How to have a Successful Role Play Partner

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  1. The role play idea is made, the thread is created, your first post has been typed, and you're ready to get this started! The only thing is, your partner and you just can't get along...Or maybe you can't even come up with a plot or characters! Or maybe your partner(s) just aren't faithful to the role play.

    So many times this has happened to me, and so many people. So below you can share experiences and advice!
  2. I find this problem happens a lot (for me) because of style differences, whether level of ability, writing styles (flowery vs minimal or the likes), or passive vs active participation. I find it's much easier to gauge a person and how well we'd mesh during some OOC discussion beforehand. Particularly with really straight-forward questions that have definite answers, and very few open-ended ones, because I hate getting an "I don't know" or "I don't care." If I get enough of those, it's usually an indicator that they're not too interested in the RP or won't contribute anything during it. Though I've learnt to not ask too many questions at a time, because usually only the last one I've asked gets answered.

    Ever since approaching RP that way, any unknowns or needs for clarification are out of the way and we have a better feel for each other before the first post is even made. I've not had any problems (yet, knock on wood) with this set-up.
  3. Trial and error. Think of it like plowing through interviews for a job position. You need a specific set of skills and personality for that position: You're gonna get a lot of people who simply don't fit, and that's alright. Just keep searching.
  4. Admittedly, I'm just applying what I learned from group RP's cause all my 1x1's failed as well, but maybe it's useful.

    Mostly, get really fucking lucky. However there are some things you can do to improve your chances. One is to make an active social effort, ask people how they're doing, talk about their characters too, generally be open and such. Don't go full-on creep/stalker on your partner, obviously, but just a plot doesn't hold an RP together. If you can befriend your partner, that's likely going to make working with them a lot easier. It'll also motivate them to post. Also; hold on to dat hype. RP's in their early stages thrive on momentum. You can slow down when familiarity and trust are formed, but in the beginning you're gonna need to pay extra attention to people being excited. Don't do the deadbeat tavern scene. Don't needlessly draw out encounters. etc. Make shit fun to write and probably fast too. Encourage active participation. 100% Passive partners will probably kill either your or their own drive to post just by being nothing but a tag-along. Sometimes push them in the spotlight a bit.
  5. This is more a prevention thing (and also a piece of advice that I should use more often) but stalk their past/current rps.

    Also be careful with long descriptive walls. Starting with an active scene helps (ex: encountering an angry raccoon instead of strolling through the woods). Save your backstory and personality and trickle it out slowly. It is nice to be able to learn something new every post, and give something every post, and you'll have nothing left if you give it all away too soon.

    Also I have to wonder, for anyone reading this: On average, just before soneone writes that first post, how well do you know your partner?
  6. It's a mix of luck and how willing both people are to communicate.

    Like the others have said, sometimes people just don't click due to their differences in writing style, skill, or preferences. The roleplay resume can be pretty helpful when it comes to finding out what your potential partner prefers, but it isn't enough, so talking to them helps too.

    Usually, before committing I try to brainstorm with a potential partner, and if we can't come up with something we're both happy with, or if my potential partner leaves all the planning to me, then it's a sign that the partnership isn't going to last that long.

    I definitely agree with @Sarre, going through a potential partner's RPs is super helpful. By checking their history, you get to check out their writing style and writing habbits, what they're like on the OOC, how often they post, if they stick with the RPs they join and etc.
    I noticed that 1x1's or RPs done with friends or past RP partners tend to last longer, and because of this I usually RP with friends or people I chat with from time to time. Most of the 1x1's I've done with people I have just met tend to die really quickly, if I'm lucky they last a month or two tops.
    I've never finished a 1x1, but a few of the ones that I've done with friends have lasted between months to a little over a year. Maybe it's because there's more trust and it's easier to talk about what we want for the characters and where we want to go with the RP. In my opinion, communication is definitely the key to a healthy RP ^^