How to Make Justin Bieber Sound Incredible!

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  1. Is everything you write a link now, Rory?

    But on the topic at hand, that sounds cool.
  2. Frickin' amazing. Bieber, once thought to be a crime against humanity, is apparently good for something.
  3. Never really listened to Justin Bieber until I stumbled upon that and was I surprised....

    Not much hate for him had he actually sounded like that.
  4. As a man who prides himself in never having listened to Justin Bieber ever... that's not half bad.
  5. How the hell?
  6. Hoax or not, that's funny. And a better idea than what I'd do to make him sound better.
  7. What, kick him in the nads? I wonder if his voice can go ANY HIGHER?
  8. I still find the only way to make Bieber's existence tolerable is by drowning and burning him the same time!
  9. I agree the only way to make justin bieber sound better is to make him silent
  10. I think it's a she.... With a voice like that...
  11. Odd....

    I'd stick with the tried and tested method, of turning whatever noise box his voice originates from.... off.
  12. i have to listen to that little shit every day at work. some how Gordon Food Service thinks that playing him every hour on their "radio station" will give their employees a better work ethic..........most of us have contemplated suicide, murder of bieber, or mass murder of the GFS corporate staff
  13. I now stretch all cutesy j-pop songs with that program.

    I can make epic orchestraic soundtracks for Iwaku world in this manner.