How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect

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  1. So they're going to realize that I use their search engine as a dictionary/spell check?
  2. Oh gosh, they're going to find all those searches I did for Dawn and think I'm into androgynous girls. :O
  3. have a google-account...even if you don't have gmail?
  4. Ha! I didn't even have my browsing history activated! Suck it, Google!

    ...I feel weird saying that.
  5. Holy shit they are going to find all my porn sites! AND MY RULE 42 OF GOOGLE!
  6. I never liked that if you search for me you can find stuff. :c I don't like that at all. It makes me feel violated, to be honest.
    I want to make that stop. Is there any way I can prohibit Google from doing that? Like, what gives them the right to do that? ._.'
    Just curious. Cuz my mom one day was all HEY DID YOU KNOW PEOPLE CAN SEE YOUR VIDEOS FROM HIGH SCHOOL FOR TV? and I'm all wtf?
    lawl. My school owns my google account.
    But. I use Chrome. So.... ehhhh? o_O
  7. Honestly .. I don't really care. Well jee, some company datamines that I look at computer parts online when the urge strikes. They then send me emails. Which annoy me.

    It's all about whether you were duped into the system in the first place. If you see past advertisements and recognize the armchair psychology and statistics, it's not like you're going to get suckered into buying American Eagle skinny jeans the next time the catalogue gets 'coincidentally' mailed to your postal box at the start of school.

    You're either fully in it or not.
  8. Well this was nice to know. And turn off.

    Take an interest in my porn habits, will you google!? NO SIR. YOU LEARN NOTHING!

    But no, in all seriousness this new private policy thing is bullshit. I would have gone unaware without this topic. Thanks Rory.
  9. Personally I think it's a bit of an overreaction to the kind of data they collect. D: They aren't putting that data to faces or real people. It's all automatic tagging and ad placement based on keywords. They only get as much as you give it. So unless you're a psycho who has been using google to hunt down kids for sex, a crazy bomber, and using the internet like a total idiot, then it's prooobably not going to ever effect you. XD

    Things like SOPA/PIPA have a much bigger and widespread impact. @___@