangs self with infinity scarf*


    *Everyone thought that noose tying board she started on Pinterest was for Halloween*
  4. Dear god. Is this America?
    Where the hell have I been?
    What year is this?
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. WOW. That's just... Wow... xD
  7. I'm a bad bitch! :bananaman::bananaman::bananaman:
  8. Not everyone is cut out to be a bad bitch. Some bitches have to learn the hard way o___o
  9. I...I...just CAN'T EVEN.
  10. I think if you're legitimate into and happy enjoying things that are super popular and mainstream, then give 'er. Discriminating against someone for being into popular stuff is no different from dissing on someone for liking geeky/unpopular stuff.

    Here's Swoozie explaining the core of Basic!
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  11. Why not some Quizzes?

    I'll post my own results once I do these quizzes myself (which I am about to do now).
  12. I will note that some of the quizzes seemed to be basically picking the lesser evil.
    +A number of the questions (especially the music ones) didn't have a single band or singer I listened to. So I just picked what looked most like something I would listen to.

    My Results (open)

  13. I tried taking the tests but then they became boring

    EDIT: What? Tests like that are entertainment, not the truth of life
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  15. On second thought, let's not go to America.

    Tis a silly place.
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  16. If you have acquired tattoos resembling the ones below, you may be showing symptoms of being a Basic Bitch.




  17. Well this tells me how far I've disconnected from everyday society when I had to Google what a "basic bitch" even was. :ferret: Can't say I'm eager whatsoever to resolve the disconnection, it's rather inspiring me to further bury myself under a boulder.
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  18. Is that Patrick Warburton?

    Otherwise that was damn funny. Know a number of women (and men) who are like that. Unoriginal in such a painful way I just want to cry on their shoulder and let them know it's okay they suck.
  19. I recommend sticking with staying under a boulder like I do. Didn't know what a basic bitch was until today and wish I still didn't know. But that's the side effect of being on the internet, you learn things your fragile mind can't take and it becomes penetrated by horrible digital internet phallices which you just can't stop, no matter how much you scream, "But I don't want to ride the information superhighway!" It's going to happen.'s.... it... *cries softly*
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  20. Soooooo... basic bitch is the new hipster is it? The term everyone throws about without ever agreeing what it means?
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