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  1. Krusnik: Alexzander J. Ashford (Except he has Silver eyes and Looks a older, like in his Twenties but you Basically get it) =) alexander_by_maria_sandary-d6e6ae7.jpg
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    Helena Anderson​

    Helena watched in the distance, hiding in the shadows on the cold stormy evening. She was watching the Krusnik closely. Helena wasn't fond of these vampire hunters. Years ago one of them came to her family and her. It was a terrible sight for Helena to see, hidden away so the hunter wouldn't find her. It was an order from her parents. They didn't do anything wrong, they were just trying to live a normal life, as normal as a vampire could get. This one Krusnik was corrupted, usually this didn't happen but this one was. He came to their house and slaughtered her parents. Ever since that day Helena has hated the Krusnik, she wants to kill them all though killing one would be a crime. This played into her head but the thought of her parents lingered in her mind. That is when she attacked the hunter and finally had enough strength to kill him. However, people found out of this and now Helena was stuck running from everyone.

    She ran down the streets, her shoes splashing water up. She had to find somewhere to hide or else she would get caught. Noticing a place in the distance Helena made her way to it. She wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to sneak into an unknown house but she had no other choice. She went into the shadows, so her pursuers wouldn't see her go into the house. Once they seemed to not be able to know where she was she got herself into the house.
  3. Alexzander Had never agreed with society. Growing up in his family it was perfectly fine to think that vampires were the scum of the earth. But when you had parents as powerful as his were then everyone expected you to Believe in the system his family had established. The man heaved a sighed as he loosened his neck tie. A nine to five job, forty hours a week, that was what you got when you didn't think the same as your rich and very powerful parents. At about the age of eleven he had learned that conformity was a choice. That he didn't have to believe everything his parents did. So Once his parents so very strongly knew his opinion on the matter of social standing they said conform or leave and he choose to leave. But now even though his parents sent him money he didn't touch it. He got this job to earn money for himself and lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city. He preferred to be by himself as the house stood next to very few neighbors he was pleased.

    Exausted and without a car he took the bus home to the last station and walked the rest of the way home. Everyone on the bus was fussing about something that had happened. A krusnik had been killed and the vampire who had done it fled and had not been caught as far as he was aware. He for the most part ignored the news. As he got home he paused as he slipped the keys into the front lock. It clicked open and he pushed open the door. It was silent...too silent. The dark seemed like a black hole. He reached in and flipped on a light to the hallway as he came in and shut the door behind him. Setting his Keys down he shrugged off his trench coat and hung it. Water dripped off his shaggy light brown hair as he looked around to see if anything was out of place...but there wasn't. He looked confused and kicked his shoes off before going back towards his bedroom.

    "I'm loosing my Damn mind..." he sighed. "If I'm not this job will make me one day...Just being paranoid..."
  4. Helena could hear someone coming towards the house before the door was unlocked and opened. She couldn't risk going back outside, she was going to have to stay in this house and hide away from this person until the right time. She kept herself in the shadows, which at first was easy though once the man turned on the light she had a little more trouble. Good thing she didn't need to breath, being so quiet he probably would have heard it if she had one. She kept herself still, any movement and he would get the suspicion that someone was in his house.

    She stared as he began to make is way to his room, that would be the perfect time. She could get away from the house when he began to go to his room. She made a slight movement now, to get herself ready to leave. Suddenly she heard voices outside from the distance, it seemed that the people looking for her were coming back around. This isn't good, she thought to herself. She was stuck in the house, hoping that her pursuers wouldn't go knocking on any doors to see if she was there.
  5. As he made his way back to the back of the house he heard voices from outside. He frowned as he pulled back the curtain in his living room and looked out. IN the streets there was a group of the police units searching the streets frantically. It must have been that vampire that had gotten away with murder. But right now, he didn't care. The man who had died was one of his father's disgustingly corrupted clients. He had probably gotten what he deserved. Just then, in the air felt heavier, more tense as she was stuck in the house looking around. He smirked a bit, his dog tag hanging at his neck. It made a tingling sound as he spoke as he took a few steps forwards. He got closer and closer too her and as he shifted his head and locked eyes with her, hiding away. He stood and let her continue to feel secure in the shadows. He spoke, his tone smooth.

    "How long are you going to hide there? " he asked and heard them outside. "Cause if they come knocking..." he trailed off.
  6. He found her out, much too quickly unfortunately. Helena watched him walk in her direction, eying his every movement. She herself made no sign of leaving the comfort of the shadows. She listen to him speak. Staying quiet a little after he spoke, letting the silence continue for a few more moments. "If they come knocking...what would you do?" She finally said to him, her voice was almost in a whisper. She could try to attack him, though that would most likely give away her position. She was stuck, waiting on his response and having to hope he would be sympathetic to her but who was ever sympathetic to a vampire. Especially one that has just killed a Krusnik.
  7. As he spoke to her he looked over her. She looked a bit younger than he was but knew better than to believe that. He knew vampires that were much older than he was but looked so young. It was their thing, but now Krusniks as well. Krusniks had to outwit and live just as long as they did if they stood any chance against them. Truth was that Krusniks developed from vampires, vampires who had turned on their own kind and eventually developed into the race they were now. When she finally spoke he was about to speak, he parted his lips to but there was a banging on the door. He looked at her expectantly as the banging on his front door continued.

    "Your a vampire...I should turn you in..." he said speaking quietly and looked her in the eyes. "Your the one who killed that Krusnik..." he trailed off and a look went though his eyes, a light. He stood up straight and turned as he went towards the door and opened it. The police were standing on his front door and looked at them as they spoke. But he dismissed their claims.

    "Do you seriously think I would harbor a vampire in between my walls...I never agreed with my parents but that is another thing to accuse me of harboring a criminal..." he frowned and looked at them disapprovingly. "Please leave, I've had a long day at work and the last thing I need is a bunch of rowdy and worked up Police officers on my doorstep..."

    They seemed very apologetic as they left and he shut the door and turned to face the vampire girl again. "Well...what do I do with you now? Not like you can leave...unless you want to be arrested and beheaded...or worse depending on what mood my father is in...probably one of his obnoxiously horrible killed one of his clients..."

    He walked towards her and past her back towards the kitchen. "But feel free if you'd one is stopping you....and I'm not forcing you to leave either. I say you diid everyone a favor...Greedy Bastard that man was..."

    It was well known in the city that John J. Ashford was a very powerful business man. Some say he had more political power than even the human that held the keys to the city.
  8. Helena's body was tense. He was right, though. He should turn her in but she had some hope that he wouldn't. She turned over at the door just as they began to knock. There was nothing she could do but watch what this man's choice was. She kept herself hidden while he was talking to the police. To her surprise, which appear slightly on her face, he lied to them. He had let her go, though she was unsure why. She watched him close the door.

    "I suppose you're right, if I go out there I'm in a lot of trouble. But the man deserved to be killed, I have no regret about it." She said. She stepped out of the shadows slightly. She took off the hood she was wearing. "Thank you for that. Once they are gone I'll find somewhere else to go."
  9. "Once they are gone...?" he asked and stopped and looked at her. "I could be wrong but the last time a vampire did this they hunted them down until they were found. You leave these walls and your some Krusniks dinner...Probably my dad's...." he sighed and shook his head as he listened to her and she stepped out of the shadows he blinked in surprise as she opened pulled back her Hood. She had long beautifully colored hair and eyes. His shaggy light brown hair hung around his face and touched his shoulders; his silver eyes examined her. " Stay here as long as you want. I'm not going to hurt you...I've fed already. But I'm not going to argue with you about whether he deserved it or not because I agree with you. I'm not like most Krusniks. I don't agree with this Caste system we have in place..."

    He then turned and walked back towards the kitchen and then paused.

    "It's Alexzander by the way...Ashford. Alexzander Ashford you can call me whatever you please much as I agree with you why did you kill that man?"
  10. Helena didn't want to admit that this guy was right. She had to rethink her plan, they would never stop looking for her. Though she still didn't like the fact that she was being helped by a Krusnik, could she really trust him, he did just lie to the police about her. "Thank you." She replied to his offer of letting her stay there. She had no other choice but to take the offer anyway. She tried to give him a small smile in appreciation. "I'm Helena Anderson." She took a pause once he asked her why she killed the Krunsik. "It's simple really, I did it for my revenge. I watched him kill my family, they never did anything wrong. They stayed away from everything, tried to live a normal life and he took them away from me."
  11. Alexzander he then looked a bit sad as he heard her say that it was for Revenge. He remembered his brother and what had happened when he tried to take revenge. But he wasn't going to lecture her. It was her choice. He glanced back at her and paused in his tracks.

    "Your old enough to make your own choices...but...becareful..." he said and bit his lip before he turned back around and walked towards his bed room. "You can use anything here...just don't break it. I can barely afford this place as it is...and every room you may go in but just...stay out of my room. That is all I ask."

    He started to unbutton and shrugged off his shirt as he went back into his room and undressed, showering. There was one more shower downstairs along with the extra room. After toweling off he pulled on some grey sweat bottoms and a tank top. His hair was still visibly damp as he walked out, looking around he wondered where she had gone, where she was.
  12. Helena remanded quiet while and after he spoke. There was sense in saying anything back to his response about her taking revenge. She gave a nod to show that she understood about the rules in his house. She continued to watch as he left to his room, staying still for a few minutes after he had left. She turned, surveying Alexzander's house. It had been a while since she had been in a house. Nowadays she traveled, staying in a spot only once. Sometimes the spots weren't even a building, it was hard to get hotel rooms when she didn't have the money to spend for them.

    She began to move around, looking at each room and object in it. It reminded her of when she used to have a home, smiling slightly again. She found a room that looked like another bedroom, obviously not his. She stepped inside glad that it was dark in the room. She felt safe when she was in the shadows, it was what she had grown used to.
  13. Alexzander decided to just check downstairs for her. The stairs creeked as he made his way down them. The house was old and the basement smelled a bit musty but otherwise it was clean and taken care of. He walked down the hall way straight in front of him and walked down the hall to the room. There was a bathroom right across the hall and the light in the room was out but he expected it if she was in there. She seemed so much more comfortable in the shadows than in the light. He stopped and poked his head into the room and smiled.

    "I'm done showering...there should be plenty of hot water left so feel free. And also...about your feeding long till you need to again?" he asked and looked to her. "I can arrange something just need to know..."
  14. Helena heard Alexander's voice from behind her, by the doorway. She turned to him and gave him another nod about the shower. "Feeding? I'll be fine right now." She told him and tried to give him another small smile in return. She wasn't used to smiling, she hadn't needed to worry about people seeing her now. "If you don't mind, I think I'll take a shower now." In fact, most of Helena's smiles were fake. She hadn't felt like smiling since she lost her family. "But would you mind if you washed this jacket for me while I am in the shower. It has the scent of that Krusnik." She slowly pulled her zipper down, taking off her jacket. She had a black tank-top on. She walked up to him and handed him the jacket. "I don't like his smell."
  15. "Your wish is my command..." he said though he knew it was cheesy. "Of course...Enjoy your shower."

    He recognized that her smiles were forced. Before his bother died Beldon did that all the time. So pent up with Anger he couldn't smile and when he did something was awry. He would keep her in check, revenge was a long bloody path that only ever ended in one place. And for some reason looking at this vampire girl's face he couldn't let her go there. He went and started the washer , throwing her Jacket in then went upstairs again. It was about twenty five minuets later he came back down to put it in the dryer. As he did he glanced down the hall. This vampire girl, very pretty vampire girl, had him intrested. There was something about her, something more he wanted to know.
  16. Helena thanked him then watched him leave. Once gone she made her way to the bathroom near the room. She turned on the shower and undressed, getting in and washing herself. Now she could finally get rid of the scent that lingered on her body. She finished off and slipped her clothing back on, her usual black tank-top and shorts. She pushed her boots on her feet and made her way out of the bathroom. Her hair was dripping water, even the towel didn't do much. She flipped it out of her face and made her way to go back to the room. Perhaps she could find a brush she could use to comb her long hair.
  17. As he watched the doorway he saw her going into her room and wanted to talk more but somehow knew she probably wasn't in the mood to do so. He bit his lip. To be perfectly honest he was rather lonely here by himself. He liked the solitude but it was getting tiresome. He needed something new, and even if she wouldn't be much for companionship in the end it was nice to have some one around. Walking down the hall way he knocked softly and slipped in the door. He went over to the dresser in the room and slipped open one of the drawers and there was an old looking brush; it was beautiful and expensive looking but he pulled it out and handed it to her.

    "Go ahead and hold onto that...It is of no use to me and was here when I moved in..." he said and trailed off, almost as if that was a lie and the brush held more meaning than a simple item left behind. "But...I have work early in the morning...your welcome like I said, to anything meets your fancy. I'll be back pretty late...your jacket is in the dryer by the way so feel free to get it when it's finished....I'll be seeing you around ...Helena." he said her name for the first time and turned to leave and go upstairs. Once in his room he fell back onto his bed and didn't take long at all as he fell asleep on top of the covers. He looked so exausted and slept deeply. The man always appeared though as if he had some great mysterious burden on his shoulders.
  18. Helena took the brush from him. "Thanks." She said, looking at the brush carefully. It was quite a beautiful brush and for a moment felt that she shouldn't use it. But her hair was tangled and it was bothering her, so she began to use the brush. It made her long hair seem even longer as in straightened out, being wet.

    "Alright." She replied upon hearing his next words. It was strange for her to hear him call her name, her name hasn't been called for a while now. She thought about what she would do when he wasn't there, she felt that she shouldn't even be in the place yet she didn't mind actually having a place to stay. "I...appreciate all you are doing for me Alexzander." Something made her want to respond with his name just as he did her.
  19. The next morning when Alexzander rose he felt something was off but shook his head and got ready for work anyways. It wasn't unusual to smell the scent of vampires in his office building, some worked there as well and some were low ranking krusniks made to work the nine to five gig. SO they fed on them. But he didn't notice just how strongly he smelt of them and how he had the scent of the man Helena had killed on him. Most of the day work was normal, went as usual but then he caught the scent himself. The man who had died yesterday, he smelled like the blood that was on the vampire girl's coat when he put it in the wash. It was just then his boss called him in and asked him about it. He chalked it up to knowing the man and seeing him the day before he died. It was a lie but ti would have to work for now. COming home from work he looked exuasted and anxious as he shut the front door behind him. It was only a matter of time before they caught onto his lie. He looked so tense leaning into the door, he closed his eyes and tried to gather his thoughts.
  20. Helena didn't bother Alexzander while he got ready for work, she decided to stay in the room given to her. Though while he was leaving, she watched from out the window. The sunlight was shinning, though it didn't bother her. She was fine for a while concerning the sunlight, it was only after a period of time that the light would start to weaken her. She didn't do much while he was gone, she still felt strange to stay in this house of his. Most of the time she stayed in to room, quietly sitting.

    She could hear the door being unlock, noticing that Alexzander was know back to work. She took this chance to leave the room and see how he was. She didn't know why but she guessed it would be the right thing to do after all he was doing for her. She stared at him for a moment, watching him lean against the door. "Is something wrong?" She asked her voice calm.
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