How to make a Curse!

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  1. In Response to: Minibit's Create A Curse! Thread, I will at least try to teach you how to make an Epic Curse. Featuring an Ancient Warlock: Sycaro. But ofcourse, this How-to is completely optional, you can make your own if you like.

    Ahh... I see you have come to seek the knowledge on how to Weave & Invoke your own Curse... well, sit down beside the fire & let me teach you how it is done.

    Curses or as other wizards say it, hexes, are incantations that causes an effect to the person or object who has made contact with it, either distraction, healing, or destruction. It depends on how you weave it. You must always use the ancient runes. The Ancient Runes are the oldest runes on the universe, it reflects the true meaning of an element. If you say an element or a person's true name, or otherwise, in the Ancient Runes, you can manipulate its power, for to know the true name of an element, you can gain total control over that said element.

    An example of an Ancient Word is Brisingr, which means fire. If you connect your conscious self into the barrier of unconciousness, the energy of your body will sap through & make the magic work. If I utter Brisingr & Touch the Fire, it will be painless to myself but fatal to my opponents, I can manipulate the energy of fire & bend it to my every whim, such as throwing it into a tree.

    If you know other ancient words, such as Arget & Ilam, or should I say, silver & palm, I could combine it together & make Argetlam & invoke it upon my enemies. I have done this before, & I saw the Palm of my Enemies, Crushed by the Essence of Silver. But, such power can be only incantated with great energy. Doing such a thing such as making a whole mountain into gold can only be done by the most trained Acolytes, do it to yourself & you shall release such energy that, before the mountain can turn into gold, your body shall be lifeless.

    As I know it, you can make your own Ancient Runes with Great Concentration which can lead for almost 2 Days, & manipulate it & put in the hexes you wish to put in it. Such as, fatal blood loss, or gigantic warts. Such feat can be done so, but with Concentration, you must Concentrate, you musn't eat, you musn't relieve yourself, & you musn't allow anyone to disrupt your concentration, for if your concentration has been disrupted, the Ancient Rune you have been trying to make will backfire.

    So, as you finally have made the 2 Days, you can now imbue it with other Magical Properties, Witches, often liquify their Ancient Runes & put them in cauldrons so they can put in a newt's eye, or a frog's heart, other creatures prefer to leave their Ancient Rune floating in the breeze while they gather natural ingredients. Others imbue the Ancient Rune with Spells & other Incantations. Those are the most deadliest.

    You have now known my secret. Now you must pay me, Here, have a human heart, ahh... freshly cut. We have done our Business so now leave before I turn you into coal.

    Okay, now you know how to make a curse okay? Good Luck! :angel:
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