How to end a Demon World

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  1. A private pre-made between Andy and I, you may read but this is not open for joining :>

    Name: Jason Clarke
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Image

    Name: Isabella Strifer
    Gender: Female
    Current Age: Unknown, appearing to be a rather young adult
    Species: Demon
    Appearance: Image

    Tak'em away Andy~!
  2. It had been 3 years ago when the demons had arrived in the human world. The signs had been everywhere but the humans ignored them like fools if only they had heeded the warnings and seen the signs they could have done something to prepare for their impending doom. Although some believe that there was nothing that could be done. It happened early one summer morning all over the world large black towers erupted from the ground and with them beings straight out of nightmares no one could have possibly prepared themselves for the creatures that they had seen that day and the days since.

    The screams of the wounded and dying soon echoed across the world no where was safe anymore. The worlds governments fell in a matter of hours, Military forces reduced to nothing but scrap metal and broken and bleeding bodies, The police most either tried to flee with their families or tried to keep some order of peace. That failed just as miserably as the Military had. Now all that remained of the human race were slaves and runaways and game for food and sport. The sky had turned a deep blood red ever since the towers appeared and block ominous clouds filled the sky. Neither the Sun nor Moon had been seen in forever some rumor that the demons had somehow managed to destroy them both and that the light coming from the sky was powered by the tortured screams of the damned souls that had been vanquished in the years that had passed.

    One man Jason Clarke had managed to survive three years on his own in the wilds of the world he once called home. all he called it now was a nightmare and each day he would prey that he would wake up and it would all have just been a dream sadly he had no such luck thus far. He had long since wasted his supply of bullets and had been trying to secure some more of them when he had been found by the demons. Large wolf like creatures that had horns growing out of the sides of their heads, they had six legs and were incredibly strong, their skin was as black as tar and their eyes glowed red of blood.

    Jason was running for his life through the forests trying to find a way to escape his relentless pursuers but he knew he could not run forever eventually he would tire..they would catch him..and he would die. a part of him thought death would be a welcome relief a way to finally escape the agonizing world he now knew. but in his heart he knew he had to keep going he had to avenge those that had died he had to do something anything to stem the tides of demons that were flooding into the world every day. somehow he would save earth and the human species.
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  3. In a demon infested world there was often little to be heard amongst such a large forest, without night or day to split the time apart many demonic creatures roamed simply when they felt inclined to. Birds rarely sung, with no guide to tell them when it was always a risky game to play. Other earthly animals walked until they would collapse from exhaustion, their simple minds not able to understand or adapt to this change even after three long years. There was no safety of the sun, no danger of the dark; only a light pale glow in the over-grown forests which marked home to demons of both class and beast -if you knew how to spot the difference. Neither gave loud a sound when walking through the trees or communicating amongst themselves, because they knew this silence was deadly. Only in such a place could a human be foolish to make noise on the eternally sleeping silent grounds where even a breath too loud would result in someone being made into a meal.

    Only a human would be stupid enough to unknowingly wake a sleeping demoness by bolting through her territory with loud rocketing breaths and a pounding frantic heart, bringing with him a pack of hot breathing beasts on his heels.

    Isabella was up in a heart-beat with wide eyes scanning the plant peppered forest floor, her thin tail curling tight against the branch she had called a bed suitable enough for a quick nap. The demon had had a slight case of insomnia lately, due to a lack of a comfortable place to sleep. After all she hadn't been home in quite some time after taking a trip much longer then she had anticipated, it was natural to have rough sleeps when you weren't in the comfort and safety of your own home. She needed this nap, it was a blissful feeling to finally start to doze off after so many hours of tossing and turning. One could not take a nap when their ears were being pestered by unnatural sounds such as this. It brought a growl bubbling in her throat, clearly irritated at being woken up or having her property disrespected; probably both.

    And that;s when they barrelled past her, or rather directly below her; one human and three demons so quickly she barely had time to process what was being seen. In turn, it took Isabella even less then that to become furious with the chase that had woken her. At once the demoness spread her wings in a wide arch and took off in pursuit of her own hunt. She was much faster, moving on quick feet through the trees with her tail as balance and it took not long at all for the livid demon to catch up with her targets but it was not just the human which served as a prize; no, she was in it for the blood of all four of them. Relying on instinct as the perfect guide Isabella lept down landing a few paces in front of the panting human -she drew back her lip for a full on hiss exposing long sharp canines clearly meant for only one perpous. And then she moved, quicker then a rattlesnakes venomous strike, bolting past the man to smash her tail hard into his legs as she spread her wings once more for full length and puffed up to the three much larger demons chasing him.

    After all, these things were animalistic in a sense and just needed to be stood up too by something more dangerous in their minds. They didn't have the capability to make a logical thought, relying on the instinctual need for food and hunt. The weakling human was seen as prey of course but she was clearly and fully a predator in their small blood-shot eyes.
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  4. He had turned to glance back at the three demons chasing him when he saw a shadow pass over head and disappear. He quickly returned his gaze forward and his eyes went wide as he saw the demon standing in front of him he tried to slide to a stop but the demons tail swept his feet out under him too quickly and he landed head first on the ground with a sickening crunch. Groaning he quickly shook his head clear and looked back to see the Demon holding back the other three now was his chance! wasting no time at all he jumped back to his feet and took off running again.

    "Not today..not today sons of bitches..I'm not done yet..nor will I be done until I see you all sent back to hell from where you came.." His breathing became heavier and he wiped at his nose and looked at his hand..blood..his nose wasn't broken that was good enough for him. He jumped and slid underneath branches and fallen trees as he frantically looked for a place he could hide or some kind of cover to take until the demons left
  5. As soon as he had gotten up Isabella knew the human was on the move, but he would be her last and final target -mainly because he would be the easiest. After all, that bloody nose had left a strong coppery scent on him no demon could miss. If he was strong and able-bodied she might not even end up killing him; but of course the human had to be caught first to figure that part out. There was clear hesitation in the three beasts advances as they skidded to a stop in front of the demoness, practically running into each other with big awkward bodies. She was nothing compared to all three of them, a pest easily pushed aside if they had the nerve to do it. Which two didn't, as Isabella had expected. These things were easily predictable, only one -the third and largest- had enough courage to let out an ear-splitting shriek Jason was sure to hear echo through the forest.

    Alright. Enough playing around. Isabella flexed her shoulders before lunging forward to take the one who had roared head on. Immediately a large ugly clawed paw came down to try and bat her away but the demoness quick movements and beating wings to give confusion were too much for the poor lesser demon to handle before she grabbed his horns in a secure grip and gave the things head a good lurch. Crack. That was it. It was that quick, as most animalistic demons had some sort of an easy take-down like that and now this one was bleeding out on the ground easily with a neck snapped at an odd angle. It was the ones like her; the logical civilized demons, that were worth worry. She got up to find the other two had scrambled away, followed by a snort from Isabella. "Typical."

    But where had the man gone? Tucking her wings back in with a shuffle and a rustle, Isabella parted her lips slightly to taste the familiar sharp scent of blood and in a heart beat she was on the move again. Was he hiding? Well. Lets see how well that turns out for you.
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  6. Jason had gained quite a good bit of distance from the demons and was currently climbing a hill trying to get a better vantage point. Looking down he could see that the female demon had dispatched the other three and was now searching for him cursing his luck he looks around and grabs a large branch and pulls out a few small knives from his pocket. Using some string he had found earlier he quickly attaches the blades to the end of the branch to turn it into a make shift spear "...this might buy me some time.."

    letting out a slow breath he looks back towards where the female demon was coming from if this was his time to die he was going to go down with a fight and give every last piece of his humanity to take the creature down and if he didn't..well then he'd be seeing his mother and father sooner then he would have thought "..cmon you ugly bitch..lets get this over with I don't have all night.."
  7. Isabella paused quite a distance away from him with her feet lightly planted on the hard forest floor. On the ground she moved without a noise, stepping to avoid every crunchy leaf and snappable twig but as his scent got stronger she knew the ground was no longer completely safe. Not that she feared a collision with the human... it was just a minor precaution really when the demoness crouched low before springing up with a quick thrust of her wings into the tall stretching tree branches above. Only then did she continue to move. With a long tail for balance she was easily able to twine along and in-between branches with a sure footing like a hunting wild cat at dangerous speeds.

    But she didn't see him. Once you got close enough to the target, the scent would pretty much scramble from there so it was just a matter of finding it by vision. Her light voice carried through the trees quietly almost like a whisper; "Where are you...? Bloody pesky things..." By now she was getting frustrated, Isabella most definitely did not like it when she lost track of something or lost something all together. Especially a target, a hunt. Her prideful confidence had reassured the girl she would be able to track him back down without a batter but now it was proving to be more challenging then initially thought. Something -a glimmer of silver, maybe a metallic object- caught her eye a distance below the demoness making her tense and freeze on spot for a moment. She gave nothing, no sound or no opportunity to russle the forest around her for a short moment trying to pick up something... a breath? A warm heart-beat? The rush of panicked blood? It was all there.

    There you are. The girl pressed herself down into a low crouch while she moved to get behind him. Her steps only made the slightest of a scrape above him, then only a few seconds later a few feet behind him.
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  8. (sorry for the late post I was eating dinner)

    He looks around slowly knowing that the demon wouldn't give up the hunt that easily especially since he had started bleeding. He knew that demons once they caught the tiniest whiff of blood they went searching for it and right now she was searching for him. His heart beat was rapidly picking up and it felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest at any second. He adjusted his grip on the make shift spear his palms and forehead dripping in sweat.

    He paused when he heard a slight scruff on the ground behind him cursing silently in his head he waiting only two more quick moments before he spun around and jabbed his spear towards the demon "I'm not going down without a fight!! You can try and kill me but I promise you you won't make it out unscathed! now come on! lets end this!"
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    Isabella jumped back only just in time to avoid what would have been a painful jab. She let out an angry snarl in response to his actions and words, wings fluffed up and a tail beating back and forth across the ground stirring plant life and leaves alike. What was he going on about? It was hard to even pay attention when her anger spiked dramatically at the attack, her eyes flashed up to meet his own narrowly and in that split second it was clear she had come to what ever challenge he just posed. Her thoughts clicked for a moment, registering the way he was standing and possible ways to attack without being sliced up by that pretty make-shift weapon.

    "If I wanted to kill you, why would I have killed the things going after you?" The demoness hissed agrivatedly but in contrast to her words Isabella lunged forward a moment after they left her lips, using her wing to try and knock the 'spear' out of his hands from an underside. She knew there was a risk of getting slashed at to the wing by doing this, but it was worth it if she could get that thing out of his hands. After all, aside from claws and tooth she had nothing metallic or shiny to compare.
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    His eyes go wide and he actually runs towards her sliding underneath her he grabs her tail and yanks on it as hard as he possibly can before he stood up and put all his weight behind himself yanking on her tail like it was a game of tug of war "why would you save me? simple because you want me all to yourself! I know how you demons are! you work together at first but when it comes down to it your only out for yourselves and your only goal is to either enslave or eradicate us all well i'm not going down without a fight!" He continues to yank and pull on her tail although her demonic strength appeared to be on the winning side of this game of tug of war so far
  11. Isabella let out some sort of angry shocked gasp as she felt the cold hand wrap around her tail. It was true it was a very strong limb of sorts, thin and long as it was the thing packed quite the amount of punch. It was also a well known fact that a demons tail, while durable, was very -very- sensitive when pulled. If there was any idea of letting the human live, it was instantly shattered upon another tug.

    "You little-" The demoness gave her tail a good painful yank in attempt to get it free of his grip, but only received another tug in return. She let out something of a yelp from the painful jolt in her tail-bone and stumbled slightly before yanking back again and giving her wings a beat to stop from stumbling over. Like hell she was going to fall to this weakling. "Get your fucking hands off of me! You're the one in my territory, and you have the nerve to attack me?!" With another yank she was done, angry beyond reasonable thinking Isabella lunged forward slashing with long razor claws to meet some sort of target.
  12. He growls at her and jumps to the side of her attack and instantly bends her tail like it was a piece of wood and he was about to break it "your territory!? this is earth! it belongs to the humans not the demons! you took it from us and slaughtered us like cattle! well not all of us will go down so easily! I'm one of them I will bring humanity back from extinction or I will die trying! whether that be today or tomorrow I will never give up!"
  13. "Look around fleshy human, it doesn't belong to you any more! You're race is done, what's gotten it through your head that you think you can make a difference?" The demoness snarled sharply, but her whole demenoir changed when the claws met nothing. She... missed?

    If Isabella wasn't in such a state, she would have admired his attitude to say the very least; it was something that couldn't be found in most human slaves now adays. The willingness to live, to fight on, was lost in their broken eyes and timid tenancy to shy away and avoid a harsh blow for giving a wrong look. In such a situation this one would no doubt be hard to break, even the sharp strong tone to his voice was worth respective space and maybe even a second thought for his aggressive nature to be taken seriously. For his determined words to be admired... and then immediately shot down because Isabella would be Isabella.

    Unfortunately, she couldn't quite spare mind to give such a thought when the demonesses tail was on the brink of snapping and she was on the brink of crying from the incredible pain. It was burning and stretching, sharp and searing. "Stop please stop you're going to break it!" Her snarls turned into something of a clenched-tooth cry as soon as he abused the sensitive limb and with another yank she was down on her knees on the hard ground, her hair falling over the shoulders to curl around her face but he wouldn't be able to see that; Isabellas was facing away from the human as her wings beat almost as if to try and get away.
  14. He looks at her and swallows hard this was incredibly hard for him he hated to hurt people and being a police officer he always sought justice more then anything..while it was true they had taken over his world and killed everyone he wasn't the kind to make someone suffer. Cursing himself he knew he was going to regret this but he let her tail go and dropped it on the ground with a soft thud he quickly pointed his spear at her in case she tried to turn on him and attack him now that her tail was free. one thing was certain about this experience their tail was their weak point if the creatures had one that is
  15. Isabella hadn't actually expected him to listen, after all they were fighting and in a demons mind anything was fair game. When the pressure was relieved from it the wounded thing instantly whipped back to wrap around her waist protectively like a coiled snake. Their tails certainly were a weak point, if the demon even had one. It wasn't uncommon for them to be missing, ripped and sliced off in one bloody fight or another between other demons and humans alike. Sometimes it was even considered such a weak point that demons would crop their own tails, thus eliminating a potential thing to grab in the heat of battle. Isabella could never do that to herself, she relied too much on it for balance and a comforting hug around the waist like right now.

    As soon as she was released the demoness scrambled forward and pushed herself off of the ground, only to whip around and face the man. But she didn't lunge forward again for another attack. Her great wings spread as much as the trees would allow, a clear instinctive ploy to make her appear bigger then she really was; watching him with wide quiet eyes for a moment. Why did he let go? It... bugged her. Not knowing, but she definitely wasn't about to ask. Her eyes flickered to his weapon for a moment before back up again meeting the brown-grey eyes dangerously. "Where is your master?" She finally spoke out, and it was in a much different tone. Neither ribboned with pain or anger, simply liquid smooth but cautious. "Who do you belong to?"
  16. He narrows his eyes at her he was surprised he hadn't been attacked again yet but she was clearly just as surprised that he had let go however he did not lower the spear as he spoke "I'm my own master I have survived 3 years of hell without being captured or enslaved once and I don't intend to start any time soon"
  17. Isabella snorted at the answer but raised an eyebrow. She had been expecting a run-away of sorts since he had been trailing through her territory; the human must have passed quite a few other demons homes in order to get here and still he had avoided capture? It was a bit impressive. Well, it would have been more so if she hadn't just have saved his ass from being ripped apart by what was certainly going to be a bloody if not quick death spread against her forest floor.

    In a quick movement she shifted her wings back in to place, each tucked in contently against her back although the tail did not move from its shaken place around her waist. Her expression and slightly crouched stance did not change, ready to flee or move at a moments notice but for now the girl stayed put. She was curious about this man, and while he was here in her territory he had little choice to answer her questions. "And where do you suppose you were going, heading through my territory in the direction of a next? Surely this is not a smart way to avoid capture for longer."
  18. He glares at her "for your information I was retrieving some supplies from the old police station there are still hundreds of guns and things there I could use but those hell hounds sniffed me out before I got inside I just happened to run this way and also for your information there were five of them before I ran into you"
  19. Isabella couldn't help but smirk at the glare she received. He must have really thought he was so big and bad and scary with his tough glares and pointy stick; it was so amusing. All the humans she had met thus far were quiet broken timid slaves -this one had a sharpened attitude mouth on him and quite the spunky personality. "You managed to take down two with your shiny toys? Well good for you little pink fleshy human. I on the other hand, took down one with my bare hands and scared off two more." She crossed her arms, shifting weight for a moment with a 'one up' look on her face before crouching in a quick movement and flinging back up into the trees.

    But this time, in the thin growth it was easy to see where she was coming from with a flash of red wings. Rather quickly the demon was above him again. She was much more comfortable up here where he couldn't reach -not that she was scared of him and his pointy stick or anything. It was just a more natural place for a winged creature, to be above ground. "And your next plan of action? Surely you do not intend to head back through my land?" There was a sharp, challenging note to her tone as Isabella sat on one of the thin branches quite a few feet above his head.​
  20. He growls and watches her carefully he backed up a few small steps so he would have time to raise his weapon if she attacked "I will do what I must for humanity and if that means killing you demon I will your not the first demonth of I've faced nor will you be the last"

    His determination was clearly etched upon his face but it was obvious he was extremely tired he hadn't slept right ever since it all began plagued by nightmaresponding that kept him awake he didn't know how more he had in him for will power and determination only gets you so far before your body shuts down on you
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