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  1. So for the interest check/sign up thread Im just gonna keep it brief. This is basically a story about a timid young man in high school crushing on his childhood friend but is spineless to escape the friendzone. Coincidentally, this guy also shares many physical similarities to a dangerous international convict who chooses the timid man as his scapegoat. basically trading places with lives with him.

    Since they look alike, the convict takes over the timid kid's life, successfully seduces the girl (fade to black), annhialates his bullies and brings his academic grades down.

    meanwhile the timid kid has to deal with international affairs, enemy convicts/gangs, and dealing with jail.

    sooooo at this point these spots are open:

    -That timid kid

    -the convict dude look alike

    -and timid kid's lady friend whom suspects something is going on.
  2. This sounds really great! I would love to be the con guy criminal. I've been itching to play more criminals lately so this is perfect. Do you want to discuss more via PM?
  3. I'm interested! Maybe the lady friend?
  4. Then this madness... shall begin soon O.O
  5. I shall make a cs?
  6. Imma just have to put this on hold. sorry x__x
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.