How to Date a Horrible Girl

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  1. Clark Parker was 23 years old. Standing at about six feet, with an average build for someone of his age, with regular exercise, possessing short dark brown hair, blue eyes, and caucasian skin. And he was living a pretty decent life for a guy who was working a steady job for a small, indie comic book company primarily as a writer, aspiring to get big in the film, television, and literary worlds altogether. He was finishing up some studying from a local university, and often spent most of his nights out on the town before it was really late.

    But then she happened. The girl he met on that blind date. The one who he tried very hard to forget. It had been about two weeks since they'd heard from each other, and he was already mentally blocking out the events that had transpired at the restaurant that faithful night. Hell, he couldn't even remember her name of all things! Plus, he could see other women now. And he couldn't be happier...

    He climbed out of bed and tossed on a red t-shirt, tucking it into a pair of jeans, folded up a bit at the ankles, and held up by a brown leather belt with a silver buckle, his thoughts going to her beautiful looks, and her atrocious behavior that seemed so out of place for a girl of her appearance, avoiding convulsions of anger as he tried to think more positively.

    "She's a Killer Queen~" He sang to himself. "Gunpowder, Gelatine. Dynamite, with a laser Beam~! Guaranteed to blow your mind!…she sure BLEW MY MIND that night…"
  2. Kenna (open)

    Kenna Tansey was 23. She did live on her own but was still fully supported by her parents. There was no job she had to go to, maids cleaned her apartment. The only worry in Miss Tansey's life was keeping up with the latest fashion trends as featured in popular magazines and getting her adrenaline pumping with the most extreme of sports; it wasn't abnormal for her to wrestle or surf on the regular.

    Her life had always been pretty predictable until her close friend set her up on a date. What a date it was! The man was so handsome and towered of her small 5 foot 6 frame. His blue eyes had her melting, and his hair... UGH.. everything was so perfect about him. Clark's manners were superb; he definitely would match her lifestyle... too bad she hadn't heard from him in over a week. She pouted and looked at her phone.

    "Maybe I could just call him, right? That wouldn't be too bad." Kenna began to reach for her phone, "but that would be too bold, but I am bold!"

    Pushing herself off her leather couch, she grabbed her phone and dialed his number, chewing on her lower lip as it rang; it was his voicemail.

    "Hey Clark! It's Kenna! I just noticed that I hadn't heard from you for a couple weeks. I would really like to see you again. I thought last night went really well. Call me back?"

    She hung up then huffed, sticking her lower lip out. Why won't he call me? I am awesome. He would be lucky to be with me. Kenna crossed her arms over her chest and stomped her foot lightly, Gucci stilettos clicking against the oak wood floors.

    "I am a catch! Can't he see that!"

    With that, she grabbed her Dooney and Bourke bag and keys to her Mercury Milan before slamming her apartment door. Her mind was set on seeing him; she was going to his apartment, and he was going to let her in. At least she hoped that's what he would do while she was knocking on his door, calling for him through the wood.
  3. There it was: Dredd.

    Like, intentionally spelled as 'Dredd.' He had just snatched himself a ticket online, and was going to go see the film that night at the midnight release, and nothing could stop him. He had a stride in his step, his friends were getting themselves tickets, he was promised that there'd be some other girls he could check out, the snacks would be on discount, and his new favorite comic book, 2000AD, was getting a big screen adapation! Everything was-

    Oh god. The Dread. ACTUAL DREAD.

    "Hey Clark! It's Kenna! I just noticed that I hadn't heard from you for a couple weeks. I would really like to see you again. I thought last night went really well. Call me back?"

    He forgot about her. But she remembered him as clear as crystals. Fear was traveling from his toes to his legs, up his spine, into his heart and mind, as he quickly got his things together, and exited his apartment immediately, locking the door and zipping out the stairs, (no one used the stairs all that often, especially not Kenna of all people), using the back exit to leave, as he attempted to climb onto the first bus-

    "DAMNITMOTHERGRUDDINGSTOMMDROKKSTOMM!" He pseudo-sweared under his breath. "The bus is leaving!"

    Clark attempted to hurry after and catch it, but it was hopeless at that point… it rolled off. All he could do now was sit at the bench, and wait for the next one that was actually coming in a mere fifteen minutes, as he was informed by another person who was waiting for a ride too.

    but in the end, even fifteen minutes was like thirty minutes. He had to get out much quicker now, hoping he could meet one of his friends earlier instead of in the next couple of hours.
  4. He didn't answer his door! I'll just leave a quick note.

    Pursing her lips, she sifted through the items in her bag and pulled out a planner with a sparkly pink pen. -Clark. I dropped by the apartment, but you didn't answer. I was hoping we could get together again. Call me, Kenna.- Kissing the corner of the paper, she slipped it under the door. Turning with a huff on her heels she headed back to the elevator. Of course she had to check herself out in the reflection of the doors.

    Her skinny jeans with bows up the side fit her form perfectly. She found it rather difficult to not admire herself. Just look at her face! Leaning in closer to the door, she made a kissy face only to have the door open, leaving her stand there rather awkwardly. Not everyone can be perfect. Kenna shrugged and sauntered of the elevator, putting her Ray Ban sunglasses down over her eyes.

    A huge smiled spread across her face as soon as she stepped through the door. Clark was there! He was sitting on the bench! Oh, how lucky she was. Everything may have started out a little rough today, but it was going to be so much better!

    "Clark!" She called loudly and went right towards him. "I have been trying to get a hold of you all day!" Kenna kept talking, not even giving him the time. "I called you, but you didn't answer. I thought I would come by, but you weren't there either." She shook her head with a slight pout. "Then I walk out of your apartment building to find you sitting on a bus bench." Then her entire face lit up, and she bounced slightly. "Oh! I brought my car! I can drive you!" Finally, she stopped talking and for the first time she took a breath and settled down with a rather gorgeous smile on her face.
  5. He hadn't a clue that the car was hers. He suddenly wished he did, as he heard his name being called, and by a frighteningly familiar voice at that, as he looked out the corner of his eye to see her COMING TOWARDS HIM. All he could do was pretend he didn't see or hear her, and come off as someone else. Nope, that failed, as she only came closer, her rant coming to an end as she offered to drive him. By that, he hoped she only meant for 'future' dates, which weren't going to happen. At least, that's what he thought.

    "Oh…Uh…Hi!" He greeted. "Sorry I didn't reply. I figured you'd go out with someone else after meeting me?…Uh, listen: I'm going out to see this movie, and I'm sure the tickets are all probably sold out, some of my friends being among the ticket-holders and all…and…yeah. Sorry. Maybe you could go check out some other guys, maybe like the skinny ones, or the big bad buff ones, whichever fits your fancy, I guess."
  6. Kenna's smile only slightly faded as he slightly rejected her. It took her a minute to figure out something to say that. Instead of speaking she just kinda shrugged and chewed the inside of her lip, eyes starting to sting with tears. Well, I guess I don't have to be with him.. She looked down at her toes and wiggled them slightly. I have to say something to him. Clearing her throat slightly, she began to speak.

    "Well, I understand. I mean...." her voice trembled slightly. "If you don't want to see me anymore."

    She kept her head down and took a step back, a tear slipping down her cheek. If he doesn't want to be with me... I can be with someone else. Softly, she sniffed then hoisted her purse onto her shoulder. That was all she could do before sobbing tears right in front of Clark.

    "I understand."

    That was her final response before turning her back to him and heading for her car, allowing her tears to fall freely. Part of her was sad. The other part was enraged. How could he do this to her?! She was not some common girl. No one could just pick her up of the street and call her his girlfriend. What was Clark thinking! Kenna was determined to make him realize what he was missing out on; she just wasn't going to do that today... maybe tomorrow.

    Without as much as a glance back over her shoulder, she sped off, wheels squealing as she slammed on the gas, running away from the man who just made her cry.
  7. "Wait…Uh…Kenna! I didn't mean it that way! Wait! D:"


    He had gotten away for now. But he felt awful in the process, and knew perfectly well: He didn't let her off easily enough. He had a growing urge to be rid of her that he could not have done it with more sensitivity. Before the movie started, he bit his lip, trying to hold back as he began texting Kenna, sending her an apology right away, and hoping they didn't have to be on such bad terms.


    "Hey Kenna, listen… I'm sorry about before. Its not that I don't like you, you are great!! you are a beautiful, intelligent girl who deserves a good man to love and protect you. I didn't mean for you to cry, and for that I'm sorry. Me and my friends are going to watch Dredd in a bit. There might still be a ticket left, so I guess we could still be-"

    He wanted to say friends. But then he accidentally hit the send button when some guy bumped into him. Foolishly, after barking colorful words at the fellow, he thought for a moment he said the last part, and relaxed.
  8. "He thinks we could still be!" She squealed and jumped off the couch. "I have to go to that movie!"

    Kenna didn't bother putting her shoes back on. She simply just picked them up, grabbed her purse and ran back to her car. This was so exciting! Clark finally realized what he was missing. He wanted her, and she wanted him. Their relationships was going to be perfect; his friends are going to love her! They had to. Who couldn't love Kenna?

    It wasn't too long until she was at the theater. She now had her shoes on, but she got really frustrated while putting them on. It was like she couldn't get them on fast enough. But whatever! At least she was that much closer to Clark not, that much closer to her future! Squinting her eyes a bit, she scanned the crowd. He has to be here somewhere... I guess I could call him? Wandering around a bit, she began to dial his number. Just as she was about to his call, she saw him.

    Once again wearing a huge smile, she trotted up to him and tapped his shoulder.

    "I found you!" Kenna said cheerfully, biting her lower lip as she smiled softly. "I am super excited to see this movie!"

    After that was said, she looked around his group of friends, eyes bright while she gave them a cutesy little wave accompanied by a soft giggle.
  9. This was not good. Clark was being given a death stare by his friends, likely unseen with the darkness of the theater, whose lights began to dim for the film. The only open seat was one directly behind him, and he nodded back to her, laughing nervously. Would she enjoy a sci fi action thriller film as well as he would, or would she rant about how much it sucked just because it was…well, a sci fi action thriller?

    He could only sit back, and attempt to relax, Kenna right behind him as he prayed to god he could enjoy Dredd without her screwing anything up...
  10. This isn't the bed movie. She sighed and pulled her phone from her purse. If this movie wasn't going to keep her company then Angry Birds were. I don't even get to sit next to Clark! His stupid friends. Kenna shook her head and dropped her phone back in her purse. Angry Birds weren't even keeping her attention so what else is there to do. Pursing her lips, she just looked around the theater. I bet I could leave and Clark wouldn't even care if I left. I should just leave.

    And she did. She didn't tell Clark. She didn't make a sound. He is going to miss me, Kenna grumbled in her mind as she made it to the lobby then just stood there. If she just sat there then it would be even more boring than the theater. Maybe there is someone she could talk to... hmmmm.. Yes!

    Putting on a sexy smirk and swaying her hips a bit more, she made her way over to another man and struck up a conversation. The only motive she really had for talking to this man was to make Clark jealous. He would have to be jealous to see her with another man! He would realize what he is losing for not treating her right.

    "No, I don't really have a boyfriend. At least not one who treats me how I should be treated..." her voice trailed off as she stuck her lower lip out.

    "Awwww, Babe. I'm sorry to hear that. You should let me show you how you should be treated."

    Kenna nodded with a grin and told the man her number. Clark is definitely going to be jealous.
  11. (ROFL x 3000)

    Clark was busy enjoying his film when he noticed Kenna was gone. Maybe she was finally going to leave him alone? He could only ask for so much… He eventually came out of the theater, absolutely failing to notice the fact that she was busy flirting with some other guy. He had a small smile perk up his lips as he knew he could rest more easily, Kenna having found another to likely deal with her, while he discussed the awesomeness of his film, and his plans for the next night, which he spoke about in a lower voice, mentioning that there'd be a party at another friend's place and plenty of people would be invited to the building.

    "And there'll be all these lights!…" Exclaimed one of the girls. "And You could go, Clark: You could find somebody really sweet there. Not like that other chick."

    "Yeah. Clark Parker is gonna make some sparks tomorrow night!" Exclaimed a guy loudly, laughing in a hearty manner, as the group exited the theater, Clark making no confrontation with Kenna or her 'new man'
  12. "Clark Parker!" Was all it took for her to lose interest in the man she was talking to.

    He was finally out of the theater! But... he didn't seem to pay attention to her and the man she was talking to. This didn't work out like I wanted it to. After telling her new 'friend' that she would call him, she trotted over to Clark's side, hooking arms with him, smiling happily. Maybe he just didn't notice; I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed your movie," she said sweetly, looking around at the other guys as she spoke. "It wasn't really my thing, but I'm glad you guys liked it! I feel like it would have been better if I had seen it in Mom and Dad's personal theater." Kenna nodded seriously and put her head against Clark's shoulder. "What I we doing now?"

    They had to do something; she wasn't going to let him go that easy. She finally had him next to her, and if he thought he was going to get away... he had another thing coming. Honestly, if she had it her way, she would be staying at his apartment tonight. They have known each other like two weeks! That's like forever. Their relationship had to take a step forward.
  13. "Uh…I really prefer the public theater some times, especially for a movie like this. The other people weren't all that annoying, and it's nice to know you're not alone in there. It'd be pretty creepy to have too many empty seats." He replied, a cold shiver entering where Kenna rested her head on his shoulder, someone bumping into them coincidentally, and separating them, one of Clark's friends maneuvering to shield him from Kenna by discussing the film with him, the two laughing a bit, and otherwise having fun.

    "I AM THE LAW" Clark exclaimed in a mocking tone. "Oh Sylvester Stallone. You so crazeh."

    "I'm the law" Whispered his friend. "Karl Urban's a little quiet in the trailers, but he was nice and loud in the movie thankfully!"
  14. Kenna crossed her arms and pouted slightly. How dare his friend! This was a date, and he totally ruined the moment with Clark! Talk about..... cock blocking? She stopped pouting for a moment to stop and think about the proper term. I don't think cock blocking is the proper term... BUT IT HAS TO WORK.. Her pout resumed, and she shot her gaze around the room before glaring at Clark's rather rude friend. And who is Sylvester Stallone?

    "Well, I think it is time for me to head home," she said in hopes that someone would be attention to her, but her efforts failed when a rather cute, petite, black haired girl jumped on one of Clark's friends' back.

    "Hey you!" She said cheerfully to her brother, Ethan.

    "Well, look at you! What are you doing out, Trinity?!"

    Trinity? Who is this? Kenna's eyes narrowed on the girl. She was younger than Kenna.. maybe about to years. Trinity didn't dress as well, and her form wasn't as seductive as Kenna's. This girl has nothing on me, Kenna scoffed to herself.

    "Ethan, I'm 21 I think I'm allowed to be out of my apartment. I had to see Dredd you know." She jumped off his back then smacked his shoulder. "You jerk! You didn't invite me?! And how you rude! You haven't introduced me to your friends."

    Ethan cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck slightly, "Sorry, Trin. This is Alex, Trent, and Clark."

    Trinity smiled brightly at each of them, but her eyes and face changed slightly when she met Clark's gaze.

    "Hello," she said in a soft voice and bit her lower lip. "I'm Tri-"

    "Anyway, Trinity!" Ethan grabbed his sister by her shoulders. "Are you going to Tamara's party tomorrow?"

    She raised an eyebrow and gave him an 'are you serious' look. "Am I going to Tamara's party? Why wouldn't I go to Tamara's party! All of y'all should come!" Yeah, Trinity said all of them, but she didn't mean all of them... well.. maybe she did, but her eyes only settled on Clark.

    All this happened right in front of Kenna's eyes. No one even introduced me!? What is this? I am Clark's unofficial Girlfriend. I should have a say in where he goes. Instead of stepping in, she just stood there with an annoyed look on her face, staring at the 'little girl' demanding the attention of all the men in the circle. How does she get their attention and I can't? All she is wearing is shorts, a tank top and.... Kenna squinted at Trinity's shoes. Vans? What are Vans?

    "I have to leave, Clark," Kenna said rather loudly.

    Trinity (open)

    ((I hope you don't mind that I named Clark's friend and made one of them talk. Is it okay that I introduced her already? I thought it would give Clark more of an incentive to go to the party ))
  15. "Oh, Sure, Go on ahead. We're actually gonna be out pretty late." Replied Clark, shooting a smile at Trinity when she looked at him. Now there was a personality that he could get used to; someone he could stand to see everyday, 24/7."Damn Straight Trinity: We're all gonna be there unless something stops us. We WANT to be there, because Tamara throws the MOST kick-ass parties. Seriously, all the things she arranges and buys, she's somehow able to get really cheap, I heard. That's why she has them so often!"

    Clark was completely ignoring Kenna, he and his friends beginning to discuss the big plans for Tamara's big party. It didn't really occur to him that Kenna had the slightest bit of jealousy burning within her very soul. This was one of his first mistakes.

    "…And several kegs. We need the kegs."
  16. Kenna pouted and stomped her foot lightly, crossing her arms over her chest as her Clark talked to this child. There was no way she was going to allow this to happen with her standing there. Moving into the group, she wedged herself between Trinity and Clark then smiled brightly as if she had been part of the conversation the whole time.

    "I haven't been to a party in a long time!" She said rather blatantly and looked around the group waiting for an invite, but she was only met with chatter that went right around her statement.

    "What the fuck is her problem?" Trinity leaned closer to Ethan.

    "Well, you see, she is obsessed with Mr. Clark. They went on one date, and she swears she is dating him."

    The corner of Trinity's lips began to lift into a smirk. She had an idea of how to get Kenna's goat.. right there.. right now. Ethan knew that look and tried to stop her, but she wiggled from his grip and stood in front of Clark body only inches from his.

    "A keg is a definite. I bet you can do a keg stand." Trinity giggled and looked at Clark's arms before placing a hand softly on his upper arm. "So strong!"

    This was the bold Trinity. The one who would later turn into a giggling mess with Ethan, who would try on clothes for hours to try and pick out the best possible outfit for Clark to see her in. This Trinity knew how to get under someone's skin, and at this moment... she was under Kenna's.

    "I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Clark." She leaned closer to him, placed a soft kiss on the corner of his lips then walked away from the group, leaving Kenna glaring menacingly after her.

    Ethan just kinda cleared his throat and looked at the ground. He found this moment rather awkward. His sister had just kissed his best friend, not the most pleasant thing to witness. There was definitely going to be a bother to friend heart to heart if he expected anything to happen with Trinity.