How to prepare for the February 28th Update

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  1. Disclaimer
    This guide will no longer be relevant by February 14th 28th, 2016. Prior to that, spread this far and wide to help out the staff with the update!

    Yes, I used my own roleplay as an example. It's full though, so I don't think it counts as advertisement--it's just the one thing I have definite control over to use as an example of what to do.

    Do you want to be a cool citizen of Iwaku? Do you want to know how to make the February 28th update go faster, so you can get the site back sooner? Do you want to help @Diana not completely lose her marbles with this update?! Well then I want YOU... To prepare your thread for the coming update so that Diana doesn't have to do anything to your thread at all. How's that sound?

    This will take about half an hour of your time to do, but you can retain the same tabular format you've had prior to the Feb 28th update. I'll be using pictures as part of the guideline, to give you a visual idea of what the update is going to do.

    So, without further adieu, let's get this started.


    #1: This is the avatar for your role play. It will be lost with the updates, so this is one of the few things I can't help you with salvaging. :(

    #2: These three tabs here (Rules, Cast List, Updates) will all be going into the Thread tab. The Thread tab will be the only tab that will survive the update, so if you want to save anything, and ensure it looks nice, put it here.

    #3: This is the thread tab. You will want this open in a second tab on your web browser, so you can move information from the overview, rules, cast list, and update tabs, into the thread tab!

    #4: These are the tabs we will be formatting into. If you want to use a different format, or not use tabs at all (ex: using spoilerbb code instead), feel free to alter this to suit your own purposes.

    Step 1: Click on the Overview tab. From here, click on the Edit Roleplay button. REMEMBER: Have a second tab open in your web browser, with the "Thread" tab open! It will make this easier!

    Step 2: From here, you can begin emptying the Overview, Rules, and Cast List tabs. You have two choices from here.
    • A: You now format your thread tab to have new tabs to put these in.
    • B: You simply copy-paste them over to your thread and rearrange them however you wish afterwards.
    In the event that you're creating new tabs within your thread, and don't know how to arrange them, borrow my formatting here.
    Copy Paste Tabs!
    [tabs][tab=Introduction]Put the text in your Overview tab in here![/tab]
    [tab=Rules]Put the text in your Rules tab in here![/tab]
    [tab=Cast List]Put the text in your Cast List tab in here![/tab]
    [tab=Updates]Put the text in your Updates tab in here![/tab][/tabs]

    Visual Preview
    • Put the text in your Overview tab in here!
    • Put the text in your Rules tab in here!
    • Put the text in your Cast List tab in here!
    • Put the text in your Updates tab in here!

    In the event you simply move all the information from the other tabs into your Thread tab, you may want to spend a couple hours prettying it up yourself, rather than a half an hour.

    Step 3 (OPTIONAL): Assuming the Rules & Cast List tabs are empty, those tabs will now disappear entirely. The Overview tab will remain, stubbornly, but if it's empty, then @Diana can just delete it instead of moving all the contents into your thread tab, making it much easier and faster for her to complete this update!

    However, there is one tab left that, stubbornly, requires its own special step.

    Damn you, updates!

    Click on the Updates tab. Here, you will see a couple of options underneath each individual update. The Delete Button is what we'll use to get rid of them. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR UPDATES, you'll need to click the edit button, then copy and paste the contents of each update to your thread, manually. Keep in mind that your updates are also automatically posted into your thread every time you make a new update, so you can look for them through your thread. If you have a lot of updates, this will be tedious, but imagine how tedious it will be for @Diana when she has to do this for hundreds of role plays? :ferret:

    Once you've deleted all of your updates, the updates tab will disappear.

    Step 4: You should now only have the Overview & Thread tabs. (You'll also still have the Updates tab if you skipped Step 3--it will simply be automatically deleted by Diana when she reverts back to the old system.) Play around with the tabs code formatting (or whatever formatting you chose to replace tabs with in the event you didn't use them) to suit your own tastes in the Thread tab, and you're done! Now when Diana goes and owls her way about doing updates, she will only have to delete your empty Overview tab and move your role play to where it should belong.

    Spread this guide around if you want to help out Diana with her update. It's already going to be a lot of work, but we can actually take a sizable chunk out of it, each individually. :ferret:

    If you have any further questions, ask them here. I'll try to answer them whenever possible.
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  2. This is actually an unnecessary step, as updates will be automatically wiped altogether. The updates do not actually exist outside of the Roleplay Resource, and as such would not be dumped somewhere onto the forum. And since the updates are saved to the OOC thread already, they're saved already, too!

    But this will definitely cut down on the amount of time the update will take, and I'm sure the administration will love you guys bunches more than they already do; if every storyteller and GM did this to their threads today, half the update would already be done! Unfortunately, the difference between 99% and 100% is significant for this sort of thing, so maybe that's wishful thinking.

    Thanks a lot, Brovo, for writing this. It will certainly make a lot of people's lives easier.
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  3. Noticed and accordingly updated the third step to be marked as optional, with additional text noting that updates are saved in the thread.
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  4. Is there a way to delete inactive roleplays? So they don't have to be updated.
  5. Click on "Delete Roleplay" in the Overview tab, in the "Roleplay Tools" section. You will be prompted to give a reason, but it's optional. It's just like deleting a post. :ferret:


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  6. We would suggest NOT to delete your roleplays, especially not if you have one or more players in it that has posted IC posts or their characters in that rp. We want everyone to feel that their stuff is secured and can be looked back on whenever they feel like it, and if game masters go around deleting their threads for whatever reasons, the players will have to suffer for it by losing their stuff.

    The only times we would say that you should (but you aren't really encouraged to do so) delete your post if you want to, is when there have been no other people posting stuff in your thread. Sure if it's just a "can I join?" then it's nothing that needs saving, but if it is something they might want to look back on, don't delete it. Respect each other.
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  7. Sen and I did this last week ^^ We stored them in the Test Chambers archive.
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  8. o.o I was so concerned before about making sure that I didn't lose any of the links in the cast list, hoping that they would survive being moved over to the thread, and yet... I can't believe I never thought to do it myself. XD
  9. If you're worried about preserving your BBC, switch to use the "BB Code Editor" in the upper right corner of the post box. This will display all of the BBC without rendering it, so it becomes completely safe to copy-paste without worry of it causing issues. :ferret:
  10. Oh, yeah, I already knew about that -- I always use the BBC code editor whenever I'm copy/pasting. Wouldn't trust anything else. XD I was moreso referring to the staff moving everything over, as I apparently somehow managed to forget that moving it all over by myself is totally plausible. XD
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  11. Right now, I'm in "Tutorial Mode." I will continue to state features both obvious and subtle in this thread until such a time as its relevance wears off, no matter whether I'm speaking to new people or old people. :ferret:
  12. So all the stuff we have in the Overview tab needs to be copy and pasted and put into the over view tab code? Sorry, it's just a little confusing, because I have a ton of stuff in my overview, like pics and other codes and spoilers and I'm trying to see if it's a necessity? Wouldn't the overview just become the main OOC page when it converts back to the old system?
  13. It has to be manually moved by the staff into your Thread tab. If they don't, switching back to the old system will either create new posts in your OOC thread, making a mess of your formatting, or will outright destroy the data instead. If you want to make life easier on yourself and ensure your Overview thread stuff doesn't break, click on the "Use BB Code Editor" button in the upper right corner of your post box, and copy-paste it all from there.

    Yes, all the stuff you have in the Overview Tab needs to be copied and pasted into the Thread Tab. If you want to use Tab Code, then the information in Overview needs to be placed between the [tab=Introduction][/tab] in your thread.

    • This tab should be present within the Thread tab. Just copy-paste your overview, and put it in this tab. :ferret:

    Visual - Example. This is how you copy-paste large scale overviews safely, pictures and all. :ferret:
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  14. Just some extra info on what brovo said. Staff actually won't be doing any of the moving (if it will be like the last update), we only take care of the chat. Just like with the converting from threads into overviews during the last update, Diana is doing everything on her own. Only admins and Jared has access to the site during the down time. We try to make her let us in to help her, but that owl doesn't listen D: So removing some of the burden from her shoulders is appreciated.
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  15. Messing around with it now, but it's made me two tabs for rules and I don't see any mess ups in my coding anywhere? :/ Can anyone help with me that issue?

  16. Try deleting the first Rules tab, along with the picture. If that fixes it, restore the picture in the second Rules tab. If you click on edit, and you find only one rules tab, look for any code that starts before the rules tab, and ends after the rules tab, because that will break it.



    I am a title​
      • Potatoes.
      • Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew.
      • Filthy hobbitses.


    [CENTER]I am a title[/CENTER]
    [*]Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew.
    [*]Filthy hobbitses.
    [/tab][tab=More Rules][/left]Even more rules?![/tab]
    [tab=Holy Rules Batman!]WHY YES INDEED.[/tab][/tabs]

    The [LEFT] code is starting outside of a tab and ending inside of a tab. These have the tendency to break tabs, so try to find them and remove them. Use the BB Code Editor button if they're not visible in the default post box. :ferret:
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  17. I have two active OnexOne roleplays, but I didn't make them in this format. Just single threads. Do I have to make this on them?
  18. If your threads don't have an overview, there is nothing you can move to the thread anyways, so you wouldn't be able to move anything even if you wanted to. So no, you don't have to.
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  19. Alright, thanks for the help!
  20. Question.... did I follow the steps correctly?

    This is my roleplay, and I'm wondering if I followed the preparation steps correctly.
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