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"How come no one ever responds to my Roleplay Requests?"

This is a common problem. And it is an easy fix! Most of the time it's because you didn't provide any sort of information or hook in your request. Without information, most people are going to ignore your post.


hi does anyone want to roleplay with me?

Why This Sucks: Because there's no info. You aren't telling people what kind of roleplays you like to do. What sort of plot you're interested in. How many people you can play with. People do not want to reply and say they will roleplay with you, only to have to back out or get stuck in a roleplay or with a partner they are totally incompatible with. It's awkward! After all, how uncomfortable would it be to message that requester for a roleplay, then find out all they wanted to play was Furry Yaoi Horny Vampires, when you hate playing with vampires? Information is key!

Things you NEED to list in your Request Thread:

- What gender characters you play. (Because some people only play one gender.)
- Whether or not you want a romance or smutty times. (Because this is a deal maker/breaker for many people.)
- Whether or not you want a straight/gay romance if you do romance. (Because this is also a deal maker/breaker.)
- What genre or things you LOVE to play. (If you like elvish fantasy, vampires, space ships, zombies, or whatever.)
- What sort of things you HATE to play or WON'T play. (That way a potential partner will know not to do those things.)
- How descriptive you expect posts to be, or grammar requirements. (Are you okay with short posts, or do you prefer turbo long ones. Are you okay with newbie writers?)
- How OFTEN you expect replies and will reply yourself. (Are you a daily poster? Once a week poster?)
- Plot/Character ideas you have, or if you're open to partner's bringing the ideas. (People like having ready made examples or ideas!)
- How and WHERE you want to roleplay. (In the one on ones, mature, groups, private messages, IMs, chat, etc.)
- How people should contact you for the roleplay. (Should they post in the thread, send you a PM, etc.)


Hello! I am looking for a couple new RP partners. I like fantasy and modern fantasy roleplays, with lots of action and mystery. I love stuff with ghosts, magic, and stuff. Romance is awesome, but I don't do smut. Straight couples or female couples only. I will play a guy or a girl. I write two to three paragraphs and I am cool with any skill level partner as long as you write with proper grammar! I HATE roleplays with angels/demons in them, and I'm not good at fight scenes. I am a daily poster, but I am a patience partner. Post in this thread if you're interested in playing with me!

To make that request ideal, you would also post an example of characters you might play, or really want to play. Or a list of plot ideas you might have.

Quick Tips for request threads:

- Post your request in the RIGHT PLACE. Posting a roleplay request in New Arrivals or General Chat or even in the Cbox is NOT going to help partners find you. We have request sections so everyone knows all requests are in there in an easy to find location.

- Make sure you use proper grammar in your requests and ALL posts you make. This IS an international writing community, and though no one expects perfection, people do need to be able to READ what you write.

- Make your request NEAT. A giant wall of text without any line breaks is hard to read. Break it up in to paragraphs if you have a lot of content, or a lot of ideas to share.

- Be polite and respectful! People will not want to play with someone that sounds rude, condescending, or judgmental in their request. Phrase like "literate players only" or "I don't play with shitty writers" are total asshole ways to say things, and people will feel like you'll over criticize them.