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  1. The car passed through the gates, and passed by mansion after mansion on the hills. This must be where I'm to stay, Adaline thought. Aozora's Training Houses, they were called. It was a sort of secluded community that had been pushed to the side of civilization to ignore rich misfits who needed to learn social values.

    I don't belong here. It wasn't the first time the thought had passed through her head; sure, Adaline was probably not as knowledgeable about how to live on her own as she should have been. But that didn't mean that she belonged here, of all places. Her father had told her that she would be put in a special house: it wasn't for correction, but for refinement. And her mother had said that it was for the best. And then they had sobbed and sent their daughter on her way.

    Now Adaline sat in the back of a rented car that had been hired to bring her here. Her things were packed in two suitcases in the trunk, and a tote bag with her in the backseat. The car was divided so she didn't have to make small talk with the driver but, on her own, Adaline had nothing to do, so she stared out the window.

    Refinement, was it? The pale girl closed her dark blue eyes and leaned back into the seat. Fine, then; she'd stay for the rest of the year, learn what she needed to learn, and then leave. Easy enough. Satisfied, she opened her eyes and pushed her long, straight, behind her shoulders, and looked back outside impatiently. They were, somehow, still driving on the gravel driveway to the many mansions, but Adaline could see no more houses. Where were they? The girl frowned and- oh, there it was. The car finally stopped in front of this last mansion, and a moment later the driver opened the door for her.

    "Thank you," Adaline murmured as she stepped out of the car. She grabbed her white and green stripped tote bag and flattened out her ruffled white dress. It had straps around her shoulders, and a bow where the straps met the bodice on one side. It was shorter than Adaline might have liked, so she held her bag in front of her exposed legs. The white sandals on her feet were secured with a grey ribbon that wound around her lower calf, and the slim girl looked at the mansion while the driver took her suitcases from the trunk.

    The building was stone and brick, and beautiful. An exquisite door opened and out hobbled an older woman, who Adaline presumed to be the maid. A pair of young, nondescript butlers followed her. The driver shut the door and took the car away, leaving Adaline there.

    "Welcome, Miss Cisneros," the woman greeted. "Welcome to Aozora Training Homes. I trust that you understand that we'll be keeping you here for a time, and preparing you for your life ahead." She paused to cough into a handkerchief. "We have simple rules: you may not leave without expressed permission or an escort. I am told that you are a fine young lady, and that other house rules may be assumed."

    The girl nodded. The butlers went and took her things, and the maid continued to speak. "These men will take your things to your room, and I will take you around the mansion." Adaline remained quiet and followed the three inside. The butlers, each with a suitcase, climbed a grand staircase, while the maid took Adaline around the house. Here is the kitchen; always accessible, always stoked. Here is the dining room; breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be held there daily. Attendence would be required for the first week, and only advised after that. Here is the library, here are the many studies, here are several living rooms. Some constituted more as game rooms, thought Adaline. Bathrooms were shown, and then the girl was taken upstairs. Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom; bathroom, bathroom; more studies, another library.

    Finally, the girl was taken to a final living room on the ground floor. "There is a butler in or near every room, except for bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms they are asked to leave. They can help you with anything you need," the maid explained. "And here is a final living room. Two of your housemates has already arrived; they're in here. There are two more coming, they will be here by the end of the week. I leave you, now- go introduce yourself," the maid instructed, and opened the door.

    Adaline walked in. She had left her tote bag in her bedroom, and now was conscious of her legs. There was a boys about her age sitting in the room; Adaline guessed that he had been told to wait there for her. "Hello," she greeted, in a murmur, as the door clicked shut behind her. She couldn't see her other housemate, but assumed he was just behind the furniture.
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  2. As Noir sat there reading a book he was rather annoyed he was forced to meet and greet yet another room mate and looking up with his eyes he saw this nuisance was a girl. Gazing back down to his book the response she got was nothing more then dead silence from him. He flipped a page casually and just pretended she wasn't there while enjoying his book. The door swung open and a blond came rushing in saying, "Ah yay I found it about damn time!" "Hey Noir told you I'd find my way back now you owe me that soda!" Adriel said all hyped up. "...." Was all that came from Noir. "Well where is it huh huh huh!" Adriel said rushing over. Noir having had enough of a headache by just being around the blond grabbed a can from his bag promptly shook it and opened it spraying him with it saying, "Will you get lost now you're annoying!" Noir then tossed the can in the trash and said, "I can't take you people anymore I've been around you enough now shut up and let me read my book!" "Aw..." Adriel said all sad now as he stood there dripping wet and covered in cola now. Though seeing Adaline Adriel's face lit up and he said, "You must be the new girl we were told about nice to meet ya what's your name?"
  3. With a gasp, Adaline stepped back as she watched the boy on the couch explode, and then spray cola all over the boy who had just burst in behind her. But the other young man didn't seem to mind; instead, he just turned to her and brightly asked for her name. "A-A- I'm Adaline," she stammered, and glanced around the room. "Are there any towels? No..." She saw a butler standing by a door on the opposite side of the room. "Excuse me- butler- could you fetch something to clean this up with?" she asked, and the butler nodded, then exited the room. Then she turned back to the cola-covered boy. "What's your name?" she asked, while they waited for the towels. After that reaction, Adaline was rather scared to ask the boy on the couch for his name; he seemed rather engrossed in his book, and Adaline was content to leave him there. "And, um, why did he spray soda all over you?"
  4. "It's fine really my name is Adriel and he's always like that but I think he just acts that way because he doesn't know how to show his feelings any other way. It's not easy being the heir to your family's company and suddenly being dumped here you know and that's his case. My story though is a little different my parents were worried because I kept hurting myself accidentally and was way behind in society and too clusmy so they put me here to help me improve." Adriel said smiling as he took the towels and dried himself off. Smiling he said, "Nice to meet ya though Adaline."
  5. Adaline nodded slowly. This boy had a lot of energy; she felt a little dizzy listening to him. The girl took one of the towels, when the butler returned, and pat the back of the couch try. She was careful to avoid coming too close to the boy, and left the couch quickly to pat the floor dry. She offered Adriel a shy smile when she stood up, and nodded again. "It's a pleasure to meet you, as well," she said, and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost noon. "Are we to stay here for the rest of the day?" she wondered aloud, then looked at Adriel. "When did you arrive? Do you know how things are done here?" Adaline was careful to keep her voice low, mindful of the boy who was trying to read.
  6. "Ah yes really there's nothing really need to know breakfast is at 8 a.m dinner at 6 p.m and lunch at noon which is right now but they'll call us soon. Right now we been told to stay here to get to know each other for a few hours." Adriel said excited. Noir just snapped his book shut and said, "Well meet and greet my ass... Hello and goodbye I'm going to my room now..." He then attempted to leave, and Adriel cried, 'NOOO NOIR YOU CAN'T YOU'LL BE BREAKING THE RULES IF YOU GO!!" He latched onto Noir's arm and the other boy tried shaking him off as he aid, "Get the heck off me you damn leech!!!" Adriel clung onto his waist and said, "Never you'll have to blow me off!!" "Oh... if that's the case!" Adriel said, flinging his book aside, a white aura surrounded him and suddenly a gust of wind send Adriel flying back and the guy smacked upside down against the wall upside down. Though he was unaffected and jumped up with a grin saying, "You want to fight huh... Well bring it on I say!!" His hands sparked slightly and he was seconds from rushing Noir.
  7. Adaline screeched as Noir and Adriel started to become enveloped in magic. She jumped back and pressed herself against the wall, shocked by what she had just seen. It wasn't exactly a novelty; she was familiar with the disdain that the world had for magic users. They were the brunt of jokes made by her friends, classmates, and family members. But to see such vile things here? To be forced to live with them? And worse- to have thought she enjoyed talking with them? Disgusting.

    "You're monsters!" she cried. "I'm leaving-" she started, and turned to the door, which opened.

    The maid from earlier greeted them. "My, fighting already? You stop that, boys," she said, in a booming voice. "Go wash up, now, and let's eat," she said.

    Adaline flung herself at the woman. "Please, miss, you must call my parents and explain the situation- they're magic users!" she pleaded.

    But the maid just clucked at her. "Now, now, that's no way to treat your housemates. Go wash up, dearie, and meet us in the dining room as well," the maid told her, as though nothing was amiss. Then she just left, leaving the door open behind her. Adaline turned and looked to Noir and Adriel, horrified, but silent.
  8. "Tch you disgust me more then anything.... We're the monsters you say... The real monster is you... or just people who treat us like freaks in general... How many kids do you think are orphaned a year because they were born as mages without wanting to be! Try taking a walk in our shoes how would you feel if your family turned you away and shunned you and disowned you... It hurts.." Noir said glaring at her. Adriel looked a bit sad as he said, "Just stay away.... apparently you don't know the term don't judge a book by its cover... Yes so what we have magic but we have feelings too and it takes a lot to hurt mine and well you pretty much just opened some old wounds.." The two then went to the dining hall after that leaving her standing there alone. "You should choose your words wisely girly... It's a miracle Adriel still smiles so sincerely... He lied to you about being here because his family was worried... That boy has been here for a long time... His family abused him so any scars you do see aren't from his clumsiness but from them beating him constantly... I dare say there isn't a day that young lad didn't have no fear... At least until he was brought here to be protected..." Said one of the maids as she stopped dusting and looked at her.
  9. Now the girl just looked appalled, and started to blush red furiously with frustration. How could such lesser beings just say something like that to her- and then just leave! And then, the audacity of the maid- Adaline glared at her, and stormed out to find a bathroom. And then a phone. She couldn't stay there, could she?

    But as she washed her hands, Adaline couldn't help but think of the twang of guilt she had felt at seeing Adriel's hurt face. He'd been nice enough, for a magic user. And before she'd known that, well, he'd seemed fine. Perhaps... No. Adaline shut the water off and shook her head clear. Nonsense. They were still magic users, no matter how nice one of them might have been.

    But it wouldn't hurt to have lunch with them. She would find a phone afterwords. With that resolution, Adaline marched off to find the dining room; and when she did, she sat as far away from the boys as she could. She wouldn't be here much longer, after all. What was one meal in silence?
  10. Adriel didn't say a word as she came in and sat down and ate her meal. Noir had left to come back with a few books which he dropped on the table with a thunk. Popping one open he ate and read in silence. "You know you didn't have to push yourself to come here... We're used to being called monsters and having people steer clear of us.. You think you're special because you're doing this much." Noir said bitterly. "Noir stop it... you're only going to make her words seem true..." Adriel said sadly. "So what she don't care no one does. In the end we're on our own in this world. We can never depend on anyones help especialy from stupid little girls like her." Noir said. "I SAID STOP IT!!!" Adriel yelled jumping up pissed a pop was heard as several lights blew out due to his magic. His eyes watering up he just said, "You're too cruel at times Noir... You know I hate violence!" He then fled the dining hall and disappeared in tears and was gone. "Honestly he's too kind for his own good... That's also why he can be taken advantage of so easily..." Noir muttered grabbing his books and leaving ignoring her all together. Meanwhile Adriel had gone outside to the garden and slumped down out of breath. Tears streamed down his face and he just trembled hugging himself shaking scared as the terrifying memories returned to him.
  11. Adaline sniffed. "I'm not special for eating here with you-" she started, but was cut off by Adriel being despondent. Then the two argued and left, leaving her alone to screw up her face and try not to cry. Why were they being so mean? It wasn't her fault they were- the way they were. Magic users were awful, she reasoned; trying to blame their problems on others. And lunch hadn't even been served yet.

    Just then, another person arrived. It was a boy with a duffel bag who, oddly enough, was walking. He had skin the color of smoky quartz, and long, dark hair woven into thin dread locks. He wore just a dull red sweater, jeans, and black sneakers. The young man was rather tall, but quite skinny. Though he approached the house, the boy paused when he reached it. And then, rather than go to the door, he went around the side of the house until he reached the gardens.

    He seemed to be drawn to the presence of the other boy, and walked the gardens casually until he stood just a few feet away from Adriel. Then, the boy paused, and waited to be noticed.
  12. Adriel was still a little shaken but jumped up realizing he wasn't alone. Ashamed to be even seen crying he ran for the entrance back to the house only to have the door open. "Adriel quit your sul- OMPH!!" Noir said walking out only to go flying into the dirt and having Adriel land next to him after the blond collided with him. "Ah damn the hell your head made out of concrete or something you big baby!!" Noir cried curling up wincing. "Ow like you're one to talk steel for brains!" Adriel said looking into a pond at the bright red mark on his forehead. "Look at you, you look like hell you know what I said is true... She's a rich spoiled good for nothing racist lit-" Noir cut off when Adriel just stomped on his foot. "Enough lip as if our lives aren't hell enough. We're stuck living with that so called girl for who knows how long you wind bag!" Adriel said with a huff. Noir grumbled it was then he noticed the other guy and gave a look toward Adriel saying, "Whose the newbie..."
  13. The young boy gave the two a mock bow. When he rose, he spoke. "It's a pleasure. I'm Donovan Dyer. I take it this is the refinement home?" He gave a glance to the lavish home. "And that you two are housemates of mine? I'm so glad to have caught you so soon," he said, and gave an obligatory smile. "But, have I come at a bad time? You two seem rather upset," he noted, and let his duffel bag drop to the ground.

    The maid that had greeted Adaline stepped out the front door then. "Mr. Dyer, is that you? I thought I heard your name," she announced, stepping around Adriel and Noir to greet him. "Welcome to Aozora Training Homes. I trust that you understand that we'll be keeping you here for a time, and preparing you for your life ahead," she repeated to him, as she had to Adaline. "We have simple rules: you may not leave without expressed permission or an escort. You seem civilized enough to know how to conduct yourself in a home, though. We're having lunch, now- wash up, and you'll get the tour of the house later. I see you've met some of your housemates- they'll show you to a washroom and the dining room," she more or less instructed them. A butler scampered out of the house and took Donovan's bag, then took it inside and presumably to his room.

    Donovan nodded, and the maid returned inside. The boy looked to the other two again. "As I was saying," he continued. "Is something wrong?"
  14. "Just an annoying little nuisance of a girl who called us monsters.... She'll probably be rude to you too but aside from that let's go before we get busted..." Noir grumbled as they lead Donovan to the dining hall. Adriel couldn't bring himself to be excited about the food and didn't make eye contact with Adaline. He was so nervous when he sneezed a pop was heard behind him and he fell out of his seat with a yelp getting scared by it. "Adriel calm down no one's going to hurt you... Just relax before you put us out of power..." Noir said sighing. "Sorry... It's just when my emotions are high I can't control it... Mostly nerves and such make it tough.." Adriel said miserably. He then looked at Donovan and asked, "What about you doesn't your power go nuts at times?"
  15. Though Donovan would have liked to inquire further about the annoying girl, he wasn't given the opportunity to as the two brought him to the dining room. The three boys sat, and Donovan took note of the girl sitting at the far end of the admittedly small table. It was so small, in fact, that he found himself sitting next to her. The girl, whom he presumed to be the name caller, was silent and only looked at her food. She seemed to be struggling with something emotionally.

    Though the breaking of the lights started her, she only gasped, then returned to how she was before. Donovan, on the other hand, seemed unphased by it. To Adriel, the boy shook his head. "No- I don't have any, myself." He'd lived in a neighborhood full of people with such abilities, though, and had grown used to them. Donovan knew of people who hadn't discovered their magic until well into their adulthood, though, so he added, "At least, none that I've found, yet. But my friends have found that at least trying like, meditation and stuff helps them keep control over it, even when their nerves act up," he offered as their food was served.
  16. "HA!! Making this guy meditate is next to impossible..." Noir said shaking his head. "He's right I just can't sit still to save my life... I'm everywhere like a bundle of energy." Adriel said as he was amusing himself by making all the silverware standing up in a tower. Which oddly enough it all stuck thanks to his static issues. "I sure hope there's no knives in that contraption.." Noir said. "Nah just spoons give me a little credit I may be a ditz but I'm not stupid. A first I thought I had psychic abilities because I can actually bend spoons which falls into paranormal categories but it's far from that sadly.." Adriel said.
  17. Donovan chuckled as he started to eat. "Well, it certainly doesn't hurt to try. Maybe we can try it some time, Adriel?" the boy asked, then looked to Adaline, who was still silent. "I hear you've caused quite the ruckus," he mentioned. "Sounds like you're not used to magic. It's not so bad, really. You just need to get used to it." He flashed her a grin. "Away from what you've clearly been taught, that is. Some people are born able to rasie one eyebrow some are born double jointed, and some can use magic." Though Adaline looked stunned at this, Donovan moved on before she could reply. "So- Noir, can you use magic, too?"
  18. Donovan's plate suddenly got blown up and smacked him right in his face splattering his food all over him. Noir whistled innocent and Adriel's jaw dropped open and he suddenly burst out into hysterics and laughed hysterically. "Can you use magic you say I say that answered your questi- ACK!!" Adriel said but ducked as his plate almost splattered on him. Standing up Adriel said ha you mis-" SPLAT he cut off when a pie went on his face and Noir said, "Last time you'll open up your big mouth hm boys?" "Oh you are so dead!!" Adriel cried and he sloshed his drink on Noir. Seconds after that a full blown food fight had broken out between the two. Adriel was laughing as he dodged saying, "We are SO busted but I don't care I'm having fun!!" He pied Noir before diving under the table.
  19. Hearing the commotion, Adaline looked up. When she saw this, her hands jumped up and clasped her mouth to hide her giggles. They did little to contain her laughter, so the girl stepped back against the wall to both avoid the food being flung about and at least hide her laughter with distance. It was useless, but perhaps the riot would cover the sound.

    Donovan, on the other hand, dove right in once he recovered from the shock of having a plate of food blow up in his face. He blinked, looked at Noir and Adriel, and grinned widely. He picked up a sandwich and threw it at Noir. "What's that? Explosions?" he said, and laughed. "I'm going to get you," he warned, and tossed some grapes at Noir, then kicked an orange under the table at Adriel.
  20. Catching the grapes Noir said, "Thanks I was bit peckish!" He dodged Adriel who tried to spray a bottle of soda on him and hit Donovan instead. "Shut up and eat a banana blondie." Noir said shoving the fruit into Adriel's mouth. By the time the food fight had ended though the place was demolished. Food was splattered up the walls the table upturned and chairs and everything was covered and all three guys sat there trying to catch their breath. "I give you guys are too muc- YEOW!!" Noir said but accidentally sat on a pineapple and jumped up wincing. "Dude you scream like a girl.' Adriel snickered and a splat was heard when a pie fell from being stuck on the ceiling onto his head. "Awe...." He said sadly pouting.
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