How to Fix the Angries

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  1. Angry People are Angry!

    We all get hacked off at things. Unless you're a robot. Most of the time, little bits of anger are easy to deal with. But what do you do when you feel like dragon-kicking infants across lawns or punching snobs in the gut with a brick?

    Any particular ways of chillin' yourself out? Or do you have it out with that person in some way? Do you warn people when you're in a crappeh mood?

    How do you handle your anger and why? Is it your choice or are you just naturally an unstoppable flaming ball of angry?

    Bonus: What's the worst thing you've ever done while angry?

    Ready, set 'n' go!

    Bahaha. I love crappy color schemes~
  2. Drink until I can't feel anything.

    hahahah jk/jk *cough*

    I work out and run a lot. It helps, it really does.
  3. Well...seeing as I'm kinda doing so right now I can explain in full detail. I silently think about the situation and justify my position on it. I won't feel right about it until in some way it becomes resolved. Until then I'm pretty untalkative, want to be alone, and just pretty much listen. I guess you could almost call it drowning myself in self-pity which I would have to attribute to some hereditary bipolar-ness.
  4. I think exercise is probable popular; burn off that murderous intent! Yeah!

    *watches for more angries*

    Edit: And then there's staying quiet and having a pity-party, kinda. I've done that, homie. It works, too. The good news about studying the problem behind the anger is you don't shout out anything really hurtful. You're using your brain; I don't always use that silly brain of mine when I'm pissed.
  5. Staci doesn't get angry, really. But! When upset!:

    LEAGUE IT UP AND PWN SOME N00BS! aka mash the clicker.<3

    that is all.
  6. I play a video game with massive amounts of violence screaming every swear word I can think of at the top of my lungs.

    Warhammer 40k SPESS MAHREN is a good choice.
  7. I do the first six of those sometimes. Usually showers, cuz I listen to music in deh shower. Screamo, hraaaaa.

    And mamas are seriously some of the best things ever. For talkin' to, huggin', listenin' to.

    Edit: People love video games and cursing. I only like the latter. I prefer to see real pain, preferably caused by me. [/joke]

    Except paining,

    Playing guitar,


    Talking to Ozzie
  9. YAY SCREAMO. <3 -glad ara is still buddy.- * ^* I got scured..

    just cuddle up with yo blanket
    and watch sum scrubs.
  10. I'd also like to include writing with my previous statement; as this thread has actually helped me out a lot just now.
  11. Baby doll, I might be an angry midget, but I don't hate or de-un-disfriend easily. I don't even dislike easily. If I'm ever reallllly angry, the whole freakin' world will know.

    Right before they die! Whee~

    Ooo... blankets... warm freaking blankets right out of the drier. LOVE.

    Edit: So many freakin' edits xD Agreed: writing= fantastic. Whether it's with buddies online like now, roleplaying, or writing your own. It helps.
  12. I chill out by listening to Trance or I burn it out by listening to metal.

    Or just have very angry showers or draw... or sing... have sex... ANGRY SEX IS AWESOME.... yeah.... that's about it.

  13. Private ranting session with friends!

    But if it's something REALLY bad, I have to leave and watch a happy fluffy romantic movie. o__o

    The worst thing I have ever done while angry?

    Destroyed a community.

    ...No regrets. >>
  14. My rage is real and unforgiving when it happens.

    My rage is real and unforgiving, quick to rise and usually quick to dispel if no one or nothing fans the flames.

    I'll do what Chaos does to try channeling my WRATH into something where no one gets hurt.

    Cause depending on the situation, in the past, it MAY have happened a few times. In highschool. >.>;;

    Otherwise my tongue becomes a wicked tempest toward pretty much anyone that tries to calm me save for a few very special people.

    Lately to avoid it altogether I try laughing off whatever is making me mad at the time if possible. It keeps the energy from getting pent up and bursting forth.
  15. I'm a very patient person. It takes either a long time of repetitive grievances or something seriously major to make me angry. But when I'm well and truly stoked, my wrath burns with the heat of a thousand billion suns.

    What I usually do is try to distance myself from the cause of the anger long enough to at least prevent my primal fight reaction so I don't end up foaming at the mouth and punching/dry-humping things (monkeys do it, can't run the risk of it being a thing with me too.) Some time with the MP3 player out on one of my spots where no-one can follow while I indulge one of my not-so healthy vices usually does the trick. After I'm calm or at least less apt to punch a kitten, I try to talk it out.

    I do try to warn people when I'm angry, in the remote event that my stare of death ain't doing the trick. I try hard never to take my anger out on anyone not involved with it, verbally or otherwise too.

    Worst thing I've done while angry:

    A tie between a physical altercation requiring light medical attention and (later dropped) criminal charges, and angry revenge sex with the wrong person for the wrong reasons.
  16. Similar to October, I like to run or at least go for a walk. Some kind of activity.
    And then, I like to talk to people that make me happy. Not about angry things. Happy things.

    Worst thing I've done angry... My best friend's sister started a verbal fight with me, and I totally punched her. And I regretted doing it. :(
  17. Well I don't know but my friend says that everything he sees me angry I try pushing everything away....which works.

    In my opinion, when I tried playing games like MW3 it infuriates me even more and I start screaming at the mic, saying bad words to other players who find it funny to hear ( since they say I sound like I am having intercourse; don't know why).

    Other than at, I just chew on ice, which calms me down

  18. Usually just grab something flimsy like a belt that I don't wear and whack it against my bed. Bottling up anger is bad for you.
  19. Yay, violence!

    There are some really unique cool-down methods; I think Rina's ice-chompin' one is the newest one I've heard of. How'd you come up with that, Rina?
  20. Well you see...-flashbacks to when she kicked her brother in the nuts- there was this time... and well I felt like killing the person. SO I saw this amazing CUP OF ICE in the table and started chewing on it. Pretty soon, I felt relaxed. So now my obsession is ice, whether I am mad or not :3