How to overthrow the Staff!

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  1. They're always moderating us, judging us, and banning us through their metal boxes!
    So the solution is easy! We should take away their metal boxes!

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  2. This many ratings but no replies?

    Come on people! Where's your ambition!? ;A;
  3. There is no overthrowing the staff, only rebellions crushed beneath the unforgiving boots of the admins. Nobody is foolish enough to join you in your suicide mission. :)
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  4. You know, Jorick, this doesn't exactly help Security's image. Just putting that out there. :P
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  5. That's how you get sent to cyberjail.
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  6. But he gave a smiley face. So friendly, you know? :D
  7. Please, secret police always smile before they disappear people.
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  8. And here I thought I was only tarnishing the image of the admins since I didn't mention Security at all. Alas.
  9. Please, the only way to overthrow the staff is to join it, then cause havoc from the inside.

    Speaking of which, where's that application form...
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  10. See, this is the smart way to foment revolution. This is how I came to power so quickly.

    The staff application form can be found here, in case anyone wants to try the smart route instead of the bloody defeat route. :D
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  12. Don't incite him, you foo'.
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  13. Perhaps not such a well placed question, but what is 'Secretarial Organisation'?
  14. I think that refers to things like making sure threads are in the correct place and that they have accurate prefixes and tags.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Smiling isn't always a good thing. :P
    It won't be suicide with my flawless tactics and winning personality though. ;)
    Oi! What you doing derailing my thread! >:[

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  16. My sincerest apologies for my childish and rushed actions. I request your forgiveness for my foolishness.
  17. You have sullied your hands! Either be hanged or give up all your lands and titles, and then enter life service for the Nights Watch!
  18. don't out me like this
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  19. Wait until a formal lunch and position a lot of one's men on balaconies. Arrange for say, the Rains of Castamere to be subtly played and lock the doors. After the main course, slaughter them.

    Use XCOM. Turn life into XCOM so that their banhammers have a low chance to strike at random or they move a few steps forward and get taken out by IWakures. Disable their savescumming though.

    Use the Bed of Chaos. It will drive them to insanity due to cheap deaths.
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