How To Survive When Your Elevator Plunges

Blind Hemingway

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Sitting here in class, I just punched myself in the mouth to stop myself from laughing hysterically at the first "NO" image.

But this is good to know since some of the elevators I ride daily are pretty scary.
I can sleep well knowing that DAT ASS = DAT SURVIVAL.

Namely, my survival.

...actually, thinking about this consumed my thoughts when I was a kid, because of all the elevators I found myself riding...EVEN BACK THEN I WAS A SURVIVOR. But I was a lot shorter back then...I figured I'd just quickly punch everyone back the knees then take my place upon my new bed of vanquished foes and ride out the gravity storm.
...none of the buildings in my town have more than one story...
Cause I just saw it today...
Goddamnit that was one of my childhood theories too! D:< FFFUUUUUUUU
I don't know; laying on your back when an elevator is falling sounds like the best way to transfer all of the energy of the impact directly to your spine.

I'll stick with the broken knees.
Take the STAIRS! Barring some weird health condition its prolly better for you.
And once again ass triumphs gravity. There should be a rap about this.

Wiggy wiggy wut?