How to Make Justin Bieber Sound Incredible!

Is everything you write a link now, Rory?

But on the topic at hand, that sounds cool.
Frickin' amazing. Bieber, once thought to be a crime against humanity, is apparently good for something.
Never really listened to Justin Bieber until I stumbled upon that and was I surprised....

Not much hate for him had he actually sounded like that.
As a man who prides himself in never having listened to Justin Bieber ever... that's not half bad.
How the hell?
Hoax or not, that's funny. And a better idea than what I'd do to make him sound better.
What, kick him in the nads? I wonder if his voice can go ANY HIGHER?
I still find the only way to make Bieber's existence tolerable is by drowning and burning him the same time!
I agree the only way to make justin bieber sound better is to make him silent

I'd stick with the tried and tested method, of turning whatever noise box his voice originates from.... off.
i have to listen to that little shit every day at work. some how Gordon Food Service thinks that playing him every hour on their "radio station" will give their employees a better work ethic..........most of us have contemplated suicide, murder of bieber, or mass murder of the GFS corporate staff
I now stretch all cutesy j-pop songs with that program.

I can make epic orchestraic soundtracks for Iwaku world in this manner.