How to Make the Best Super Soldier

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    Ah, the super soldier. They've entered into a number of genres and series across the known galaxy. From Marvel's Captain America to Halo's Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra John-117 to even Talion the Wraith/Ranger from "Shadow of Mordor". All above average soldiers with superhuman abilities. But what really makes a super soldier? What would be the defining characteristics of one of these heroes/villains? That is what this discussion seeks to prove. Post your ideas, make known your opinions, debate with others over what is right and wrong, and let your nerd loose.
  2. To quote one of my favorite Marvel movies:

    "The strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion."

    Super soldier needs that.
  3. So, to be a true super soldier, you have to understand compassion and feel it for others? That's debatable.
  4. good guy is best guy
  5. Bad guy with no morals wins every time.
  6. let the war begin!
  7. Harder, better, faster, stronger. The perfect soldier needs only two qualities.

    Discipline, to be unflinching, ready to pull the trigger, ready to snap a neck, spit at someone, crawl through the rat ways, push forward against all odds. The soldier who questions on the battlefield is the soldier who hesitates, and dies.

    To work towards physical perfection, in harmony with their disciplined mind. To understand their limits, and then surpass them, any way they can.

    These two things in tandem, regardless of morality, allow a soldier to achieve their utmost efficiency. After that, throw in all the genetic enhancements or mechanical augments you want, the soldier will use them appropriately accordingly to their own philosophy.
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  8. Charismatic soldiers with good morals would definitely help to improve relations with the conquered populace after the war.

  9. da faq... is that leiji mastumoto doing the art or something?
  10. @Razilin
    Interstella 5555 is an animation that uses all of Discovery and ONLY uses the music, no dialogue, just daft punk.
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  11. *plays dramatic music*

    The perfect soldier should be without compashion or empathy, his heart should be like stone. no sob story should move him, and no sight should reduce him to tears. he alone must carry the sins of his battle, he must never lean upon others and be the pillar of his unit. however the perfect soldier must not reply upon his strengh nor aim with a gun, he must be a to outfox his foes!

    and he must! you can't be an unfashionable soldier!
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  12. Understandable. But by default, physical perfection can never be achieved. A normal man will see their limits and say they cannot surpass them. And an augmented man will think that he has no limits and can therefore be surpassed by no one. Discipline will always be curbed by the emotional attachment to this earth, that spirit that flows within all. A man's anger will break his discipline, a man's love will make him see past it.
  13. No man is perfect. It is a concept that can only be pursued.
  14. Preheat oven to 300 °F, stick into frying pan and bake for two hours. Add seasoning.

    Ready to serve.
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  15. I beg to differ.[​IMG]
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  16. I want to hear more from these guys.

    And where's the Go Nagai sideburns?? @Windsong
  17. If only the Buddha hadn't been a pacifist.

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    point for that one
  19. While many people have made comments for and against the concept of morals in a supersoldier, I offer this:

    What would be the point in creating an enhanced human, only to remove the most human aspects? Why not just make drone then? The whole point of a supersoldier (in my eyes at least) is to combine the complicated metal capacities of a human with an immensely destructive force.

    Training will also be necessary, we are talking serious training, like years. Eric Nylund's Fall of Reach does a good job with this, they take a large amount of 6-5 year-olds and raise them in a military facility. These are still human beings, they still have moralities, but those moralities are of the system they serve. You can't make a supersoldier in a montage, you need more.

    And speaking of that, what about equipment? Some jacked-up killer is pretty limited if he only has a tea-cup and boxer-briefs. You have this advanced human being, why not give him a hyper-responsive suit of armor that could be effectively used by someone with advanced reflexes and the pure strength to support the wieght of armor without suffering from limited maneuverability.
  20. Well I'm sure the equipment aspect would vary based on what time period these soldiers are being made. A roman super soldier would only have so many weapons to choose from say, a WW2 super soldier.