How to Hatch a Dinosaur

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  1. =P Technically birds are like little dinosaur remnants and sharks. So a pet of them is like a distant dinosaur cousin pet. Ta da science?
  2. And gators. But enough people own those things and get eaten. No, I don't think I want a raptor as a pet.
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  3. True, there are dangers, but wouldn't it be cool to have an estate guarded by a T-Rex instead of pitbulls? The only real downside I see is the constant expense of buying butlers to feed it.

    Seriously, though, IT'S A BAD IDEA!! They're extinct for a reason, let's move on.
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  4. Humankind and its after-mercy, when it's not even their freaking fault. Pff.
  5. I thought all you had to do was add hot water/warm milk to your oatmeal? D:

    Or put the dinosaur eggs in water and watch them grow! D:
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